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100 Years Ago This Month

June 1913

June 6

Mud Muffles Suffragettes

Saturday’s Suffragettes rally came to an end before it even began when the autocar carrying the ringleaders from Frederick stalled after going through a mud puddle in the Square.

The men of town assembled on the Hotel Slagel’s porch and had a good time as they wandered back and forth between the hotel’s bar and the show the Suffragettes were putting on as they attempted to push their stalled autocar out of the mud hole.

One jolly onlooker was overheard saying: "If you ever need a reason why women should not be allowed to vote, just look at how bad they drive autocars."

Mrs. Annan, who had organized the rally, put an end to the festivities when she had her man hitch up ‘Old Luke’ and haul the car to the Emmitsburg Motor Garage, as the humiliated, mud spattered Suffergets repaired to her house.

It was not lost on the male onlookers that the women, with their fancy autocar, had to turn to a man and a trusty horse to save the day.

Chicken Thieves Busy

Last night chicken thieves visited at the home of Mrs. Emma Shelleman, who lives on Gettysburg road about 2 miles from town and carried away 21 fine chickens. This was the second time in the past two weeks that Mrs. Shelleman’s chicken pens have been visited, the thieves, on the first occasion, getting 14 fouls. Mrs. Shelleman has no idea who the thieves are, and offers five dollars reward for any information that may lead to their apprehension.

Electric Company Incorporated

The Emmitsburg Electric Company was incorporated under the laws in Maryland last week. The capital stock is $7500, divided into 750 shares at $10 each. The objective of the company is to furnish electric lights and power service to Emmitsburg in its vicinity.

Patterson Brothers’ Barn Expanded

The Patterson Brothers had just finished a 52-foot addition to the large barn on their farm, known as the Byers Place. This makes the barn 132 feet long, and provides stabling for 72 head of cattle and 17 head of horses.

Horses Lost

Several valuable horses were lost during the past week. Two colts belonging to Mr. Edward Taney died after eating some moldy hay. A horse belonging to Mrs. Catherine Welty fell and broke his leg on Sunday evening and had to be shot. A valuable horse belonging to Mr. Thomas Baumgardner, of Four Points, was struck by lightning on Friday evening and instantly killed. The animal was in a pasture during the storm and probably near a wire fence.

Bowling Contest

The lower section of Emmitsburg defeated the upper district in a bowling contest at Matthew’s new bowling alleys on Monday evening. The victory was the result of two games out of three. Much interest was shown throughout the game, as a large amount of rivalry has always been present between the two sides of town.

Mead Fuss Run Over by Team

Mr. Mead Fuss, a prominent farmer who lives on Taneytown Road about a mile and a half from Emmitsburg was seriously injured on Wednesday. The accident occurred on the pike just beyond the railroad depot.

Mr. Fuss was hauling lime to his farm with the horses took fright at the train engine. In an effort to prevent the team from running away he rushed to the lead horse but was thrown to the ground. It is thought that the first horse trampled him and he also went beneath the feet of two other horses and was terribly crushed, chiefly around the head.

The unconscious man was carried to the railroad station and later moved to the home of Dr. Stone. There he was attended by Dr. Stone, Dr. Bronner, and Dr. Jamison, who was summoned by Frederick by phone and made a hurried trip in his new automobile.

After a very serious operation Mr. Fuss rallied and there is some hope of recovery although he is a very precarious condition.

June 13

Death of Mr. Fuss

On Saturday this community learned the great sorrow of the death of Mr. Mead Foss, who, but a few days before were seriously injured while endeavoring to control the team of horses he was driving.

Mr. Fuss, who had not yet passed the meridian of life, was highly respected in this and adjoining communities. He was a prosperous and progressive farmer and one who's loss the district will strongly feel.

The deceased is survived by his wife, who before her marriage was Miss. Bumgardner, five sons and one daughter.

New Cement Mixing Machine

Mr. Charles Ryder has just purchased a cement-mixing machine of the latest type, owing to his increasing business and cement work, which has far outgrown the old hand mixing process. Mr. Ryder found it necessary to provide for the big orders already booked for the season and ever-larger contracts which require the accurate mixing of the material used. The machine mixes quickly, thoroughly and above all accurately and ensures the best workmanship and finish.

Chicken Thieves Apprehended

A band of chicken thieves, who for some time have been relieving people of feed, poultry and other articles, were caught in the mountains west of Thurmont near Blue Blazes.

A man who gave his name as Sparon Gaugher was captured, but his partner in the thieving business, who's known as Lee, and is wanted in Pennsylvania for chicken stealing, escaped. At the camp was found a horse and buggy, plenty of feed, new clothing, shoes, blankets and plenty of edibles, including chickens. The officers hope to capture Lee in a short time.

Improvements to Gettysburg Street

Engineers and supervisors of the Pennsylvania State Roads commission have finished the preliminary survey of the road between Gettysburg and Emmitsburg with the idea, it is understood, of putting this thoroughfare into proper condition prior to the national encampment which was soon take place. It is understood that the repairs to be made immediately will be only a temporary nature, and that later on substantial improvements will be made to this artery leading to Gettysburg from the south.

June 20

Rocky Ridge Station Vandalized

Another attempt at robbery, which failed to be successful only because there is nothing of value in the place, was made at the railroad station of Rocky Ridge on Tuesday night. Miscreants got into the building by forcing a window on the west side, and ransacking all the papers and contents of drawers. Nothing, of any value was found missing.

Farm & House For Sale

Farm, located 4 miles from Emmitsburg (Eyler Valley), containing 104 acres, 40 or of which tillable, 40 in timber, and 24 acres pasture. Improvements consist of a large bank barn - 40 foot by 80 foot, a 10-room house, and other outbuildings, all in good condition. Will sacrifice at this time for $1400.

Death of Mrs. Caldwell and Mrs. Troxel

Mrs. Louise Caldwell, wife of the late Francis Caldwell, died at the home of her son on Sunday morning. Ms. Caldwell was born near Emmitsburg, July 4, 1833, and the rest of her useful and busy life was spent in this place. About eight years ago her husband died and since that time she has been making her home with her children.

After lingering illness of about two years, Miss Isabel Troxel, a lifelong resident of this place died about 11 o'clock on last Friday morning at the home of her son, Frederick, on Gettysburg Street. She was the daughter of Mr. John Welty, of this place, and was born October 8, 1844.

Oiling of Streets

Subscriptions are being asked for to defray the expense of oiling the streets of Emmitsburg. The list is being liberally filled, everybody with public spirit is willingly responding.

June 27

Fresh Fruit

Among the mammoth strawberry's seen this year were those brought to the Chronicle office by Mr. Henry Stokes, measuring 5 1/2 inches in circumference. Undoubtedly the finest cherries see in Emmitsburg this season were some specimens of white ox-hearts, a handsome box of which the Chronicle gratefully acknowledges.

Town Affairs

Mr. Victor Rowe, the newly appointed policeman, looks every inch the officer in his new uniform. A new streetlamp has been erected on Gettysburg Street at the corner of the Catholic cemetery. The Streets Commissioner is having Baltimore Street scraped, in preparation to having it oiled. New crushed stone is being laid on some of the back alleys.

Improvements & Businesses

Mr. Cyril Rotering has purchased the store occupied by Mr. Shuff. Mr. Rotering intention is to open a clothing store. The new Slagle Hotel is being repainted. The "Pilot" garage on the west end of town, of which Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Wagermen are proprietors, will be ready for business in a few weeks. Mr. Breichner has opened a barbershop in the east end of town.

Library to Reserve Books

The Emmitsburg library will now reserve books for those paying a fee of one cent until 15 minutes of the closing hour of the day of return of said book. If by that time the book has not been called for by the person who had it reserved, it will be put in general circulation. All such privileges will be granted in the order in which they are presented to the librarian.

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