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100 Years Ago This Month

April 1911

April 7

Story Of The Mountain

The first volume of the story of the mountain, the complete history of Mount St. Mary's College, has just been issued by the weekly Chronicle press. The book is a large size, 555 pages, and is printed on fine quality antique paper with generous margins. Great care has been taken in the use of different sizes of type to designate the relative importance of the printed matter. It is profusely illustrated by fine halftone engravings of prominent men connected with the history of the college, old college buildings, views of the surrounding country, etc. – all of which are printed on special coated paper. The binding is one of the best quality buckram cloths of an attractive color and stamped in gold. Orders for copies of edition will be filled at the Chronicle office. Price is $2.50 per volume.

Ready For Commencement

With the close of this week, the senior class of Emmitsburg High School will only have five short weeks to serve as students. Then comes the dreaded examination week after which they are granted a two-week vacation to prepare for commencement. Because this is the largest graduating class and also because of the extended improvements that will be made to the school, these young people have worked very courageously to make this coming commencement week a banner one in the history of the institution.

Toms Creek Spelling Bee

A spelling bee will be held at Tom’s Creek schoolhouse, by teacher Ms. Madeline Frailey, on Thursday, April 13. All are invited to attend.

April 14

Free Trip Around the World

On the evening of April 18, Rev. Mr. Stonebraker, under the auspices of the Emmitsburg High School, will give a free, illustrated lecture on a trip around the world. This trip will include a visit to Omerammergau and the Passion Play. The expenses incident to the lecture will be met by Silver offerings. Rev. Stonebraker's lecture is one of great interest and a large audience will undoubtedly avail themselves to the splendid opportunity. The lecture will be given in the high school building.

Fireman’s Field

At a Vigilant Hose Company meeting last week, a motion was passed providing for public statement of the company’s finances as far as pertaining to the purchase of the field, now known as Firemen’s Field. The field was purchased for $1,018, of which $583 had already been paid, leaving a balance a $435. This means that the firemen have contributed a sum of $583 to the purchase of the semipublic property. A supper and bazaar will be held on April 21 and 22 to give the public an opportunity to contribute to a completion fund for the property payments.

There can be no wiser provision for town than the maintenance of such a park. The firemen realize this and being a long and strongly established organization, they took it upon themselves to acquire land for the purpose. The Vigilant Hose Company is self-maintaining and provides voluntary services in case of a fire. In all cases so far, the company has been of inestimable value to the town.

April 21

Nomination Of Corporation

At a meeting of the voting citizens of Emmitsburg held on Tuesday evening in fireman hall, the following nominations were made for the election to be held on May 1: For Burgess - Samuel Rowe, G. Gillelan and Dr. Zimmerman. For the Commissioner’s seat of Mr. Shuff – E. Frizell, Oscar Frailey and Harry Harner. Mr. Shuff refused to allow himself to be nominated to serve again and he was excused.

The registration list of eligible voters shows that 13 names have been taken off and one added, making the total number of eligible voters 157. The meeting on Tuesday night was unique in that it was called by the Board of Commissioners with the idea of giving the citizens an opportunity to nominate candidates of their own selection without regard to parties, cliques, organizations or any affiliation. The president of the board outlined the idea in a few remarks he made at the meeting. It was his suggestion that no less than three or more than five names be nominated. Mr. Sebold was in the chair.

Emmitsburg Pike Is Now State Property

On Saturday, the pike was thrown open for free travel. About 2:30 the first gate, just south of town was ordered down and by 4:00 the whole line was open. Travelers were greeted by neat little signboards, "Free Road," and were saved from reaching into their jeans for toll money.

This action, of course, means that the pike is now state property. For about 66 years, the former owners, the Emmitsburg and Frederick Turnpike Co., have maintained this thoroughfare, and for the last 18 years, the road has been under the management of Mr. Hammacker, its efficient superintendent. In that time, notwithstanding the fact that the road crosses many streams which are often torrents, and runs part of the way along the foothills of the mountains, no accidents of any consequence have happened, and not a single award of damages has been made. The state is to pay $1000 per mile for the property, a total of $21,500 and the old company will cease to exist.

Large Car Passes Through Town

A large furniture van of the Kaufman Storage and Packing Company, Baltimore, passed through Emmitsburg for Monterey yesterday afternoon. The conveyance was as large as a boxcar and had a capacity of three tons. It was propelled by 120-horse power gasoline engine, and was chain driven.

Easter Celebrations

As usual, all the Emmitsburg churches made elaborate preparations for the celebration of the festival of Easter. This did not stop at mere decorations, but included other features of the service. Floral decorations this year were probably better than heretofore. Potted plants and cut flowers gave a truly festive appearance to the churches and this, with the specially prepared music, made the services dating for the day.

April 28

Protest Against Liquor License For Hotel Slagle

Through the Anti-Saloon League a protest was filed against issuing a license to Mr. Lawrence Mondorff for a hotel here in Emmitsburg, the Hotel Slagle. The objections are being met by Mr. Mondorff and the hearing will be held today.

Items Of interest

Mr. Joseph Elder has sold his restaurant business to Mr. William Agnew. Mr. Elder expectedly left Emmitsburg for Hagerstown. The improvements to the Matthews’ store are about complete and the new firm now has one of the best stands in town. Herbert Ashbaugh is making extensive improvements to his business establishment on Gettysburg Street. This week workmen are engaged in raising the roof of his shop and adding another story.

The record of accidents was largely increased this week. Dwin Adelsberger sprained his arm falling from his bicycle. Charles Orendorff broke his arm during the Firemen’s festival. Lester Topper sprained his ankle while playing ball at Gettysburg with a local high school team. He is now able to be about.

The firemen’s festival given by the ladies of this town was a great success. The net proceeds were over $200.

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