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100 Years Ago This Month

May 1913

May 2

Nominations for Burgess and Commissioner

A very enthusiastic meeting of the male citizens of Emmitsburg met at the Fireman's Hall on Tuesday evening, for the purpose of nominating a ticket to be voted on in the town election on Monday. A. A. Horner was made chairman of the meeting, E. C. Moser, Secretary. The meeting was called to order and the following nominations were unanimously made: James H. Matthews for Burgess, Charles M. Rider - Commissioner to serve for three years.

A Delightful Surprise

A very delightful surprise was tendered Mr. Daniel Shorb on Thursday, it being Mr. Shorb’s 58th birthday. The evening was most pleasantly spent, the older ones occupying their time in conversation, while the younger ones engage themselves in dancing, playing games, etc. At the late hour refreshments were served. The Shorb family was well represented, there being 12 present. About 70 guests were represented. Mr. Shorb received many cards and many nice presents, among which were two boxes of cigars and 58 new Lincoln pennies. He wishes to thank all who remembered him on his birthday.

Rural Delivery of Mail Started

Mr. James Bishop accompanied by Mr. Horner, local postmaster, made his first rural delivery by autocar on Monday. Mr. Bishop will continue this mode of delivery during the balance of the season.

St. Euphemia Defeats Motter’s Station

St. Euphemia’s baseball team, having defeated Motter’s Station in a close game yesterday by a score of 13 to 12, is desirous of arranging a game with the Emmitsburg High School team.

May 9

Motter’s Station Challenges St. Euphemia’s Victory Claim

According to letters received by the Chronicle from Motter’s Station the score of the game "between the nines" from these two places is not accepted as correct by the people in the neighboring vicinity. One letter contains the statement: "The score was 16 to 13 in favor of Motters when the game was stopped." Motter’s would like another game with St. Euphemia to prove once and for all Motters fields a better team.

Matthew and Rider Win Town Elections

Monday was Election Day in Emmitsburg - the day for choosing a Burgess to serve for one year and a Commissioner to serve for three years. John H. Matthews and Charles M. Rider where the candidates of the "Citizens Ticket", Edward Rowe and Harry Harner the candidates of the "Municipal Ticket."

The polls opened at nine o'clock and from that hour until two o'clock, the hour for closing, male voters of Emmistburg filed into Fireman’s Hall and cast their ballots for the candidates of their choice. When the official count was ended, Matthew and Rider each had 103 votes to their credit; Rowe 60 and Harner had 58. This was the largest vote count in memory, representing nearly the entire registered mail population of Emmitbsurg, which is 179.

During the day everything passed off quietly, and at night there was a celebration of the event including a serenade of the newly elected Burgess by the Emmitsburg Cornet Band.

Blood Poisoning

Mr. William Buschman is suffering from blood poisoning. About two weeks ago he ran a rusty nail into his hand between the thumb and index finger. Not taking the wound seriously he paid no attention to it until became inflamed, at which time he sought out a physician. Drs. Jamison and Stone lanced the wound. Mr. Bushman is now feeling better.

Autocar Purchases

Dr. Jamison has purchased in E M. F. automobile. The autocar however refused to start and Dr. Jamison had to return home in his trusty horse and buggy. The Emmitsburg motorcar company sold a five passenger Ford automobile to Mr. John Foreman, of Thurmont.

Reward for Information

A liberal reward will be paid for evidence that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons been taking vegetables and provisions from my premise here in Emmitsburg. (Signed) John Murray

Traveling musicians

Two musicians en route to their homes near Fairfield, gave some very enjoyable music at several places in Emmitsburg on Wednesday evening.

Wivell-Decateur Marriage

On last Tuesday a very pretty wedding was solemnized in St. John's Catholic Church of Frederic when Miss Maud Helen Decateur of Frederic became the bride of Mr. Frederick Wivell of this place. After the ceremony the bride and groom left for Washington where they spent their honeymoon. After their return they will reside near this place.

May 16

Mr. Wivell is Not Married

In the columns of last week's Chronicle appeared a statement of the marriage of Frederick Wivell of this place and Miss Maud Helen Decateur of Frederick. This statement is not true and I would like to have it corrected through your paper. This appeared I know through no fault of the editor. (Signed) Frederick Wivell.

Oiling of Streets

If communities half as large as Emmitsburg can afford to oil the streets during the summer, it is quite reasonable to suppose that the outlay for this boon to health and pleasure would not be too great for the residents of our town. A number of enterprising citizens are agitating the subject and is to be hoped a season without dust will be the result. If every property holder were to contribute a portion based upon property frontage the desired end would be accomplished forthwith.

Severe Frost

All-around Middle Creek, grapevines, early vegetables and tender plants of every description suffered from severe frost on Sunday night. The loss is greater than any that has occurred in 30 years.


A horse belonging to Mr. Stoll of Fairfield, ran off last Saturday evening around nine o'clock. The buggy to which it was hitched was demolished and when the animal was stopped it carried with it only a piece of shaft. Both Mr. Stoll and his horse escaped injury. The cause of the runaway is not known but it is suspected a backfire from an autocar startled the horse.

As Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kugler were returning home Sunday afternoon after spending the day in town, the mule, which they were driving, frightened at two motorcycles and broke a wheel the carriage. No one was hurt.

New Bowling Alley

The bowling alley and poolroom at Matthews’s Brothers is nearing completion. It is expected that the bowling alley will be ready for use by Saturday but the poolroom will not be completed before another week.

May 23

Harner Appointed Commissioner

At a meeting of the Burgess and Commissioners of Emmitsburg, Mr. Harry Harner was chosen by the board to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Shoemaker. Mr. Harner who will serve a term of two years was also elected Streets Commissioner.

Harry Troxell injured

While playing with a wire staple used in making wire fence, Master Harry Troxell, was severely cut in the eye. He had driven the staple into a post a short distance, when he happened to give it a blow on the side, which caused it to fly backwards, thus cutting his eye. The sight has not been totally destroyed, but the victim cannot see out of the injured eye. It is expected that the loss of sight to the left eye will result.

Source of Mirage Unknown

Even after carefully comparing notes, exchanging views and speculating on the various theories regard to the mirage that lighted the upper end of town last week nothing definite from those who saw it can be ascertained concerning the cause of this particular phenomenon.

May 30

Bomb Stirs Frederick

A half-gallon glass jar, containing a dry cell battery surrounded by powder and connected with a wire to the works of a clock, exploded with force at one o'clock Monday morning in the field adjoining Clark Place, a fashionable residential section of Frederick. Into the ground a few feet from the bomb was a banner containing the words "Votes for Women." This ignorant action, and the callus lack of regard for the safety of others just goes to prove how much public tranquility will be jeopardized if women should ever get the right to vote.

Interesting Novelty

An interesting novelty seen on the streets of Emmitsburg is a bicycle with a dog for passenger. Mr. Allen Gelwicks provides this amusement for his very intelligent pet, a little black and tan. On the rear of the wheel is a platform from which the clever little animal perches and accompanies and its owner wherever he goes.

Railroad Erects New Shed

The Emmitsburg Railroad Company will erect a machinery shed for the use of the Boyle Brothers on the company's property at the depot. Ground was broken the other day and the foundation for the structure is now underway. The building, which would be 60’ x 32', will be frame, and with a full concrete floor.

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