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100 Years Ago This Month

December 1914

December 4

Cattle Disease About Over

Indications are that the foot-and-mouth disease in the county has nearly run its course. No new cases have been reported for several days, and those engaged in the fight have been busy slaughtering and burning the herds of infected animals, which have been found in the county. To date there have been 25 infected herds which have been slaughtered, comprising a total of 842 animals, including 680 cattle, 88 she, and 146 hogs, which are collectively valued at $33,246.

Hunting Accidents Claim 27

Figures gathered by wardens from the state game commission showed that 27 deaths occurred in hunting accident in Pennsylvania during the 1914 season. The majority are shown to have been rabbit hunters, some of whom were killed by the discharge of their own guns while climbing fences. The report also noted that all 27 were carrying, or smelled of liquor, at the time of their accidents.

Majority Against Women Voting

In her letter to President Wilson contending that the majority of women do not want to vote, Mrs. Arthur Dodge, President of the National Association Opposed to Women's Suffrage declares that the national membership of suffrage associations is less than 200,000, which is less than 1% of the 24 million "Mature women of America." Her letter then goes on to state that popular majorities against women's suffrage in the last three years have greatly increased, and that it is a waste of time to continue the movement in the face of the good common sense demonstrated by male voters across the country.

Knitting Mills Gets Contract

The Union Manufacturing Company of Emmitsburg, has received a United States Army contract for 25,000 pairs of lightweight woolen stockings. This contract insures ten solid weeks of employment for the girls in the factory. In many cases these girls are the support of their family. Only those who are connected with the mills and are employed there know the vital importance of this contract. The contract was awarded largely on the efficiency of the mill.

Drunks in Emmitsburg

A number of young men, strangers to Emmitsburg, made their way into town last Friday night and behaved in a most disgraceful manner on the streets. No arrests were made. On Monday morning a drunken man staggered around the streets of Emmitsburg and made himself generally offensive until taken in tow by Deputy Sheriff Addlesburger.

Record Hog Weights

Mr. Robert Eyler killed four hogs on Monday whose total weight was 1,601 pounds. The porkers were weighted separately and their weights were as follows: 435, 413, 398 and 355. Mr. Eyler lives on the Patterson Farm about one quarter of a mile from this place and so far the weight has not been surpassed the season.

December 11

Wives Cut Boozer’s Meeting Short

The weekly meeting of the Emmitsburg Chapter of the Former Former Boozers Association in the Hotel Slagel’s bar was cut short when Mrs. Shorb interrupted the meeting and cuffed her husband’s ear and drug him home to finish his cores.

The boozers had just passed a motion thanking Mrs. Dodges, President of the National Association Opposed to Women's Suffrage, for her well reasoned proclamation to the President that women don’t have the facilities to vote correctly and should instead confine their interest to keeping their houses clean and cooking for their husbands.

Laughter faded quickly when Dr. Glass’s wife appeared and cuffed his ear also. The remaining members dispersed quickly least their wife’s should make an appearance and ruin their God given right to drink.

Winter Has Arrived

Saturday marked the real beginning of winter weather. Early in the afternoon it began to rain, followed by a slight fall of snow. Continuously for the next few days snow rain and sleet fell. Winter is here.

Moving Pictures Tonight

The moving pictures to be shown at St. Euphemia’s Hall tonight, promise to be particularly interesting and instructive. The reel dealing with the religious subjects will include the remarkable film, "Samson and Delilah". Under travel will be shown "The Pink Granite and State Industry." The natural science reel will exhibit "Jean and Her Family", "Study of Kittens", and "Bud, Leaves, and Flower, the Culture of Bulbous Flowers." The performance will begin eight o'clock sharp.

December 18

Eight Tons Sent to Belgians

The official appeal on the part of Maryland in behalf of the Belgians was received in Emmitsburg on November 27. Twenty-four hours afterwards actions in this district were commenced. On Sunday, November 28, every pastor in this community told their flocks in what matter practical help could be rendered, some making the Belgian cause the subject of their sermons.

Nothing further was necessary - the simple presentation of conditions in that war devastated country was enough for the sympathetic, bighearted and charitably disposed people of Emmitsburg. The response was immediate, liberal and general. Everybody wanted to help, everybody did help, with the results that last Thursday eight tons – 1,600 pounds - of flour, meal, corn, potatoes, canned goods, salt, meat and clothing left the community for Baltimore where they will be loaded on a ship to Belgium.

Every cent of money contributed here, was spent in Emmitsburg. Everything was bought here, and each barrel, box and bag of flour, provisions, and apparel contain the label "From Emmitsburg Maryland, Belgian War Relief Donation." In flower alone, the cargo included 50 full barrels.

Robbery in Thurmont

A burglar who entered the confectionery store and bowling alleys of Wisotzkey Brothers, East Main St., Thurmont, Saturday night, made his getaway with a fair hall of old coin, but little cash. Among the coins, which he took, were some of the first pennies used in this country, together with other relics, which the proprietors consider valuable. There is no clue to the identy of the robbers.

Christmas Pageants

The pupils of St. Euphemia’s School will present their Christmas play on Tuesday afternoon. Tom's Creek public school will hold their Christmas exercise Monday, December 21. All are cordially invited to attend. The Civic League has asked that all the residents leave their shades up on Christmas Evening so the town will look bright and cheerful.

Ice Harvesting Beginning

With temperatures holding in the single digits since Monday, ice harvesters were out in force on local streams. All day Friday wagons filled with ice made there way through Emmitsburg. While some of the ice will be used in Christmas celebrations, a vast majority will be stored in icehouses in the bottom of barns where it will sit until retrieved in the heat of the summer.

December 25

Beautiful Christmas Custom

Those who attended midnight mass at St. Anthony's early this morning had the opportunity of hearing Larry Dielman carrying out his beautiful custom of playing before the service at the graves of his parents in the old churchyard.

When asked the other day if he was going up the hill if it rained, Mr. Dielman made this reply: "Rain or snow will not stop me. For 31 years I have been playing the flute on Christmas morn at my parent's grave and I shall do so as long as I am able."

Since 1883 Larry has been following this custom, and to former students at Mount St. Mary's College, and to thousands who have visited the "Old Mountain," the name of Larry Dielman is familiar. Indeed, the story of the loan Mount musician has spread throughout the world.

Three Unfortunate Accidents

Mr. Ledlie Gloninger, of Valley View Farm, slipped on the ice Wednesday morning and sustained a fracture of the leg. This is one of three accidents that occurred that same day. The second was a coasting mishap as a result of which Mr. Charles Gillelan is suffering from a badly lacerated face. In the evening, as Mrs. James Helman was leaving the library, she slipped on the icy step and was thrown against it. The shock from the fall was very painful and in consequence of it she is confined to her house.

Important Road Improvements

Work is about to begin on the road from Emmitsburg to Gettysburg. The improvements of this link have been in contemplation for several years. Pennsylvania will do her part. The completion of improvements of these two important parts of this much used thoroughfare will make an ideal highway from Frederick and points below that city, to the famous national Battlefield.

Fire Caused By Upsetting Lantern

The upsetting of a lantern by a child caused a $150 fire in the stable of Charles Wastler, near Thurmont. Mr. Wastler, who is a carpenter, was in Thurmont working for Mr. Creager at the time of the fire. Unfortunately, Mr. Wastler, who bought the place about a year ago carried insurance on his house and furniture, but not on the stable.

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