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100 Years Ago This Month

April 1914

April 3

Civic League Thanks Residents

The members of the Emmitsburg Civic League wish to express their great appreciation on the generous response that followed their appeal for financial and moral support. The result was far beyond their expectations. The money received will be used only for necessary repairs to the painting of the fountain. The flowers will be donated and cared for all season, by the members of the Civic League.

The question of the permanency of the fountain at the square was a serious one and the league is glad to know so surely that the majority wishes it to remain. To remove it would make corners already dangerous a very terrible and continual menace to life, especially when the automobile season begins.

Besides the removal of the fountain would destroy a landmark, which has been associated with the town for years. While those in autocars are too busy flying about town to appreciate the beauty of the fountain, those smart enough not to buy into the autocar fad still stop to water their trusty steeds at the fountain and enjoy the fellowship of their fellow man.


A band of gypsies passed through Emmitsburg last week en route from Frederick, where they were fined for begging, to Gettysburg. In Emmitsburg however, the band was welcomed by the former members of the Former Boozer’s Association, as the Gypsies distributed their particular brand of moonshine at a most reasonable price.

The following day, another band of Gypsies on their way to Taneytown, stopped in town evidently with the intention of camping here after word spread that residents were agreeable to their particular ‘shine’. They remained only a short time however before they were ordered out of the borough by Deputy Sheriff Addlesburger and Constable Rowe, hen-pecked husbands of known Anti-Salon League members, before the former members of the Former Boozer’s Association arose from the prior night’s John Barleycorn festivities and could resupply themselves.

Grinding By Electric Power

Boyle’s Brothers of the Emmitsburg Grain Elevator Co. have installed a 10 HP Westinghouse electric motor and are positioned to do grinding of all clients at short notice.

Agent Wanted

A good live agent to represent us in Emmitsburg and nearby towns to sell our celebrated teas, coffee, spices, extracts, baking powder and Atlantic goods. We pay the highest mission to agents and give valuable premiums away free to customers. Contact the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Lancaster PA.

Equal Suffrage League

The equal suffrage league will meet Friday, April 10, at 8 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Annan. Former members of the Former Boozer’s Association have invited husbands of the women going to the meeting to join them at their meeting in the hotel Slagle’s bar.

April 10

Purple Martins

Mr. John Gellwicks who is very fond of Purple Martins has doubled the number of his birdhouses it his very pretty garden. The birds began last week to explore their new quarters and arrange for the coming season.


Some of the light-fingered gentry were playing their trade in this vicinity last week. They entered the lower part of John Hollinger’s property near town but were evidently frightened off before they could accomplish their purpose. From the home of Ivan Riley they carried off canned fruit, vegetables, pies, etc.

Wanted To See daughter

A lot of excitement was raised Wednesday evening when Edward Lighter was brought before Squire Shuff. It was brought out at the hearing that Lighter, who came from Carlisle, went to the home of Mr. Harry Stonesifer, of near town, and asked to see his 13-year-old daughter, who was sent to the Stonesifer home from the Hoffman orphanage, where she had been placed by her mother. It was alleged that Lighter and his wife were separated. Mr. and Mrs. Stonesifer objected to the man’s presence and Deputy Sheriff Adelsberger was told to arrest him. Before Squire Shuff, the defendant stated that he only wanted to see his daughter, and promised that he would wait until he obtained the legal right to do so. There was no charge against a man in the case was dismissed.

Opportunity For Local Farmers

Word has been received at the Emmitsburg post office that farmers desirous of getting into communication with private residents of Baltimore with reference to supplying them with produce from the garden and farm, can do so by sending their names to the postmaster at Baltimore. He will in return place their names on a list and this will be distributed amongst the people of that city.

The plan offers a good opportunity for the farmers to get the highest market price for their produce. The produce can be sent by parcel post, up to 50 pounds, at a rate of five cents for the first pound and one cent for each additional pounds. Almost any product of garden can be shipped by the Parcel Post, except live animals.

April 17

Easter Sunday

Sunday being a particularly beautiful day the streets were filled with people clad in their becoming Easter costumes. Emmitsburg, which is noted for good taste in dress, and that good taste was noticeable among those who joined the promenade. The Easter rabbit seems to have remembered the children in this community and many little ones were made happy by the visit. Highly colored eggs were in evidence in the windows of many homes.

New Amusement Place at Pen Mar

O. D. Sherley, owner of the newest and most up-to-date amusement at Pen Mar, now has a force of several teams and more than a dozen men doing the excavating and concreting for the erection of his new building which was destroyed by fire on January 2. The building will be ready for operation and will be open to the public on May 30.

Fairfield High School

The Fairfield High School held their commencement exercises last Friday evening. There were five graduates, Philip Brown, Edith Harbaugh, Harry Hartzell, John Kugler and Gladys Metz. The room in which the exercises were held was decorated in class colors of orange and blue, and cut flowers and plants. The Fairfield school board has decided to make the school course, three years instead of two, next year.

April 24

Dr. Jamison Separates From Wife

Citing the fact that differences between them have arisen and they deemed it best to live apart, Dr. Jamison, and his wife have filed in court an agreement of separation. Each agreed to permit the other to enjoy individual liberty and freedom. Dr. Jamison agreed to give his wife $579 a year and the wife agreed to release any claim to her husband's property and to join him in any deed or instrument that may be necessary for conveying legal title to property. Dr. Jamison is a member of a well-known family of Frederick County and enjoys a large practice in Emmitsburg.

Civic League Makes Practical Suggestions

The Civic League wishes to make a few suggestions to help reduce flying mosquito pest in Emmitsburg. Please do not throw any garbage to chickens that they will not consume. Orange, banana and potato skins let to rot on the ground will only bring pestilence. Smallpox, which is closer to us that is pleasant, is distinctively a filth disease.

Manure pits should be screened; cesspools covered once a week with a film of coal oil; A daily chore of every housewife should be sprinkle lime over the deposits in the out-house, this will prove a wonderful purifier, deodorizer and destroy of flies.

Let's make the week of April 27 cleanup week in Emmitsburg and if those who want to be more comfortable this summer will only act upon the above suggestions, the greater beauty of cleanliness will be added to the attractive quantities of our town.

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