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100 Years Ago This Month

January, 1911

Jan. 6

A Town Hall

Every now and then – especially after a freeze-out, such as one during a winter performance in the so-called "Opera House" - a town hall naturally appeals utmost to those who are fond of public entertainment. For some years past, people have debated the question in a more or less purposeless way, but at this time no one has proposed a well-defined plan nor taken any concerted action.

It is safe to say that every resident of Emmitsburg is anxious for a safe, properly billed and managed place of amusement; and, that not a single resident regrets that Emmitsburg is the only town of its size in Frederick County that does not boast of a public oratory suitable for entertainments, commencement exercises, dances, lecturers, fairs and social functions.

Death of Eva Danner

Miss Eva Danner, 68, died in the comfort of her home on the square last Saturday evening. The news of her death on New Year’s Day came as a terrible shock to her host of friends, who were unaware of her serious illness. Danner was ill for about 10 days and died of chronic nephritis.

Born in Emmitsburg, Danner developed a love for music at an early age and later became a music teacher and organ player in the Reformed Sunday School and Church. The children of the town and county were her most devoted friends and admirers. Danner attracted a wide circle of friends with her many delightful qualities of heart and soul. Her pleasant smile and cheerful demeanor will be greatly missed.

Jan. 13

Ordinance Number 125

Be it enacted and ordained by the Burgess and Commissioners of Emmitsburg that the Burgess shall receive his salary of $25 per year and the Commissioners shall receive an annual salary of $15.

Ordinance Number 126

Be it enacted and ordained that it shall be unlawful for any person to abuse or cruelly mistreat an animal in any manner within the corporate limits of the town. It shall be unlawful for any person to let a horse stand on the streets, alleys or public places for more than five hours without food or water. It shall be the duty of the town constable to take charge of said horses and have them properly fed and watered at the expense of the owner. Upon conviction, individuals shall be fined at least $1 and no more than $10 in addition to the cost of feeding, watering and caring for the horse.

Ordinance Number 127

Be it enacted that it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to construct any store or terrain for the purpose of carrying human or animal excrement, dishwater, wash water or any substance detrimental to the health of the town, unless approved by the commissioners. Nor shall any individual be allowed to accumulate any human or animal excrement; filth or rubbish of any kind that may be a nuisance to the neighborhood or detrimental to the health of the town. Violators will be fined a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $25.

Arrest of Clarence Reese

"Clarence Reese" of near Emmitsburg was arrested in Gettysburg as he was about to board a train on the charge of burglary. He allegedly robbed George Kellerman’s saloon near Penn Mart last September. Until this week he has eluded arrest. Reese is now serving 20 days in jail for stealing rides on parades. After serving his sentence he will be taken to Hagerstown to answer the charge of robbing the saloon.

Jan. 20

Ordinance Number 137

Be it enacted that it shall be unlawful and against the peace, quiet and order of the town for any person or persons to make a bonfire or to cast, throw or discharge any firecracker, cannon cracker, rocket, roman candle or other fireworks or explosives in or upon any street, alley or public place in Emmitsburg. It shall be unlawful for any person to fire or discharge any gun, revolver or firearm or to carry a concealed or dangerous weapon in the streets of said town, except in the defense of one’s person or property or to kill any dangerous or rabid animal. No person shall carry any concealed weapon without a permit to do so. Violators of this ordinance pay a minimum fine of $1 and a maximum of $25 for each violation.

High School Cross Country Run

On Monday afternoon 19 of the Emmitsburg high school boys ran a cross-country race. Prior to the race, the runners practiced on the pike, which was in excellent condition for the purpose. The boys ran a total distance of 3 ½ miles across rough terrains and in high winds.

Starting at the high school, each pair made good time up to the tollgate. The next stretch of road from the station to Mr. Walters tested the boys’ training and strength. Some considered returning home while others cut across the fields and through the woods. Jones Baker and his partner Charlie Seabrook disagreed on some trivial matter and parted company forever. The distance from Mrs. Walters to Mr. Hoechst’s farm, the third station, was the most difficult stretch of the run as the roadbed was hard, frozen and full of ruts. The runners lost time in this stretch, but gained back their strength in no time as they hit the last stretch home to the main road. William Fraley Lester Topper and Charlie Seabrook finished with the best time of 34 minutes.

Jan. 27

Ordinance Number 140

Be it enacted that it shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor vehicle or motorcycle recklessly or at an unreasonable speed. In no case should the speed exceed 12 mph on a street or alley in the town. Any individual found guilty of violating this ordinance shall be liable for a $5 minimum fine and $50 maximum.

Spanish Swindler Writes to Emmitsburg

The Spanish Swindler has turned up in Emmitsburg. Last Friday a letter arrived postmarked from Madrid, containing a touching appeal from a man accused of fraud and manslaughter and now languishing in a Spanish prison. Along with the letter was a newspaper clipping of an English journal about a "noted banker who absconded, leaving a deficit of over 5 million rubles."

Some few weeks ago a Marylander bet on scheme to the extent of several thousand dollars. The swindler was not as fortunate here. The letter reads:

"Dear Sir,

Although I know you only from good references of your honesty, my sad situation compels me to reveal to you an important affair in which you can procure a modest fortune saving at the same time that of my darling daughter.

Before being imprisoned here I was an established banker in Russia as you’ll see in the enclosed article about me that was published in many English newspapers.

I beseech you to help me obtain a sum of $448,000 I have in America and to come here to pay the Registrar of the Court for the expense of my trial so that I may recover my portmanteau, which contains a secret pocket where I have hidden the documents indispensable to recovering the said sum.

As a reward I will give you the $160,000.

Since I cannot receive your answers in person you must send a cablegram to a person of my confidence who will deliver it to me.

Awaiting your cable to instruct you in all my secret, I am Sir, yours truly, Demidoff"

Trouble at the Track School

A lawsuit is promised in Liberty Township to present the case of a teacher from Zimmerman School on Track Road who punished a student. The student’s mother found the punishment unwarranted and severe and appealed the case to Constable Martin Baker. The case will be heard before the justice in Fairfield.

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