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100 Years Ago This Month

May, 1910

May 6

House Burnt At Bruceville

Fire thought to have originated from a spark from a passing locomotive burned the house of William Ott at Bruceville, with nearly all the contents. The flame started under the roof, and when discovered had gained too much headway to be checked. As much of the furniture was removed as possible. The loss is about $1800, nearly covered by insurance.

Runaway Hurts Mail Carrier

On Monday afternoon, Mr. James Bishop, rural mail carrier, was badly hurt in a runaway accident. His horse became frightened by some store boxes near the residence of Professor Jourdan and became unmanageable. Mr. Bishop was thrown out on his face and besides several ugly skin wounds he was much bruised. The buggy was badly broken and the mail, money, postal cards, etc. were scattered over the road.

Dramatic Club Gives Excellent Performance

The performance of "Mr. Bob," by the Dramatic Club on Monday and Tuesday evenings was enjoyed on both evenings by a larger audience. The betrayal of different characters was excellent. Miss Euphemia Tyson, Miss Valerie Welty, Miss Grace Landsinger, and Miss Anna Felix on one hand and Messrs Robert Kerrigan, John Rosensteel, and Felix Adams on the other constituted the cast. It was the first appearance of Miss Felix with the club and she acted her part admirably, the others, old members and well known for their ability, performed their parts in a finished manner. The audiences were also entertained by the first appearance of St. Euphemia's Glee Club.

Fairfield High School Graduation

The Fairfield High School held its first annual commencement on Monday evening in the school building and was enjoyed by an appreciative audience. The high school was organized two years ago and the first commencement was proof of the wisdom of the undertaking. There were three graduates, Ethel McCreary, Anna Landis, and Alma Slonaker.

Toll Gate House Robbed

The toll gatehouse at Zora was robbed on Friday night. The keeper, Mr. Eyler, who is blind, was aroused by his wife who heard the noise made by the robbers who used a bench as a ram to break in the door. As soon as the robbers were discovered they fled.

May 13

Wreck On Emmitsburg Road

The excursion train carrying some 60 persons, which left Emmitsburg early Wednesday morning, collided with the engine at Rocky Ridge and a number of persons were more or less injured. The cars were drifting at the time, the ancient having gone ahead into the Y, the switch was open and the coaches followed the engine with the above result. The car was put out of commission, the front platform was pretty badly damaged.

Auto Car Line To Resume

In a few days, the Auto Car Line, established last summer, will be in full operation. One car making regularly scheduled trips between Emmitsburg and Thurmont and the other car running between Gettysburg and the battlefield. Under this year's schedule the directors and stockholders look for substantial returns.

The car between Emmitsburg and Thurmont will make four trips a day connecting regularly with the important trains on the Western Maryland Railroad. Passengers will thus be assured of reaching their destination within exact time. It is expected that the car to be located in Gettysburg will handle a great number of tourist during a coming in Camden and that it will be well patronized throughout the summer.

Death Of George T Six

George T. Six, formerly of Emmitsburg, but for the past 40 years a resident of Columbus, Ohio, died on April 13. He was the son of the late Edward and Susan Six, of Emmitsburg, and in the Civil War was a member of Cole's Cavalry. He was 68 years of age.

Town Commissioners Organize

The Town Commissioners organized last night by electing Dr. Foreman, President; M. F. Snuff, Secretary and Treasurer. One ordinance was passed providing for meetings which are public. These meetings are to be held on the second Tuesday of every month at Fireman's Hall from eight to nine o'clock.

Child's Strange Affliction

On Wednesday, a son of Charles Ridge, attending the public school at Annandale, showed evidence that he was suffering from Hydraphobia. The lad was kept in at recess and his teacher noted that saliva was flowing from his mouth and he moved his jaws in a particular matter. She told him to go outside and once he got among the other children he made several unsuccessful attempts to bite them. When the teacher heard the commotion she came to the door and the afflicted child ran home. It has since been discovered that the child had been bitten by a dog some time ago.

May 20


Attention is called to the existence of an ordinance which forbids the allowing of horses, cattle, hogs or any stock to run at large on any of the streets or alleys of the town. Also to the ordinance, prohibiting playing ball in the streets. It is the intention of the town authorities to enforce these and all ordinances.

Complementary Dance

The Emmit Cornet Band gave a complementary dance to the ladies who assisted them at their recent festival. The dance was held in the Opera House on Tuesday night and was greatly enjoyed.

May 27

Wife Beater Shot By Incensed Neighbors

Fairfield - Saturday night James Corwell aroused the community by abusing his wife in such an outrageous manner that neighbors took a hand with the result that Corwell was taken to jail after doctors had picked a handful shot from his anatomy. Corwell was going up an alley towards the house his wife had retreated to when he was told to stop. When he failed to stop he was stopped by a load of shot.

Fireman's Festival Great Success

The festival given in the Opera House last Friday and Saturday evening by the Vigilant Hose Co. Was an unqualified success, do very largely to the cooperation of the ladies of the town. The Hose Company enjoys the goodwill of the entire community and very deservedly. This support of the festival is but an instance of the people's gratitude for services in the past and their desire for the future success of the organization.

Wandering Mechanic

On Monday night a wandering mechanic was arrested and lodged in the "cheese box." He had harvested too much rye in the heat of the day and it took a night in the "cooler" to reduce his temperature.

Haley's Comet

The comet and the eclipse on Monday night was viewed by most of Emmitsburg citizens. The comet, in competition with a full moon did not appear so lustrous.

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