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100 Years Ago This Month

November 1913

November 7

Wildcat Spotted

It will be remembered that from time to time stories have been told of local wildcat encounters. Few of these stories were overdrawn. The attention of Ward Brown, of Emmitsburg, who was working in the woods back of Mount St. Mary's College the other day, was attracted by an animal which he took to be a skunk, but which upon closer inspection proved to be an unusually large catamount, nearly a yard in length.

Not knowing whether, unarmed, to attempt an attack upon it, fearing that it might spring upon him, he sat down at a respectable distance from it to lay deep plans. But before you could come to a definite decision the considerate cat took to the bushes and Brown resumed his occupation.

Vote Not Counted

In the election on Tuesday, James Farrell took along with him into the booth a sample ballot which caused his vote to be thrown out, at least not counted. When the time came to deposit his ballot, the judges were equally divided on whether it should be counted, and the ballot was placed in an envelope and delivered to the board of elections. The law provides that a facsimile ballot should not be taken into the election booth by a voter. Some claimed the sample ballot was a facsimile, while others claimed to be such it should contain the same on both sides as the official ballot contains. When later questioned about the ballot fiasco, Mr. Farrell indicated he was disgusted and intended to move to Florida.

To Jail for Happy Christmas

A resident of the mountain, styling himself "the original henpecked husband," appeared before the magistrate and asked to be jailed for six months to escape the constant nagging of his wife and daughters. He begged with tears in his eyes that he be sent to jail for at least two months, as he "wanted to have a happy Christmas." It is rumored, but not confirmed, that his wife is a member of the Equal Suffrage League, and so his plea is a harbinger of things to come for all males if women should ever get the right to vote.


It is understood that the rollicking observations of Halloween is of pagan origin. Judging from this year's observation in Emmitsburg, few, if any, of the pagan features have been eliminated.

November 14

Death of Dr. Reigle

On Wednesday afternoon the community was saddened to learn of the death of Dr. Reigle, after a long illness. Dr. Reigle was widely known and much respected citizen of Emmitsburg, and passed away at his home on East Main St.. Dr. Reigle who was veterinarian, had a large practice which was not confined to this immediate community. Until his illness, which had begun about a year ago, Dr. Reigle was very active and a familiar figure in this district. Some time ago he retired from active business life. Funeral services were held at the Reformed church, of which he was a member, and interment was in the Mountain View Cemetery.

School News

The following children are on the roll of honor for attendance at the Hayfield School House for the fall term: Ivy Brown, Nora Harbaugh, Bernadette Orndorff, Catherine Orndorff, Arthur Lingg, Clarence Lingg, Pious Kelly, and James Orndorff.

The Emmitsburg grammar school will present "The Courtship of Miles Standish" the latter part of this month.

The spelling bee at the Annandale school on Friday evening last was largely attended. Besides quite a contingent of town folks, many patrons of the school attended. Ms. Clara Rowe is the present teacher.

Impressive Apple

The center of interest in the apple exhibition at the Hagerstown Fair was a Stayman Winesap weighing 16 1/2 ounces. This specimen was from the orchard of Mr. John Hollinger, of Emmitsburg, whose fruits has acquired an enviable reputation among the orchardist of Maryland. This week alone Mr. Hollinger shipped 306 barrels of apples from his orchard. Including the 500 barrels sold in Emmitsburg, Mr. Hollinger has sold 1,500 bushels altogether this season.

Admiral Bushman Readies Fleet

Realizing that it will only be a matter of days until the Mexican situation will reach a crisis, Admiral Bushman is putting the Flat Run Fleet in readiness to sail to southern waters. The Board of Strategy of the Naval Annex of Harney University has been in executive session night and day for two weeks making plans for the combined attack on the Mexican arsenal of Coca-Cola Bay.

Admiral John Glass will be commanding the fleet, now coaling at Turkey Run, where it is expected that the Zorro Zouaves, under command of Col. Dan Shorb will go aboard. The Dry Bridge Dragoons will also form part of this command, which would take orders from Commodore Cornelius Buckingham, who will be the chief officer of the gunboat "Sardine." Nick Keller has been carrying cipher dispatches to Gen. Bill Snyder, who for the past 10 days has been secreted in a cider barrel in the cellar of the Mexican president's palace.

Gen. Jerry Overholtzer will have entire charge of the wireless towers, recently erected on Poplar Ridge. With this system, which is entirely new and the invention of Major Hiram Ranger, it is expected that the secret plans of the Strategy Board will be carried out.

The signal for the fleet to sail will be the explosion a 6,000 pop bottles from Carrick’s Knob. In the event of hostilities daily bulletins will be posted at Dry Bridge, Whitman’s Wharf, Pig’s Misery and other seaports in the area.

November 21

Dog Fight Causes Runaway

Owing to a dogfight, a runaway which might have been serious, occurred on Monday morning in front of the garage on Frederick Street. A horse belonging to Mr. Eiker took fright, demolishing the buggy. Mr. Eiker was thrown to the ground but not seriously hurt. The horse was stopped at the railroad station.

Three Escape From Jail

John Myers, Charles Wills, and Charles Hess were arrested on Saturday night, charged with breaking the locks and hinges on the town lockup.

Within a half-hour after Myers and Wills had been locked in the jail, Hess who had been able to furnish bail, and was therefore a freelancer for the time, visited the prison, calmly unscrewed the hinges on the doors and liberated his two friends. They were caught later by Victor Rowe, District Deputy Sheriff, and John Matthews, police justice for the Emmitsburg, who, after searching the neighborhood, found the fugitives drinking near Crystal Iron Springs.

The offenses for which the men were arrested occurred on October 14. They are alleged to have broken into the home of David Hardman, near Emmitsburg, on that day, and to have stolen a quantity of cider and vegetables. Owing to difficulty in finding the culprits, the warrants were not served until last Saturday.

When arrested Myers and Wills were very much under the influence of liquor, and magistrate Matthews refused to give them a hearing. They were placed in the lockup. Hess, being sober, was given a hearing, and his bail fixed at $500, which he furnished.

When it was found that the prisoners had departed, Deputy Sheriff Rowe, immediately secured an automobile and with Magistrate Matthews toured the neighborhood. The men were found near Crystal Iron Springs, brought back to Emmitsburg and given a hearing on Monday morning and additional charges of jail breaking were added to the charges against the prisoners. The bail of Myers and Wills was fixed at $300, which they were unable to furnish. Hess was again released on a $500 bond he had very he had already furnished and told not to break his friends out again.

The Battle of Gettysburg Movie

The New York Motion Picture Company will present "The Battle of Gettysburg", a $75,000 production, in five reels, which will be shown in Thurmont’s town hall, one night only, Monday, November 24. Come early if you wish to secure a seat. This is without question the greatest military film ever produced.

November 28

Fountaindale Man Assaulted

One Sunday night David Wilkenson, of near Fountaindale, a trapper by trade, heard a noise in his barn where he is accustomed to storing hides and pelts. Upon opening the door, a man, who had evidently entered the building with the intention of "making a haul" sprang at him and hit him a severe blow on the head with a heavy club.

Regaining his feet, Wilkenson knocked the man down. Just then another intruder felled Wilkenson, breaking his collarbone and arm and seriously bruising him about the head. It is understood that there are sufficient clues to lead to the apprehension of the assailants.

Taneytown Defeats Emmitsburg

The Emmitsburg Duck Pin team was defeated by the Taneytown team last Thursday evening at the Matthews Bowling Alley by a margin of 110 pins. The Emmitsburg team claimed the win was due to cheating by the Taneytown team and demanded a rematch. The rematch was held Wednesday evening at which time the Emmitsburg team was defeated this time by 240 pins. No rematch is expected.

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