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100 Years Ago This Month

September 1912

September 6

Bad Week for Horses

Mr. Albert Adelsberg lost another valuable horse Tuesday night. The animal, suffering from acute colic, failed to respond to medical treatment and died, notwithstanding every attention it was given. Two other horses owned by local people also died this week; one belonging to Mr. Joseph Hoke, the other belonging to Mr. Lewis Krug, of near town. All three of these horses have been regular sights on our streets. Sadly we fear that with the growing popularity of the autocar, one day these gentle giants will no longer grace oor fair thoroughfares.

New High School Schoolmaster

Professor Plummer, the new principal of the high school, assumed his duties on Tuesday, and met with a very warm reception from all the scholars of the local institution. Mr. Plummer comes to Emmitsburg splendidly recommended. He modestly states that he will do everything in his power to further the interest of the school to which he has been assigned and feels confident that with the cooperation of the parents of the scholars, and the scholars themselves, the season of 1912 to 1913 will be a successful one from every standpoint.


The improvements to the home of Dr. and Mrs. Stone are quite extensive. In addition to placing a large window overlooking the beautiful lawn leading to the Lutheran Church the whole first floor has been rearranged giving a more attractive effect to the drawing room and spacious hall.

Mr. George Miller is making great improvements on his large and productive farm near Emmitsburg. His buildings are being remodeled, and the addition to the main dwelling doubles the size of the homestead. Mr. Adolphus Horner is having a new roof put on his large stable. A concrete pavement is being laid in front of Mrs. McGrathís property in Gettysburg Street.

September 13

Bad Week for Autocars

Mr. Martin Stouter, of near Emmitsburg, is lying in the Hagerstown hospital in serious condition as a result of an automobile accident near Pen Mar last Thursday night. The accident occurred while rounding a steep and winding hill. Mr. Stouter lost control, and the car dashed down a 35-foot embankment of rocks. The occupants were thrown out and the machine wrecked. The hill is steep and if not watch sharply a car easily gain speed. The car skidded on the turn as it was going to fast for that sort of road, were loose rocks and stones abound, and when it hit the fence went down into a shallow ravine. Mr. Stouter has a twisted spine, paralyzing him from the waist down and a bad scalp across the top of his head.

On Tuesday night a large touring car came to a standstill at the upper end of town-not because of the chauffeur, but the engine elected to stop. Several experts, added by light of many lanterns, and the suggestions of about 50 onlookers-no two similarly diagnosing the troubles-worked at the machine for several hours finally sending the big auto and its occupants cheerfully on their way.

The Gyro Scutoplane

After many months of careful experimenting and the expenditure of $16,547 in real stage money, Drs. Herr Van Mueller and John E. Davidson, have perfected a flying apparatus, call by them the Gyro Scutoplane. It is propelled by an eight cylinder hexagonal engine using monkey feathers for fuel and is capable of attaining a speed of 85.6 miles a minute. A diagram and full particulars of this invention may be seen in the current issue of the Pallbearerís Review. Decorations have been given both the scientist and each has received a medal of the Order of the Plush Ladle, conferred by the Sultan of Slush.

Weeds to be Removed

It is understood that the commissioners, looking to the health of the community, will next week see to it that all weeds are removed from the public alleys.

September 20

Emmitsburg to Get Letter Carrier Service

Emmitsburg is included among the third class post offices mentioned in a list given out by postmaster Gen. Hitchcock not having letter carrier service. The announcement from Washington is to the effect that experiment carrier service will be established in towns of the second and third class, and $100,000 has been appropriated by Congress to enable postmasters to employ the necessary assistance to deliver the mail in such communities.

It is understood that a petition well immediately be signed by local people and forwarded to Washington as a plea for the establishment of the system in Emmitsburg. Great interest is being manifested in the project and is expected that every effort will be made by Emmitsburgens to have the service tried here.

Hog Cholera

Learning that hog cholera is prevalent in the neighborhood Drs. Riegle and Schuble, veterinary physicians and surgeons of this place, wish too announced to the public that they are prepared to administer on short notice, hog collar serum for the cure and prevention of the disease. Field experience with animals properly treated proves that the serum is a valuable curative as well as a preventative agent.

Emmitsburg Merchants Suffered Great Robbery

Emmitsburg merchants are interested in the apprehending of the members of the Western Maryland Railroad crews who for several years past have been looting the freight cars on that road. Shortages in freight packages consigned to local people have been a matter of constant occurrence. Innumerable claims have from time to time been sent to the Western Maryland Railroad by Emmitsburg businessman in consequence.

Detectives of the Western Maryland Railroad had been on the case for some time and a few days ago discovered that Western Maryland Railroad employees were the robbers who had been systematically pilfering shipments from Western Maryland freights. The prisoners are now in jail.

September 27

Union Manufacturing Company to Set Up Local Office

For several weeks passed negotiations had been in progress relative to establishing in Emmitsburg a branch of the Union Manufacturing Company of Frederick. On Wednesday, Mr. Johnson, representing the stockholders of the parent company, completed all the arrangements and in a few weeks the wheels will be turning and quite a number of local people will have steady employment.

The factory formerly operated by Mr. Samuel Rowe, but which has been shut down for months, will be the home of the new enterprise. A lease for two years has been given, and after extensive improvement and alterations have been made to the building the manufacturer of hosiery will begin immediately.

Heavy Rain

During heavy rainfall on Monday and Tuesday, Flat Run bridge was completely surrounded by deep water. A five-passenger autocar from Gettysburg was caught in the middle of the overflow and the engine choked. Mr. McCarron came to the rescue with a pair of heavy horses and hauled the car to his garage.

The creeks were so high after the heavy rainfall that mail for the college and points on the Pike could not be delivered Tuesday evening. Several persons coming to town during the day on Tuesday had to remain in Emmitsburg overnight, and those who ventured into the country in the early part of the day were forced to remain until Wednesday morning.

A son of William Moser who lives near Tom's Creek was driving during a storm on Tuesday night. After crossing the bridge at Wilson's Ford, Mr. Moser alighted to examine the depth of the stream and judging it to be passable continued on his way. Just below the bridge wall the torrent carried him and the team forcibly against a large tree. Cutting the traces and the backing straps Mr. Moser, leaving the buggy in the stream, mounted the horses and rode towards home. At Tomís Creek the fording was impassable and he remained at Mr. Keilholtzís overnight.

The downpour on Monday and Tuesday night also flooded many cellars in the neighborhood.

Dr. Glass to Expand Money Supply

Dr. John Glass of the University of Harney has informed the President that he is not in favor of the recent decision of the Federal Reserve to issue smaller bank notes. Dr. Glass is working on an invention whereby, with the use of rubber and yeast, our present currency can be made to greatly expand. "Expandable bills," said Dr. Glass "will allow local residents to stretch their dollars further, allowing more to be bought with each bill." No response has yet been received from the White House on this innovate solution to solving our nationís money supply.

Winter train schedule

Beginning Sunday, September 29, trains will leave Emmitsburg at 8:40 and 10 AM and at 2:30 and 4:55 PM. Trains will arrive in Emmitsburg at 9:40 and 11 AM and at 3:32 and 7:15 PM. There will be two trains to Baltimore daily at 8:57 AM and 5 PM.


Mr. Meade Fuss is building quite an extensive hennery on his place near town. The building is finished in shingle effect like a small cottage and is quite picturesque. The Lutheran parsonage has been repainted, adding much to the appearance of the churchís property. Mr. Shoemaker has improved his property on Main Street by erecting two pairs of concrete steps. Mr. Stoutor has had a concrete pavement and gutter laid in front of his property on East Main St.. Mr. Harry Hopp has had a modern heating plant installed in his home on West Main St..

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