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100 Years Ago This Month

June 1915

June 4

Oiling Of Streets

The Burgess and Commissioners have very wisely determined to oil the streets of Emmitsburg, the work will begin on Monday next. This entails cooperation on the part of the people, and just insofar as they do their part will only be a success, and will hold down dust throughout the summer. What the people are asked to do is to prepare the street in front of their premises, to scrape and sweep it thoroughly, and they are asked to do this on Monday. Oil is not effective, not lasting when applied on deep dusts, therefore it is essential, and to the advantage of everyone, that all property owners carry out the instructions of the town authorities. Clean the streets thoroughly and keep them clean until the moment of the oiling begins.

Child Run Over By Auto

A four-year-old child who with his parents stopped at the Emmitsburg Motor Car Company's garage on Monday for supplies was run over by another car while crossing the road. The fender of the car knocked the child to the ground and the rear wheels passed over its legs between the knees and the ankle. The child was taken to Frederick. It is not known whether any bones were broken. The owner of the auto was in no way responsible for the accident.

Big Fire On Zacharias Farm

The large barn on the John L. Zacharias Farm, about 5 miles from Emmitsburg on the Rocky Ridge Road, was burned to the ground last night. 11 head of horses and cattle, and one calf perished in the structure; a large wagon, grain drill, all the harnesses and a quantity of hay and grain are also consume. The loss is partially covered by insurance.

The origin of the fire is unknown. Mr. Zacharias was awakened about 10 o'clock by the roar of the flames, which at first he thought was the motor of an automobile. A large number of neighbors and people from Emmitsburg responded, and through their efforts the blaze was confined to the one building.

Thurmont Child Killed

Caught under an automobile driven by his father, Omar Brenaman, two-year-old, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Brenaman, of Thurmont, sustained injuries which caused death two hours later at the city hospital in Frederick.

Mrs. Brenaman was thrown from the automobile when the car overturned, but the father and child were caught between the steering wheel and the cowl. They have been visiting friends in Baltimore and were returning home when the accident happened. A rear wheel of the automobile blew, causing the machine to topple over. The parents were not badly hurt, but the child's skull was fractured.

June 11

Gettysburg Road To Be Repaired

Pennsylvania has announced that the Emmitsburg-Gettysburg Rd. will come in for a share of the attention of the highway department this summer. The state went over the road last week, from the Peach Orchard to the Maryland line, were building operations are now in progress. It is the opinion of the state engineer that lack of funds will prevent the building of this road this summer but announced that commencing next Monday, June 14, gangs of men will be put at work grading, cutting off breakers, placing drainpipes and filling low places. It is the state's intention to put this road in as good condition as other state roads in the country.

Thrown From Wagon

While driving a horse belonging to Boyle brothers, on Monday, Mr. Clarence Rider might have had a serious accident had it not been for two men who came to his assistance. Mr. Rider was hauling some tools from St. Joseph's College and stopped at the blacksmith shop of Mr. Bernard Welty, on Frederick Street, to have some repairs done. The horse gave a start throwing Mr. Rider forward between the shafts and the axle tree. The sudden jolt dislodged the seat of the wagon which struck the driver on the head with great force. The quick action of Mr. Kugler and Gelwicks prevented a runaway and no serious injury was done to Mr. Rider. As it was he only suffered a severe shaking up and a slight injury to his right side.

June 18


Mrs. Mary Wagerman of West Main St., who is employed at a union meeting mill, meet with a very painful accident on Saturday morning, when her hand became caught in a machine which nearly severed the tip of one of the fingers. Dr. Jamison was summoned and dressed the injured member.

New Vault For Bank

Worker have been busy remodeling and installing modern equipment in the vault of the Annan & Horner Bank. The improvements include a new strongbox, steel filing system, safe deposit box and shelves and a new polished steel vault door. The exterior of a vault will remain unchanged in size but the rearrangement of the interior will make it much more roomy and convenient. Pending the alterations the banking business of this institution is being conducted in the director's chambers, just back of the regular banking room.

Shot Self In Hand.

Charles Grimes, son of Joseph Grimes who lives about a mile from Emmitsburg, off the Gettysburg Road, accidentally shot himself in the right-hand with a rifle. He was cleaning the gun when it was in some manner discharge the bull passing through the palm of his hand near the index finger.

Meat Shop Robbed

Sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning thieves entered the meat rooms of the Patterson Brothers back of West Main St., Forced the lock, and made away with about a dozen pieces of smoked pork. The robbers were evidently connoisseurs for they took only the hams and two fine large shoulders. About two-dozen pieces were left undisturbed. Greasy footprints on the cement showed that the robbers were a boy and a man in bare feet, and the burned matches indicated that one made a light while the other selected the choices pieces of old ham. The value of the meat taken is estimated at about $30. Several clues are being run down and it is thought that an arrest will shortly follow.

June 25

Getting Ready For The Picnic

The Vigilant Hose Company is leaving no stone unturned to make this year's Fireman's Picnic one of the biggest events of the kind ever held in Emmitsburg. The committees are hard at work and everything will be ready when it at nine o’clock on Saturday morning, July 3, the monster parade - in which every owner of auto and vehicle is invited to join - will officially open the program of the day. The Emmit Cornet band has been engaged for the day. This musical organization will play in the parade and give a concert in the afternoon and evening. Lovers of dancing will be delighted to know that the fireman has secured the Union Bridge Orchestra to play for the dancing in the evening. In addition to the above attractions special amusements had been secured for the day. Luncheons and refreshments may be pictured on the grounds, were those who wish to make it a true picnic neighboring baskets with them.

In Jail To Await Trial.

On Monday a warrant was sworn out against Mrs. Ellen Beatty and Albert Beatty (colored) by Patterson Brothers, the allegation being that these people were implicated in the removal of an amount of wool from the Patterson premises. Both were held under bond and subsequently taken to jail. It was alleged that Mrs. Beatty, on whose premises about eight bags of wool were found, was burning it. Both prisoners were brought before a magistrate Shuff who held them under $200 bail; in default of this amount they were committed to the Frederick County Jail to await the action of the grand jury.

Arrested For Using Profanity

Fred Schultz was arrested by Constable Hahn last Friday evening for using profane and abusive language near the New Hotel Slagle. He was fined $2.05 by Burgess Matthews and warned to stay out of town.

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