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100 Years Ago This Month

July 1916

July 7

The 4th of July is essentially a holiday for Emmitsburg. All engagements to out-of-town affairs are called off and every family joins in the jollifications incident to the big picnic held under the auspices of the Vigilant Hose Company. There is always a crowd from the outside, but this year the number of people who came from neighboring towns and surrounding country seems bigger than usual.

Early in the morning, the streets of Emmitsburg presented a gala appearance. Flags and bunting were displayed on buildings and every automobile was decked out in color in honor of the occasion. The streets were lined with people when the parade started. The Emmitsburg Coronet Band was first in line, and following them marched what remained of the Grand Army "boys" of this community. They carry the guns borne by them in the Civil War and displayed a sign "all that are left, 1861-1916." A detachment of firemen in dress uniform followed. A feature of the parade was a large contingent of children and cars, each child enthusiastically waving the national emblem.

The crowd followed the parade to the Fireman’s Grounds, where, at 10 o’clock, the junior baseball teams, "uptown" and "downtown," played a thrilling 10-inning game: the victory going to the "downtown" club. The much-coveted prize for this contest was a $10 gold piece. Each team had its rooters, and there was plenty of applause from the fans for each good play.

When the game was over, the majority of the people walked to the pavilion for lunch. Here they found food aplenty, and ate till their fill while listening to the concert rendered by the two bands. Everyone was eating ice cream - enjoying it too - and the kiddies eagerly sought lollipops and candies of all descriptions. Nor were peanuts and soft drinks overlooked. Time passed quickly under such pleasant hospice and soon the big game began between Thurmont and Emmitsburg, which of course the hometown won.

The evening at the grounds was the repetition of the pleasure of the morning and afternoon. There were fireworks, balloon ascension, band concerts - all kinds of things to make the big crowd happy, and if anything, the attendance at night was greater than during the daylight hours. It was a big family picnic and all who came enjoyed themselves.

Notwithstanding the large crowds that throng the streets until far into the night there was no disorder to speak of and few arrests.

Fined $10 and Cost

Four joy riders from Frederick hit Emmitsburg last night. They also hit a quantity of red eye. Thus inspired they proceeded to hurl all kinds of unprintable language at one another and it generally goes under the name of disorderly conduct. After spending the night as guests of the Corporation, each offender was fined $10 and cost.

Saturday Night

The streets of Emmitsburg on Saturday night took on the appearance of a carnival. At many places, the crowd was so great that they were nearly impassible. Every hitching post in town was in use and merchants reported an excellent evening as far as business was concerned

July 14

New Liquor Law Draws Ire of Boozers

A new liquor law for Maryland went into effect June 1. How it works seems to be troubling many people in the business. Each restaurant, in addition to the liquor license fee now required, shall pay an additional $100. To the tax now required of each wholesale liquor dealer, there is an additional $100. Naturally, the members of the Former-Former Boozers Association objected strenuously to the new law claiming the money will be used to fund the state’s effort to impose prohibition on hard working men. "If it weren’t for booze," said Dr. Shorb, "many Boozers would be forced to waste their evenings being henpecked by their wives. That $100 can buy a lot of booze, which can be put to good use lubricating the minds of men to solve the world’s problems. Only a woman could think this tax is a good idea!"

Electric Company Elects

At the regular annual meeting of stockholders of the Emmitsburg Electric Company, the Board of Directors were re-elected and no changes were made in the officers. It was reported that one half of the houses in Emmitsburg are now wired for the use of electricity and that the country load is growing. Despite the record-breaking price of copper wire, the company is constantly striving to improve and extend its service. The fact that nearly 40,000 kW were sold during the fiscal year that just ended indicated the hearty support demand with which it has been favored.

Barn Raising

On Thursday, Mr. Roy Maxell held a barn raising on his farm near Emmitsburg. Notwithstanding the busy season for farmers, a goodly number were present to assist him. 20 ladies assisted in cooking the bountiful dinner, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Accident On The Pike

An accident, which might have been fatal, happened on the Emmitsburg Pike, when Glenn Putman of Thurmont, crashed into a pile of stones and was tossed in front of a moving auto while riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle fell on top of Mr. Putman, pinning him to the ground. The automobile swung around in time to avoid hitting the cyclist.

Black Corner

A resident of "Black Corner" sailed into town Monday night with "four sheets in the wind", and a cargo of foul language. Officer Hahn came alongside, "threw a howser" over the derelict, towed him into port, where he was interned for 11 hours. Having jettisoned his cargo during the night and having no wherewithal in his bunkers, the Burgess gave him his clearance papers Tuesday morning. At high tide, he was piloted out of the harbor of Emmitsburg with a warning not to make the port again without ballast.

July 21

5 and 10-Cent Store

To inaugurate a new business in the community and to have that business commend itself to the people is a double satisfaction. Several months ago Mr. Smith opened what is now the well-known 5 and 10-cent store with the determination of giving his customers good value for a small price. This he has done as his large clientele evidences. Mr. Smith is very progressive and very liberal in the conduct of a store and is just as pleased with the success it has attained here, as are many satisfied customers.

Local Automobile In Smashup

A party of local automobilists, while driving on the Taneytown Road last night, received a severe shakeup and minor injuries when the driver of the car lost control. At an abrupt turn in the road the car turned over, throwing the occupants violently to the ground. The driver of the car received cuts and bruises. A little child, who was thrown over into a field, escaped with only slight scratches.

Automobilist Are Warned

Adams County automobilists, who are tempted by the good roads of Emmitsburg to speed their machines, will have to exercise greater caution since stringent laws have been put into force here to detect violators. Motor vehicle laws have been broken wholesale in Adams County and a determined effort is being made to bring violators to justice.

July 28


Thursday, on a nearby farm, there was a misunderstanding, a run-in or mix-up, in which a gun fired. The man behind the gun was brought before Justice of the Peace Shuff, who settled the matter without suit.

Farm for Sale

40 acre, more or less, dwelling cost about $5,000. Running water and bathhouse, ideal place for poultry, new chicken house, canning house and necessary outbuildings, rat proof corn crib, windmill, cistern water pumped into house, 12 minute walk to Motter Station. Possession this fall, price $4,800.

Valuable Farm For Sale

I offer for sale my farm in Liberty Township, along the road from Emmitsburg to Fairfield, 5 miles from former and two from latter, containing 140 acres. 15 acres of this is good timber land, good stone house and all necessary outbuildings, good wells at house and barn, and running water in all fields. Plenty of fruit trees of all kinds, about 40 acres of this farm are well adopted for fruit. I will sell on easy terms. $6,000.xxx

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