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100 Years Ago This Month

September 1915

September 3

Death of An Old Resident

Mr. Alexander Breighner, of Mt. St. Mary's, died August 29. He was in his 90th year. The deceased was one of the oldest settlers of this section coming here in the early 40s. He was well known throughout the entire county for his kindness and deep interest in his fellow man. He was ever ready to extend sympathy to all and always ready to help anyone in need. Mr. Breighner was loved and respected by all who knew him.

For Extension of Trolley

A delegation of Emmitsburgians, 15 in number, appear before the executive committee of the H. & F. Railroad yesterday in the interest of the extension of the trolley from Thurmont to Emmitsburg. There was no meeting of the above committee prior to its departure for Frederick, nor were there any presentation by this delegation on any definite plans for suggestions for trolley extension. The hearing was entirely informal and the discussion general. The need for better railroad facilities, the increasing demand for a trolley road, and the feasibility of an extended service were brought to the attention of the railroad executives who listened attentively and promised to go into the matter fully. The route of the proposed extension would likely pass would be visited by a party made up of engineers and members of the board.

Thurmont High School Ready

The new Thurmont high school building is about completed, and will be ready for occupancy when the schools reopened on September 8. The building is modern in every respect, and the cost, including the site, was about $36,000.

Bridge Repairs

Repairs have been made to the little bridge at the west end of town. They heavy rainfall of a few weeks ago washed away the ground on either side of the structure and this has been filled in with a cement coping erected to prevent a similar occurrence.

September 10

Autocar Traffic

Taking advantage of the ideal autocar weather, more autocars than were ever seen here before in a single day passed through Emmitsburg on Sunday, en route to Gettysburg, Pen-Mar and other interesting points. In addition to the many cars from Maryland and Pennsylvania there were some from Michigan, Indiana, Kansas, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois and New York

Boozer’s Embrace Hobo

An Itinerant Italian musician visited this place last week. The young musician display great talent on the accordion and was greeted with considerable hospitality by residents of this place, especially by the members of the Former-Former Boozers Association. At the encouragement of the Boozers the Hobo’s filled the night air of Square with old time drinking songs, the lyrics to which the thoroughly boozed Boozers gleefully added with all the volume men of their nature could muster. While the shrill voices of prohibitionist could be occasionally heard in the early morning hours calling for an end to the revelry, the Boozers seemed un-phased, especially after Constable Glass joined them after being asked to quiet them by nagging womenfolk in town. The festivities only came to an end with the first beams of bright morning sunlight – which proved too much for the eyes of those still able to stand up.

Bike Trip From Baltimore

Mr. Lawrence Baker, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker, of Baltimore, formerly of Emmitsburg, enjoyed a bicycle trip to Emmitsburg last Thursday. The young man left Baltimore Thursday morning 8 AM and reached Emmitsburg at 7 PM. While in Emmitsburg he was the guest of Master Raymond Dukehart.

Mill For Sale

Maxell’s Mill at Four Points has been put up for sale by Henry Martin of Stoney Branch, its present owner. The mill is 40 foot by 60 foot, and four-stories high. It has a 5 barrel sifter system, three choppers, a circular saw mill, good water power and dam; grocery store attached. It sits on14 acres, and includes a seven-room house, stable, and all the necessary outbuildings.

September 17

School Reopens

The public school reopened on last Wednesday morning with 95 pupils present. Miss Eva Rowe, teacher of the old Clairvaux School, has been added to the local teaching force, the Clairvaux School having been consolidated by the county school board. The prospects for larger enrollment at the Emmitsburg school are exceedingly bright, and, at least one third as many students as are now enrolled are expected to come in by the fall term, which will show a total of approximately 130 students.

Ice Cream Festival

Mrs. Albert Patterson’s Sunday School class will hold a cake, candy and ice cream festival on the lawn of the Lutheran church tomorrow, Sunday, beginning at three o'clock and continuing throughout the evening.

Dancing Lessons

One of Baltimore's best dancing masters, Prof. Kenneth Marx, wishes to form a class in modern dancing in Emmitsburg. All the latest dances will be taught in a correct and dignified manner. Charges will be based upon the number in class, but will not be over $.50 a lesson, payable each lesson night.

Speed Mania

You got to be an acrobat these days, when crossing streets or ambling country ways. Autocars seem to be speeding about everywhere these days, and they do not care a penny, for buggies, teams, or pedestrians. Speed is the game of the day, and nowadays it is not unusual to see autocars going almost 12 miles an hour in town! A funeral looks much like a joyride, the autos in procession shoot and glide, and never do you know, just the way they're going to go - your faith may be like his – the hearse inside.

September 24

Serious Accident Averted

Taking a right angle turn at 30 miles an hour may be an easy feat to perform on a motorcycle on ordinary occasions, but to do so when two autocars are trying to do the same thing at the same time and place from the opposite direction is a trifle difficult. At least Harry Ashbaugh found it so that Sunday afternoon. At Tollgate Hill a battered telephone pole bears a testimony to Ashbaugh's narrow escape from an untimely death. Fortunately, however, the Twin Indian made more impression on the pole then Harry did. The latter escaped with a few cuts and bruises. He was able to continue on to Emmitsburg, a mile distance, but the machine had to be pushed in.

Annan Heads Republican State Central Committee

The newly elected Republican State Central Committee met in the jury room in the Frederick County courthouse Tuesday afternoon and organized by electing J. Stewart Annan, of Emmitsburg, chairman. Following the meeting the chairman stated he was well pleased with the outlook and that the Republican Party was stronger now than it has been for years. The committee is planning an active campaign for the November elections.

Moving Pictures To Be Resumed

The educational motion pictures that were enjoyed by many of Emmitsburg’s people last winter, in St. Euphemia’s hall, will be resumed on Friday evening. This week's program promises much entertainment and instruction and from all indications the hall will be filled. The following films will be shown: Old Woman On The Streets Of New York, Rush Hours In New York, The Man Who Learned, Police Force Of New York City, And Daniel Boone.

Steam Laundry

The Waynesboro steam laundry has established their Emmitsburg Agency at Addlesburger’s stove store, where laundry may be left. Collections in town and county on Tuesday, deliveries on Friday. Expert work, courteous service.

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