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100 Years Ago This Month

May 1915

May 7

Emmit Cornett Band

The festival held last Friday and Saturday evenings by the Emmit Cornett Band, for the purposes of purchasing new uniforms was a success. The amount raised was about $100. The band would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who helped make the festival a success, and gratefully acknowledges the generous patronage of the public on that occasion.

Cornelia Black Dies

On Friday morning, April 30, Mrs. Cornelia Black, widow of the late James Black, died at her home at Rocky Ridge after an illness of about two weeks. Mrs. Black was a member of the Mount Tabor Reformed Church at Rocky Ridge and took a very active part in the work of the Sunday School and church. She will be greatly missed by those associated with her in the church and also her many friends in the community. Since the death of her husband in December 1913, she has been serving as the postmistress at Rocky Ridge.

Accused of Robbing the Sleeping.

William Brawner, of near Mount St. Mary's College, was brought before Squire Shuff on Tuesday night charged by Bernard Cool, Thomas Little and Albert Shorb, of the same vicinity, of having cut their clothes while the three slept in the college barn and making away with the remnants of their payrolls. The defendant was giving a hearing by Squire Shuff on the Square, and after weighing the evidence, he held Brawner on $100 bail for the action of the grand jury. The hearing attracted a large crowd of people.

Town Election Very Quiet

The election of officers for the Corporation of Emmitsburg was held at Fireman's Hall on Monday. It was the quietest election ever held in this place. There was but one ticket in the field - that was nominated at the public meeting of citizens - and this received 56 votes. Mr. John Matthews was reelected Burgess, and Mr. Harner, Commissioner for three years. Burgess Matthews and Mr. Harner, with the hold over members, Messrs Charles Ryder and William Morrison, will constitute the town government for the ensuing year

May 14

G. A. R. Will Decorate Graves

Flags will be given out in the churches of Emmitsburg next Sunday to be placed on the graves of veterans on the following Friday. It has come to the attention of the local G. A. R. men that these flags - which are fast colors and remain in proper condition from year-to-year - have been taken from the graves and used for other purposes. Therefore the Post requests that the flags placed on the soldier's graves be left undisturbed.

Rail Station Accident

Mr. John Rosensteel, station agent of the Emmitsburg Rail Road, had a very painful accident last Saturday. It seems that while unloading freight Mr. Rosensteel lost his balance and fell between the car and the dock, badly straining his back and bruising his shoulders. He has been confined to his house since, but expects to return to his work in a day or two.

Caught Violating Dry Law

The first arrest since Carroll County went dry was made on Sunday, when the Westminster and Reisterstown bus was stopped on the outskirts of Westminster. Four men with several suitcases full beer and whiskey that had been purchased at Reisterstown, were taken custody. The men were given a hearing and each was fined $50 and costs.

Scarlet Fever

Owing to the outbreak of Scarlet Fever, the local school did not take part in the second annual public school demonstration exercises and parade held in Frederick today. Master Joseph Zimmerman and Mr. Richard Biggs are quarantine for Scarlet Fever. The Emmitsburg School has been thoroughly fumigated. Dr. Ralph Browning, county health officer said: "The school building has been thoroughly fumigated and the greatest precaution has been taken to prevent the fever from spreading. There is absolutely no danger whatever of an epidemic. Parents of the school should not hesitate for a moment in having their children, or wards, attend school regularly."

May 21

Scarlet Fever Closes School

Following the development of another case of Scarlet Fever the local public school was closed on Wednesday by the order of Dr. Ralph Browning. The school will remain closed the rest of the term.

Fire at "Villa Rest"

A fire in the closet room at "Villa Rest", the home of Mr. Joseph Popp, near Emmitsburg, threatened serious damage yesterday morning about 10 o'clock. Prompt action on the part of the members of the household and the timely assistance of neighbors prevented the fire from spreading, The use of water put out the flames. A large quantity of linen and bed clothing were ruined.

Mrs. Mary's Zurgable

Mary's Zurgable, wife of William Zurgable died suddenly at her home on Green Street, Wednesday morning, of acute indigestion. Mrs. Zurgable was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James McGrath of this place, and was born and lived in this locality nearly her entire life. She is survived by her husband and seven children at home.

Soldiers Here Over Sunday

The Second Battalion, Third Field Artillery from Fort Myer and the Hospital Corp from Walter Reed Hospital, arrived in Emmitsburg Sunday afternoon around two o'clock, coming over the state road from Frederick. They pitched tents in Mr. Fitzgerald's field, on the Gettysburg Road, just north of town and spent the night here. The soldiers carried a wireless station with them, which they used to communicate with Washington for orders. News of the coming of the soldiers drew a large crowd to the Square to see them pass through, and during the day a large number people visited the camp.

Speed Limit Posted

For the protection of pedestrians and to avoid confusion when vehicles pass on the streets, the town commissioners have placed the traffic signs in the public square with the caution "Keep to the right" and stating the regulation in regard to speed, which is 5 mph. In addition, new black and yellow signs showing the directions to various points have been placed around the square.

Boozers To Raise Finds for Reisterstown Boozers

The Emmitsburg chapter of the Former-Former Boozers Association has announced they will hold a fundraiser tomorrow night to help raise funds for the four men arrested in Carroll County last week on charges of violating that countyís new dry law. The fundraiser will take place in the Hotel Slagelís bar. Boozers will skip every fifth drink and donate the money to the Reisterstown Boozers. "50 bucks is a lot of money to lose on some stupid law women folk tricked their husbands into passing." Said Boozer President Dan Shorb. "Thatís probably two full months of drinking money. Itís just downright wrong. Howís a man supposed to face the world without booze?"

May 28

Boozer Raise Four Dollars

The Former-Former Boozers fundraiser last week only managed to raise $4 because many members opted to spend the money they were to have donated by skipping their fifth drink to buy their sixth drink. "Many of our members have a hard time counting to 5 in the first place, counting to 5 when they were drunk was just asking too much of hard working men." Said Boozer John Glass. "While they failed to raise real money, at least the money was put to good use in buying booze here in Emmitsburg." Said Glass.

New Freight Service

An automobile freight service has been inaugurated between Frederick and Emmitsburg. The new line, on its initial trip Tuesday, carried a full load of freight for the local merchants. An autocar truck is used, and it is proposed to make two trips a week, and more if the amount of business justifies additional trips.

Congregational Meeting of Lutherans

At the annual congregational meeting of the Lutheran Church it was decided to increase the salary of the pastor, Rev. Charles Rhinewald, to wire the parsonage for electricity, and to install a telephone for communications.

Civic League To Improve Fountain

A special meeting of the Emmitsburg Civic League was held in the public school building, last Thursday, May 20, to consider plans for beautifying and improving the fountain. It will be remembered that last year under the auspices of the Civic League this was done, and as the efforts were generally appreciated by the public, the same plan will be followed this year. The improvements considered include, new water pipes, straighting all bent parts, painting, and raising of the coping and resodding the lawn. It is hoped that this will be accomplished before the commencement of the collages so that Emmitsburg will present a pleasing appearance to all visitors.

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