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100 Years Ago This Month

December 1916

December 1

Sues For Divorce

Gladys Orr has asked for divorce from her husband Clarence. In her statement before the court she says they were married June 17, 1913 and that her husband has moved to Florida without her, but prior to moving he committed the crime of adultery with diverse lewd women of the city of Frederick between the first day of August 1914 up until the end of the past summer. The court gave notice that unless Clarence appeared before it to show cause why the divorce should not be granted, the divorce will be granted.


In all Western Maryland there is no town more attractive than Emmitsburg. No people more wide awake, more knowledgeable, more courteous to strangers than Emmitsburgians. There are excellent schools - public and parochial; two sound banks, five churches, a live newspaper, modern hotel accommodations, a fire department, progressive merchants, good liveries, auto garages, many fraternal organizations, and good railroad accommodations. There are four or five mails a day, telegraph, express and telephone service connecting all points; electric lights and oiled streets. There is business to be had in Emmitsburg; there are factory sites available. If you contemplate changing your place of residence, come to Emmitsburg, you’ll not regret it.

Christmas Club Savings

Christmas will be a lot brighter for many in this community as $9,000 in real, ready money will be distributed through the town and sections on Monday when the Emmitsburg savings bank will mail checks to that amount, representing the savings plus 4% interest to the members of its Christmas saving club. This year's total exceeded last year's by $3,000, which shows that the people appreciate the easy method for them to save for a time when they need the money most.

December 8

Flinch And Five Hundred

On Thursday, December 28, a Flinch and Five Hundred Soiree will be held in Wagneren's Hall, West Main St., for the benefit of the library. As this will be a mid-holiday event it is expected that a large number will participate, especially as the proceeds are to be donated to the purchase of new books for the library. The Flinch and Five Hundred party given some time ago was an overwhelming success; it was splendidly patronized, and socially it was most enjoyable. The library committee hopes all will remember the date and all will arrange their entertaining days so that there will be no conflict with it.

Dispute Over Road

A dispute has risen over the Frederick County Road from Walkersville to Emmitsburg by way of Biggs Ford Bridge, in which it is charged that some of the abutting property owners will not pay their share of the costs. It is said that some persons own over a mile of road and have not contributed to its upkeep.

Knights Of Columbus Instituted In Emmitsburg

Sunday was a solemn and yet gala day for the Catholics of Emmitsburg. It was the occasion of the institutionalization of the local Council of the Knights of Columbus. The members composing the new council, which was named after Bishop Brute’, whose name is synonymous for Mount St. Mary's, came from Emmitsburg and the local vicinity. Members from councils of 20 towns, from Frederick, Baltimore and Hannover gathered for the event.

December 15

Runs For County Commissioner

The first formal announcement of a candidate for nomination at the next primary for the office of County Commissioner comes from Robert Troxell, of Emmitsburg. Mr. Troxel has consented to become a candidate only upon the urgent solicitation of a large number of his friends. They know, as do the people of this section generally, that when it comes to making roads Robert Troxell is sure to do the proper thing, the practical thing, and for the least possible expenditure to the people. That is why so many have urged him to run.

Election Parade A Success

The Parade last Friday night in honor of the re-election of President Wilson was a good one and all enjoyed themselves.

There were all kinds of floats and features; there were motorcars galore, numberless horsemen and pedestrians in unique costumes. Promptly at eight o'clock the procession started with Edward Oden, mounted on one of the finest looking animals seen in this town, as the grand Marshal. Immediately behind him was the Emmitsburg Coronet Band. Gaily decorated automobiles followed, a never-ending line of them, it seemed, occupied by the fairer sex.

The feature of the second division was the crack Taneytown Drum Corps. This aggregation made one experience "The Spirit of "76"It played the liveliest of tunes and sent many feet to moving. This part of the parade was filled with jolly folks from home and nearby towns - all out for a good time and filled with joyous feelings fitting for the occasion.

New Factory

Several weeks ago the management of Wise Brother, Inc., of Baltimore, came to Emmitsburg to look things over with the idea of establishing a local branch of their Overall factory. Monday they returned, accompanied with their head machinist, and went into further details respecting rentals, power and operators. Although nothing definite was determined, the managers indicated that the situation looked bright for a plant here and it is understood that if sufficient female operators can be had the factory will be a "Go."

December 22

Christmas Mail

Patrons of the local Post Office will find it to their own advantage to conform to postal regulations. Christmas packages should be securely wrapped and tied. They should be legibly addressed and have the name and address of the sender. Butter must be in a tin container, eggs must be carefully and securely placed in corrugated containers; all foodstuffs shall be marked "perishable". It is not the duty of the Post Office to re-wrap or re-tie packages, but it is mandatory for the Post Office to refuse all packages not properly secured, marked, and prepaid.

First Snow

The first snow of winter fell Tuesday. It snowed until noon and measured a depth of about 3 inches. The snow this week was most welcome to the youngsters. Every other schoolboy has a sled and during recess even the larger scholars have been coasting on the nearby hills.

Christmas Preparations

The holiday spirit has taken hold of the local people. They are intensely interested with their Christmas list and are wisely patronizing all merchants. All the shop windows are displaying Christmas goods and many of them are very effective at night with lights and Christmas decorations. The churches are preparing for Christmas and choirs are in frequent rehearsals.

Formal Opening of Emmitsburg Savings Bank

The formal re-opening of the Emmitsburg saving bank in its handsome new building on the square was held last Saturday afternoon and night. During the day, hundreds of visitors called to inspect the new quarters. The new building marks a distinct advance in banking facilities in this section, and will be a conspicuous landmark in Emmitsburg for a long time to come.

Towards the rear of the banking room is located a double vault, 10 x 14 x 8 foot inside dimensions, the walls of which our 12-inch thick, stone concrete, heavily reinforced top, sides and bottom with a chrome steel cage and protected by a 12-inch thick solid steel door, composed of alternate layers of chrome and soft steel plates, which is hung on massive crane hinges. The locking mechanism consists of 22 round steel bolts, each 2 1/2 inches in diameter, checked by a double combination 72-hour time lock.

Community Christmas Tree

The community Christmas tree, erected by Frailey & Company in front of their place of business, is a large one. Beautifully illuminated by many colored lights, the tree has afforded the children and adults of the town a great deal of pleasure. It is, indeed, a feature of the uptown business section, and a testimonial to the progressive and liberal spirit of the firm that inaugurated the idea.

December 29

Christmas Lighting

As usual during holiday time almost every house has been lighted brilliantly during the evening, a feature that has added much to the cheeriness of the Christmas spirit. Christmas greens and decorations were very much in evidence throughout the town, and even more elaborate than before. Every house seems to have a tree and reefs, window boxes, cut flowers and red berry plants were in evidence everywhere.

It would not be Christmas unless carols were sung on the street at midnight. The same little band of carolers – it has become a regular organization, rendering the old familiar Christmas songs in most every part of the town, met afterwards by invitation in the home of Mrs. Eichelberger, where refreshments were served. Each singer was presented with a Santa Claus pack filled with all sorts of holiday souvenirs.


The snowstorm of last Friday played havoc with trees, fences, telegraph and telephone poles, windowpanes, shutters and roofs in Emmitsburg and vicinity. The flagpole at the college blew down and sturdy oaks along the pike were snapped in half. Nor did the storm respect persons, many receiving slight injuries by being blown against fences and buildings. Automobile tops were lifted off and many signs were carried from their accustomed places.

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