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100 Years Ago This Month

March 1912

March 1

High School is Alive

The enrollment of the scholars is equal to the average about this time last year. The graduating class only numbers seven and probably not all of those will be graduated. This is quite a contrast to the large class that graduated last year. Seventy-Five percent of last year’s class are doing very well at the institutions where they are now studying.

Swastika Club’s Latest Success

The story of the drama entitled "Who is the bravest daughter of the West," as produce by St. Anthony's church Swastika club was an overwhelming success. The scenes of the play are located in Arizona at the time of the Apache raids of 1882. The singing by the members of the club is worthy of praise. All understood their parts and were easily able to make the spectators understand the same. All entered into the spirit of the play and communicated that spirit to the audience. More than this no amateurs may do.

March 8

Swearing on the Streets

Every now and then, after a marked exhibition of unseemly behavior on the streets of Emmitsburg, accompanied by swearing and foul language, there is naturally an immediate and decided protests from law-abiding citizens. This is right. There should be protest, but it ought not to stop at that. The same law abiding citizens should go a step further. They should help to convict the guilty. There is both a state and local law that provides suitable punishment for persons who curse, swear or in any manner disturb the peace. These culprits, however, may not be arrested except by an officer of the law; nor can they be convicted unless evidence is provided proving their guilt.

If those who see or hear anything constituting an overt act and are either to indifferent or too timid to enter a complaint and appear as witness against offenders, they have only themselves to blame if there is a repetition or continuance of the offense. The remedy is in the people's hands. They have the law on their side, but they must cooperate with the properly constituted authorities if they want the law enforced.

Road Work for Tramps

An able-bodied man without visible means of support, who of his own volition, continuously remains idle; who becomes intoxicated whenever he procurers liquor; who has no habitation or fixed abode and who insist on pestering the community or pillaging it, is a dangerous public nuisance and as such should be summarily dealt with. There is no reason why he should not be arrested, turned over to the county commissioners or town officers and by them put to work for a specific time on the public roads or streets.

It is safe to say that no district in the state suffers more from the tramp nuisance than Emmitsburg, which is annually invaded from April till November, by ruffian strugglers from that vast army of the don’t-want-to-be-employed whose presence is a menace to morality and decency and a positive danger to women and children.

New Road Wanted near Motters

The County Commissioners have received a petition from a number of residents of the Emmitsburg district asking for a new road, to begin at the Stony Branch schoolhouse on the road from Motter’s to Detour, and, to pass between the lines or through the lands of the following: E. J. Fitzgerald, Harry Dern, Nevin Martin, and George Ohler, to the Emmitsburg and Keysville Road a distance of about one and a quarter miles.

Enjoyable surprise party

A very enjoyable surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Harner. The guests began to arrive early in the evening and were made to feel entirely at home. The evening was spent in music, and games of all kinds are played. At 10:30 PM the guests were invited to the dining room where delicious refreshments were served.

Emmitsburg's Latest Organization

The Emmitsburg Generator Company has filed articles of incorporation. The purpose of the company is to manufacture and to deal in metal castings and all supplies for the making of acetylene gas to private and public homes. The principal office of the company is to be in Emmitsburg. The incorporators who are the directors for the first year are: James Hays, Joseph Rosensteel, Dr. Stone, Stirling Gult, and Guy Motter.

March 15

Post Office Burglars Arrested

It has been reported that the authorities have apprehended the safe blowers who robbed the Emmitsburg post office a month ago. As we go to print the names of the culprits have yet to be released. While this crime may be solved authorities are looking for the individual who put a lighted candle under the steps of the creamery building, it is supposed with the intention of burning it down. Fortunately little damage was done.

Surgery Without Anesthesia

On Monday Dr. Eichelberger removed a 14-ounce tumor from the back of one of his patients residing at Bridgeport. The operation, which was successful, was very quickly performed and the patient was not put under the influence of an anesthetic.

Moving Picture Show to Come to Town

The Dixie Moving Picture Show will exhibit here for week beginning March 25. Showing all the latest life motion pictures and carrying their on electric plant.

March 22

Runaway on Main Street

On Wednesday, horses hitched to a wagon loaded with hay took fright at a passing motorcycle in front of the home of Burgess Rowe and upset the wagon, breaking one of the wagon wheels. One of the horses, with considerable effort, extricated himself from the upset wagon, much to the surprise of the crowd that has quickly gathered to help the animals.

Attempt at Murder and Suicide Near Fairfield

On Wednesday evening James Hurley, living near Iron Springs store, not far from Fairfield, made an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Miss Rerenice Carlbaugh and afterwards shot himself in the head.

Hurley went to Fairfield and at Reindoller’s store purchased a revolver evidently with the intention of murdering Miss Carlbaugh. He met the girl and shot four times at her but did not succeed in inflicting a fatal wound, although the chances of her recovery are slight. After the struggle with the girl he shot the remaining shell with better aim, the bullet entering his brain. Drs. Trout and Glenn, of Fairfield, were summoned and everything is being done to save the young lady’s life.

It seems that Hurley’s attention to Miss Carlbaugh was not desirable to her family and he was denied the privilege of calling on her. It is supposed that this was the cause of this attempt at her murder.

Death of James T. Hays

On Monday afternoon Mr. James T. Hays, one of Emmitsburg's leading citizens, died at his residence on W. Main St. The funeral service was held in the Presbyterian Church on Wednesday. Mr. Hays lacked a few days of being 80 years old. He is survived by his wife Sarah Witherow Hays and four children.

In January 1856, James Hays and his brother Joseph bought the Emmitsburg Foundry. They manufactured threshing machines, plows, stoves, and general castings. In 1867 the firm was dissolved, Joseph taking the foundry and James the stove department. This business has been carried on continuously for 54 years, and is now known by the name James T. Hays & Son. In these years the business broadened out. Several patents owned by the firm form the nucleus of her lucrative business. The Hay’s Acetylene light plant long made by this firm has been extremely popular.

March 29

Death of Rev. Schulenberger

News was received here yesterday of the death of Rev. Schulenberger, former pastor of the Emmitsburg Reformed Church. Rev. Schulenberger was elected its Pastor in 1895, the last charge of an active ministerial life that began in 1865. He had many friends among all the denominations and in every walk of life in town. Friendliness, kindliness, sociability were mark characters of this fine gentleman. No one ever heard him speak of his fellow man except in complementary terms. Despite the ailment which advancing age brought on, he never lost his spirit of optimism. Ever cheerful, ever gracious, and with a kindly word for all. He lived a life that was full of inspiration and by that life he taught many a lesson for the resignation to the will of God. The people of Emmitsburg mourn his loss.

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