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100 Years Ago This Month

May 1914

May 1

New State Road

Tomorrow, Saturday, at noon there will be a public meeting of Elderís Hotel for the purpose of recording the sentiment of the Emmitsburg district in favor of bringing the state road from Taneytown to this place, rather than diverting it to another town as already under contemplation. At this meeting there will be present the delegation from Taneytown holding similar views with those in this community. The citizens of Taneytown are anxious to cooperate with the people of this district in an effort to establish the only logical route for the state road in this section-namely from Taneytown to Emmitsburg.

Narrow Escape

Mr. Emory Newcomer and Miss Watcher, of Union Bridge, had a thrilling experience in a narrow escape from drowning last Sunday when they attempted to cross Toms Creek at Wilhide's Ford. This is a dangerous ford at any time and the rain on Saturday had swollen the stream. As they drove into the creek the swift current carried the horse and carriage with its occupants about 200 feet down the stream. Their cries for help were heard by Mr. Wilhide, and he, was several other men threw a rope to the young lady and with this pulled her to the bank. Mr. Newcomer was smart enough to grab onto his trusty horse who swam to the bank and pulled the buggy, and its owner, up a 4 foot embankment to safety. Once again providing positive proof that transportation by horse is always safer then by Autocar.

May 8

Farm Improvements

The marked improvement to farm properties in the district this year is an indicator of greater improvement yet to come. New fences are noticeable everywhere, new buildings and additions to existing structures are observable in many places, and the free use of paint has beautified quite a number of dwellings and barns. The farmers are seemingly taking more pride in their properties than ever before, a move decidedly commendable to the community in which they live.

A farm with substantial fences and well cared for buildings is a sight to see. These are indices of the character of the owner. A group of small houses-one house, in fact, carefully whitened, and with straight fences similarly treated is very picturesque in a setting of green, much more so, in fact, then a rundown dwelling out of repair and dilapidated fences.

Town Elections

The annual election for burgers and commissioners was held on Monday. There being but one ticket about 50% of the registered voters went to the polls. John Matthews was elected Burgess to serve for one year, and William Morrison for Commissioner to serve for three years.

Taneytown held its election on Monday also, electing Pierce Garner, Burgess and Edward Reindollar, Dr. Seiss, George Arnold, Judson Hill, and Edward Krimper, Commissioners.

Emmitsburg Electric Company

The first annual meeting of the stockholders of the Emmitsburg Electric Company was held at the offices of the Weekly Chronicle. There are 40 stockholders, 30 of them residing in Emmitsburg. The company reports 64 customers connected, including approximately 2,500 lamps and 13 hp of motors. Over 10% of the total earnings for the month of April were from power sold and is expected that with the increased use of fans, electric irons and washing machines and other small domestic labor savers, we will keep this end of the business growing for some time to come. About 60% of the total earnings are from private lighting.

May 15

Motorcycle Seen In Town

A motorcycle with a side attachment for the holding of one person was seen in Emmitsburg on Tuesday. This was the first motor of this character to arrive here.

Emmitsburg Coronet Band

The members of the Emmit Coronet Band expect to give a festival in the near future for the purpose of raising money for new uniforms, as the old ones are in very bad condition, having been used for six or seven years. The band has been very nearly "down and out" being reduced to six members. Now, fortunately, it has taken in eight new members. It took time to teach and instruct them and that is why it has not made its appearance in public as many wished. It is expected to give concerts on the Square at frequent intervals. If the weather proves favorable there will be a concert on the Square on Friday evening, May 15.

Former Former Boozers to Protest Suffragettes

Members of the Former Former Boozer's Association have announced that they plan to protest outside the home of Mrs. Annan at the next meeting of the Suffragette Society. Members say they are tired of outside agitators coming into town and poisoning the minds of local women with foolish talk of equality with men. "If you give women the right to vote," said one avid supporter of John Barleycorn, "the next thing you know they will be asking a man to clean house or come home early from the pub. We have to stop this nonsense now before it gets out of hand." All likeminded men are encouraged to attend. Free beer will be provided by the society.

May 22

Former Former Boozers Protest Fizzles

The much-anticipated Former Former Boozer's Association protest of the local Suffragette Society fell victim to too much advanced planning. Members began gathering at one in the afternoon in the Hotel Slagelís bar. By six, the hour of theappointed protest, most had forgotten why they had assembled, and those that did were in no condition to appear in public lest the run afoul of the ordnance against public intoxication. The ringleaders of the protest were unphased as they were the winning team at darts that night.

Emmitsburg Defeats Thurmont

Emmitsburg's Baseball Club took Thurmont to camp, on the local field, the final count being 6 to 3. The game was fast throughout and was not until the eighth inning that the victors clinched the contest. Rosensteel, who twirled for the locals, allowed only four scattered hits, and struck out 16 of the opposing basemen, everyone of whom fanned out more than once, except Ed Krieger, who refused to be fooled. For the visitors Ed Krieger pitched seven innings during which he fanned only seven Emmitsburg men.

A special feature of the game was the professional umpiring services rendered by Prof. Mike Thompson, that his decisions were satisfactory to everyone was evidence from a noticeable lack of any complaint whatsoever. This feature alone was his distinct pleasure, and the club is to be congratulated on securing this widely known arbitrator. It is hoped that the ego of Thurmont will survive the shellacking and that they may try again.

Carrier Pigeon

For several days there has been a stray carrier pigeon in Emmitsburg. The bird has a number of bands on his left leg and evidently became tired out during its scheduled flight. All attempts to capture the bird and help it on its way have failed. Chicken feed has been placed near where it has been seen in hopes to replenish its energy so as it came complete its mission.

May 29

Memorial Day, Thurmont

The Memorial Day service at Thurmont bids fair to be largely attended and should be particularly interesting to people of Emmitsburg given the merger of the local Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) post with the GAR post in Thurmont. Music will be furnished by the Monocacy Valley and Yellow Springs bands. Not only will the graves of deceased soldiers be decorated, but each organization participating will decorate the graves of their deceased brothers.

Big Baseball Festival

On the evenings of Friday and Saturday, June 5 and 6 a festival will be held on the porch of the New Hotel Slagle for the benefit of the Emmitsburg Baseball Team. Chicken and ham sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, strawberries, homemade cakes and candies and lemonade will be sold. Everyone should contribute to the support of this organization and all should patronize the festival. Baseball is a source of pleasure and recreation to those who attend the game, is the clean and manly sport for those who take part. A good baseball team is one of the best advertisements a town can have.

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