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100 Years Ago This Month

July 1914

July 3


Young Glen Wetzel of near Mount St. Mary's, accidentally ran a needle in his leg on Wednesday. The piece of steel broke off and had to be extracted by Dr. Jamison. Anna Horner, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Annan Horner, caught her thumb in an iron gate, nearly severing the member from her left hand. Frances Lansinger, son of Mr. Thomas Lansinger, hit his head against a stone while diving at the creek, cutting a gash that required three stitches to close. Harry Bowman fell from a hay mound at the New Hotel Slagel on Wednesday afternoon and dislocated his shoulder.

Distinguished Visitors

Secretary of United States treasury and Mrs. McAdoo, formerly Miss Eleanor Wilson to daughter of the president, passed through Emmitsburg Saturday afternoon about one o'clock. News that the party was paying the County a visit spread to Emmitsburg where a crowd gathered to greet them. The secretary was driving his own car, a small roadster, and beside him sat his wife. In a rear seat sat a guard of the Secret Service.

July 10

Fourth of July Celebration

This year's Fourth of July celebration was one of the best attended and most successful from every standpoint of any of the events that have taken place since the Firemen’s Picnic became an annual local affair. The town was gaily decorated in the national colors, the streets being lined on either side with the stars and stripes. The day was officially started with a parade of the firemen in uniform. In the line of march was the Emmitsburg Cornet Band, the Detour Band, a large number of decorated automobiles and teams. The reels of the Hose Company, trimmed in bunting and flags, presented a pleasing spectacle, and added greatly to the parade.

Three features that elucidated much applause where Jesse Stone in an Indian costume, mounted on a pony; Francis Gelwicks and his goat team; and a wagon carrying members of Emmitsburg Former Former Boozers Association, most of whom appeared to be asleep. The Former Former Boozers had planned to march but apparently had embraced their passion the night before in their usual enthusiasm while getting ‘ready’ for the parade and decided to ride in order to save their energy for ‘celebrating’ with John Barleycorn during the fireworks.

The fireworks started early however when the suffragette’s float was left standing at the parade starting area. Apparently the Former Former Boozers Association had appropriated ‘Ben’, which Dan Shorb’s wife had provided to pull their float. "He’s a good horse and I don’t what to embarrass him pulling a float supporting womenfolk voting. Pulling a float supporting a man’s right to enjoy a little nip when he wants I can understand." Dan told the Chronicle reporter as he led Ben away. (Rumor has it Dan’s wife has still not spoken to him.)

Proceeding to Fireman’s Park, the people saw Emmitsburg defeat Fairfield in a rather one-sided game. The score was 13 to 0 when the game was called by agreement at the end of the fifth inning. It must be said that the Fairfield team is one of the game’s cleanest playing set of baseball men. Sportsmanlike on and off the diamond they command respect. The second act of the doubleheader was staged with Taneytown and proved a thriller. Only in the 8th inning did the homeboys pull ahead. The final score was 8 to 5.

Fireman's Park was decorated very tastefully, and like the entrances in the grounds, liberally strung with electric lights. Dancing started immediately after supper and kept up until a late hour. Former Former Boozers were still celebrating the next morning.

Radium Near Emmitsburg

It is reported that ore, producing a fraction of radium, has been unearthed on South Mountain, where the Eagle Mine of United Milling and Smelting Company has located its plant. Titanic iron, until a few years ago considered one of the base metals and of no commercial value, exist in large quantities in the mine. It was only about a month ago that members of the company discovered the mineral on the property. Now that the ore has been confirmed, it is expected that there will certainly be a stampede to open other mines in the area.

July 17

Fierce Electric Storm

One of the severest electric storms that the oldest inhabitants can remember swept over Frederick County at midnight on Friday. It destroyed a large amount of property and completely demoralized the telephone service for while. 1,300 telephones, almost 1/3rd of all the phones in the county, were put out of commission. Cornfields were badly washed and quantities of fruit blown from the trees. The most severe damage done was the loss of a bank barn belonging to Norman Riley in Zora. Lightning striking the barn caused a fire that completely destroyed the barn. Lightning also struck a large walnut tree near the barn of S. B. Forance, missing the barn almost by a miracle.

Moving Picture Show

The moving pictures held in Emerald Hall, last Saturday evening were given by Mr. Russell Lewis, of Westminster. The three real show was of the firemen's convention in Westminster, the big parade and the Emmitsburg firemen in the line of march through the streets. Three performances were given that evening. Each performance was well attended.


Mr. Cyril Rotering, proprietor of the Emmitsburg Clothing and Furnishings Store, one of the town’s progressive young businessman, has just added another big improvement to his store. During the past week all glass showcases have been installed. The cases which have trimmings of natural oak and beveled glass tops stand about four and a half feet from the floor and in them is displayed a full line of gentleman's furnishings.

July 24

Estate Settled

The estate of Ralph Shriver, supposedly deceased, formerly of Emmitsburg, but of whose whereabouts and nothing has been known for the past seven years, has been settled in the Frederick County courts. As far as the law is concerned Mr. Shriver is dead, although in reality he may be living somewhere in the west. However no word from him as ever been received by his relatives here, so the estate was legally settled up.

Wondering Cow

‘T’wis Tuesday-the bull was afoot and inquisitive. Down it walked along the Pike, approaching the grain elevators, looked in, took a flying leap to the six-foot platform, walked through the warehouse, examined the machinery, passed through the building and with head and tail up in the air did a high dive through another open door and made for the open. Caramba! – No vast audience, no matador, none to applaud.


Nearly everyone in Emmitsburg is enjoying watermelons this week at ridiculously low prices owing to the fact that a carload of the Georgia fruit consigned to this place went unclaimed and was sold by the railroad company for the transportation charges.

July 31

Booster’s Week

September will be a month of celebrations in Maryland. Emmitsburg will have a big time that promises to eclipse even Old Home Week. It will be known as Booster’s Week - the dates are September 14, 15th and 16th and will be filled with entertainment, games and fun. The main attractions will be under a large weatherproof tent. In addition we will have baseball games, drills, tournaments, and races of every kind. The features on the program of the tent performances will be lectures-humorous and otherwise: selections by the Metropolitan Glee Club, trombone quartets, Swiss bill ringers, magicians and ventriloquist, and many other special events.

Fugitive captured in Emmitsburg

The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of Harrison Palmer, a Negro who was wanted in Frederick on three different charges, was cleared up on Sunday morning when he was arrested at the new Hotel Slagle by Deputy Sheriff Adelsburger. Palmer had gained a good deal of notoriety by successfully eluding Frederick County officers for the past two weeks after escaping from them when they were about to put him in jail.

After his escape, he lingered around Frederick for two days before going to Westminster. A few days ago he came to Emmitsburg and sought employment at the Slagle Hotel. On Sunday, having got news that their man was in Emmitsburg, Deputy Sheriff Adelsburger arrested him at the hotel and handed him over to the Frederick men.

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