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100 Years Ago This Month

December 1915

December 3


Ms. Mary Zacharias Troxell, wife of the late James Troxell, died at her home near Emmitsburg on Thursday morning after suffering an illness for two weeks. She lived in the vicinity of Emmitsburg her entire life and was in her 75th year. She is survived by her two brothers, Mr. William Zacharias of Chambersburg and Mr. C.T. Zacharias of this place.

Andrew Annan, one of the most prominent citizens of Emmitsburg, died at his home on West Main Street on Monday morning of heart trouble; he was 76. Mr. Annan was a lifelong resident of Emmitsburg and although of a retiring disposition, he took much interest in the affairs of his hometown and was well known throughout the county. He was until a few years ago a member of the banking firm of Annan, Horner & Co. and was regarded as the professor of good business ability. Mr. Annan was a veteran of the Civil War, having served three years in Cole's Cavalry. He was always a staunch Republican and an ardent advocate of the principles of that party. He was a member of the legislature from Frederick County, having served two terms in the House of Delegates in 1884 and 1894. He was a graduate of Lafayette College, Class of 1861.

Samuel Weybright, a well known retired farmer, died at his home near Detour last Friday morning after suffering a month-long illness. He was 76 years old on November 16 last. Mr. Weybright resided in Detour all his life and his death cast a gloom over that section. He was a loyal member of the Church of the Brethren. In politics, he was a staunch Republican but he never held any public position. He was always interested in any move for the uplift of humanity and the progress of his section.

Watermelon for Thanksgiving

While husking corn for Mr. Weybright of near Harney last week, Mr. Reifsnider and son, John, found a number of watermelons bound under shocks of corn. On Thanksgiving Day, a 17-pound melon was eaten at noon.

December 10

Crushed Beneath a Tree

Struck by a falling tree that pinned him beneath it and caused his death a few moments later, Charles Domer of Cotoctin Furnace and a lumberman met with a most unfortunate accident Wednesday afternoon. Domer was helping to cut down trees for telephone poles, and the last one he cut lodged in the branches of another tree. Before he was aware, the branches of the tree broke and sent the cut tree to the ground. Domer ran, but unfortunately in the wrong direction. He was caught and pinned beneath the tree. The other workmen immediately removed the huge tree from his body, but he was miserably crushed. He survived about four minutes. Domer was 23 years of age. Domer lived near Blue Mountain Station, between Thurmont and Catoctin. He leaves a wife and a small child.

Christmas Fund Checks Mailed

There will be lots of money in circulation in Emmitsburg during the Christmas holidays this year. The Emmitsburg Savings Bank will mail to the members of the Christmas Savings Club, which it inaugurated last year, checks amounting to $6,000. As an index of the thrifty habit, the amount of savings places Emmitsburg, in proportion to its population, in the front ranks of towns having such clubs. The pouring of this sum of money into the pockets of people who are just now in a purchasing mood should prove an impetus to local businesses.

Flinch and Five Hundred

For the benefit of the Emmitsburg library there will be a Flinch and Five Hundred

matinee on Tuesday, December 28. Souvenirs will be given and light refreshments served. All patrons of the library and all who are interested in the good work the library is doing are earnestly asked to show their goodwill by their presence on this occasion.

Pupils Being Examined

All the pupils in the public schools of Frederick County are undergoing a mental and physical examination. The superintendent of schools stated that he was very much impressed with the manner in which the medical survey for the government is conducted, and that the county would profit a great deal by the examination. Today the doctors expect to finish examining the pupils of the Emmitsburg High and grade school, and thus far, they are very much pleased with the health of each pupil.

December 17


During the past two weeks, skating has been the chief attraction for the young people of Emmitsburg. Ice has also been cut during the past week and measures six inches in thickness.

Dwelling Burned With All Contents

Fire of unknown origin was discovered around nine o'clock Monday morning, totally destroying the dwelling house on the farm of Joseph Kemper in Liberty Township, together with the greater part of the contents, including all the clothing of the family.

The home of Mr. Kemper is located about three miles from Emmitsburg. At the time the blaze was discovered, no one was home but Mrs. Kemper and several of the children. Her husband had left early in the morning for the home of a neighbor to aid with the butchering and did not know of the fire until it had already destroyed his home.

The members of the family were on the first floor when Mrs. Kemper detected the smell of smoke. She opened the door of the stairway leading to the second floor and found that the fire had gained such headway that it was impossible to go to the second story to save any of its contents. They removed the articles they could until they were driven from the structure by the smoke. Neighbors were soon attracted to the place but there was little they could do. It is supposed the fire caught from a defective flue.

December 24

Christmas Caroling

Tonight, following the custom of former years, Christmas carols will be sung on the streets of Emmitsburg from 11 o’clock until midnight.

Buys Power Farm Outfit

Owing to the scarcity and high price of labor, Mr. John Hollinger, of near Emmitsburg, has purchased from Boyle Brothers, of Emmitsburg, a very fine and complete outfit consisting of an international Mongol, 8-16 gasoline traction engine, a two–fourteen inch bottom gang plow, and a large corn and cotton mill. Mr. Hollinger expects to do all of his heavy farm work with this engine, such as spraying his orchards, plowing, harrowing, harvesting, hauling hay, manuring, grinding seeds, etc. In fact, all heavy and hard work was usually done by horses on the farm.

Fire Destroys Barn

Sparks from a threshing engine are thought to have caused the fire that destroyed the barn on the farm of Isaiah Knouse, near the Frederick County line beyond Emmitsburg. Together with the structure were burned a carriage shed, chicken house, and farm stock, including two horses, one cow, two hogs and about 50 chickens. All the wagons and vehicles, as well as all the crops in the barn, were reduced to ashes.

A number of times during when the fire the house was ablaze, neighbors formed a bucket brigade to save the structure. When the fire was discovered it was impossible to get any of the stock out; one cow, very badly burned, ran from the building, while others in the barnyard broke down a fence to escape to an adjoining field.

December 31

Christmas Caroling

About twice as many as usual took part in the singing of Christmas carols on the eve of Christmas. The carolers sang on Main Street beginning at the lower end of town at 11 o'clock. The last number was sung just on the stroke of 12, midnight. Emmitsburg was gaily decorated during the holidays. The houses were brilliantly lighted and at many residences, Christmas trees decorated the entrances.

Community Christmas Tree

Through the efforts of the principal of Emmitsburg High School, Emmitsburg enjoyed its first community Christmas tree on Thursday evening, December 23.

An elaborate Christmas program was ably rendered by the pupils of the high and grade schools in the afternoon, and in the evening at seven o’clock the community tree exercises began. The big fir tree was gaily and artistically decorated with multiple colored electric lights and serviceable gifts arranged beneath. Christmas carols were sung by the large audience that had assembled and Santa Claus himself presented the gifts.

The true Christmas spirit was much in evidence throughout the evening, and especially was this noticeable among the children, who, filled with glee, shouted aloud for joy when old St. Nick came in his sled, drawn by six boys, arrayed like reindeers. The scene, the large tree, the happy crowd gathered around it, the children occupying a row nearest the tree, Santa Claus on his sled with a sack full of gifts over his shoulder, in addition to the singing of carols, was in every way highly typical of the real joys of Christmas time, and it presented a spectacle not soon to be forgotten by those who had the pleasure to be present. Emmitsburg is to be complimented for a celebration of this kind. The teachers of the school are to be congratulated.

Christmas Night Wind Damage

On Christmas night, a high wind and rain storm broke down fences and displaced bricks off of not a few chimneys in town. A freakish turn in a high wind broke a large jardiniPre at the home of Mrs. Annan. The current in the chimney of their dwelling room blew over the pedestal on which the jardiniPre rested with the results that the latter was broken in into the proverbial "thousand pieces." The wind temporarily also shut down the electric current Saturday evening, disappointing a large movie audience at St. Euphemia's Hall.

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