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100 Years Ago This Month

December 1912

December 6

Hosiery Factory Opened

The Emmitsburg branch factory of the Union Manufacturing Company was opened on Thursday morning at nine o'clock. Twenty operators reported for work, they being the former employees of the Emmitsburg Manufacturing Company, no longer existing. Thirty machines were installed in the company’s branch here last week. Additional machines will be placed as the increase in help warrants it. Wages range from $3.50/week to $12 or more. The company pays according to the work done, and as an operator becomes more proficient the rate of pay increases.

Boxing Match at Spangler Opera House

Last Saturday night in the presence of a small but very appreciative audience composed of those who value rightly the science of the manly art of self-defense, Mr. James McGreevy ‘pulled off’ in the Spangler Opera house the first sparring contest ever given in Emmitsburg. The initial bout was between two local boys, Grant Long and Emery Eyler. It was a three round go and as the contestants were very easily matched in height, weight and science, much delight was afforded those who were fortunate enough to be present.

Thomas Redman and Harry Eyler were next on the program. There was a slight disparity between the two in a matter height and weight, but both of them were right there with the goods. These preliminary events afforded a great deal of amusement and gave genuine pleasure to the onlookers.

The star bout of the evening was a 10 round go between Charlie Gardiner of Washington and Tommy Winters of Baltimore. It was nip and tuck from start to finish. Everyone in the audience proclaimed it to be one of the best exhibitions of boxing they had ever seen.

John Wantz Unintentionally Shot by Companion

Mr. John Wantz met with a very serious accident on Tuesday afternoon while hunting on the farm of Mrs. Catherine Welty of near town. Mr. Wantz was on the Hill while Mr. Russell Whitmore, his companion, was on the level land below him. When the dog flushed a covey of partridges, they rose, and Whitmore fired and hit Mr. Wantz.

Mr. Wantz staggered and called to his companion that he had shot him. Mr. Whitmore did all he could to make the wounded man comfortable and went for his brother Robert Wantz who lives a short distance away. Mr. Wantz was brought to town in Mrs. Welty’s team, but before reaching there he was met by Drs. Jamison and Sefton in an automobile. He was hurried to Dr. Jamison’s office where his wounds were dressed and later taken to his home. The shot was scattered through his body most of them lodging in the lower part of his body and legs. The shooting was altogether unintentional and Mr. Whitmore feels very bad to have been the cause of it.

December 13


During the holiday season the faculty of the University of Harney will engage in a pinochle tournament. The holder of last year’s trophy, a dill pickle, is Dr. John Glass. The trophy this year will be a loving cup filled with spinach, presented for this event by the Young Lady Society for the Prevention of the Use of the Denatured Alcohol and Strawberry Shortcake.

There are all kinds of corn-big and little corn, red, white and yellow corn in the cultivator thinks this particular kind is the best. Mr. Walters has been experimenting with every variety and he has succeeded in producing what he calls the "Genius Bulbus Diminutives" which grow no larger than a fried egg and is shaped like a beehive. Mr. Walters has 189 acres of this kind; each grain is capable of sustaining the life of four horses for three days. It is the farmer’s intention to send this year’s crop to Roostem Effendi in command of the Turkish troops near the Italian border.

Carriage Accidents

On Tuesday afternoon a team belonging to Mr. Jerry Overholser took fright at an automobile. The horses ran on the pavement in front of the Emmitsburg Savings Bank, but were caught before any serious damage was done.

On Saturday afternoon a horse belonging to Mr. Mead Patterson took fright and stripped the bridle from the hands of Mr. Harry Harner and ran away. No one was in the buggy at the time except the dog. The horse continued until it came to his home where it stopped and preceded to graze. The dog jumped out as if nothing had happened and proceeded to chase a neighbor’s cat.

December 20

Scarlet Fever in Emmitsburg

With new cases of Scarlet Fever having developed during the past week, health conditions in Emmitsburg are being examined. As a matter of caution for local schools were closed until after the holidays and several persons were ordered quarantine for definite period. It is hoped that the people of Emmitsburg will cooperate with a health officials in the endeavor to prevent the spread of the disease.

No Truth and Report

We desire to state emphatically that there is no truth whatsoever in the report that there is Scarlet Fever in the family of Mr. Fred Troxel. The patrons of our barbershop therefore need have no apprehension on the score of contracting this fever or any other ailment on the premises. – C. F. Rotering

Prizes Given for Best Soap

Rises were awarded to those who made the best samples of homemade soap from Banner Lye, during the three soap making contests which were held during the month of September October and November. For some it was their first attempt at home soap making and these are to be congratulated for successful efforts. The four ladies of Emmitsburg who receive prizes were Mrs. Higbee Mrs. Guise, Mrs. Orendorff, and Mrs. Rowe.

Copper Vein Found Near Motter’s Station

On the property of Mr. George Keepers at Motter Station there is a vein of copper-how extensive it is not yet known. Mr. Keepers brought two very fine specimens to the Chronicle office last week. One was sent away for analysis. A superefficient examination, pending a more thorough investigation, discloses the fact that the rock contains a considerable amount of copper and likewise a faint traces of silver. Mr. Keepers is not imbued with the notion that he has struck a bonanza but he and his friends are naturally interested in discovering how much of the metal there is on his land and whether it will be of any value commercially.

Ready for Snow

People in Emmitsburg are not particular about waiting for snow to get out their sleighs. As the season is here for sleighing they are content to put them in a wagon. The first sleigh of the season was seen Friday driven by Mr. William Fretzell.

December 27

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is not Christmas in Emmitsburg unless it is ushered in by the singing of carols. On Christmas Eve, on the stroke of twelve, a number of young people carried out this time-honored custom serenading residents on every street.

On Christmas afternoon, following the custom inaugurated several years ago, sleigh racing was indulged in on the streets of Emmitsburg. Several residents, including Mr. Mead Patterson, Mr. Harry Ballinger and Mr. Lawrence Morndorff, were out in their sleighs. Everyone enjoyed the display of fine steeds running on snow, which lasted for about an hour.

Sleigh Overturns

Quite a commotion was occasion On Main St., Thursday afternoon. A sleigh driven by three men overturned in front of the Zacharias is house throwing a horse to the ground. Although no serious damage was done it took some time to get the animal to its feet.

While the horse was able to continue its task the same cannot be said for two auto cars which were unable to gain traction in the snow and left their owners stranded until an old reliable horse-drawn buggy could come to their rescue. Just one more example of why the auto car will never replace the horse as the most reliable means of transportation.

Attacked by Wildcat

Last night about 11:30 as Francis Garner was harnessing his horse at Greg Schweikert’s barn about half a mile from Emmitsburg, preparing to return to town, a large wild cat pounce from the hayloft above him and attack the men. The animal fought in the proverbial wildcat fashion and would undoubtedly have borne Garner to the ground and inflicted serious injuries had not Schweikert grabbed a pair of reigns, beat the animal back.

The noise exiling of the scuffle for a moment stampeded the other horses in the stable, one of a which kicks several boards out in this boxed all, but by the efforts of the two men and the assistance rendered by the inmates of the house, who quickly came to the rescue, they were finally quieted.

It is supposed that the wildcat, driven towards civilization by hunger, came down from the vicinity of Rocky Gap, near which place several of the animals have been seen. This makes his second appearance of Wildcats in this neighborhood the season.

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