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100 Years Ago This Month

March, 1910

March 5

A Day at the High School

After these ten long years that I have been away from the Emmitsburg High School, I now recall vividly, certain happy days which I spent there. One day in particular I will try to describe to you.

The welcome old bell that hangs in the lofty tower was rung and all the scholars took their places. The boys and girls of the infant room seated themselves in Miss Ruth Hoke's room. School was opened with music and devotional exercises. Then all the scholars went to their respective rooms, the doors were closed and work began.

First the C class in History came up to recite and all did very well with the exception of one boy who, when he got to the blackboard to discuss his topic, discovered he had forgotten everything he knew about this particular subject, but suddenly recalled something from a previous lesson, that had been drilled and hammered in by the Professor. And so he roamed across seas, deserts and mountains into Egypt and commenced his discourse on sphinx and pyramids, in which he partially succeeded. After some ten minutes of pumping the Professor got about 62 percent out of him. His subject was something about Babylonians.

Next was the A and B classes in Latin Grammar, nouns and verbs were alike to one boy, so the Professor told he and another boy, who was equally efficient, to write a new Latin Grammar with his compliments. Next came recess and when the good old bell had tolled again, work began once more.

In Composition and Rhetoric the teacher gave one of the boys, "Washington at Valley Forge" to discourse on. This is his version -"Valley Forge was a small village and George Washington marched in there one bright winter morning and captured the village." The consequence was the school became uproarious with laughter and it took ten minutes to get everybody settled to work. I think, if I am not mistaken, that is the standard time to quiet a school full of laughter, especially when the teacher laughs himself.

March 11

Never Laugh At The Pitcher

After much trouble and correspondence, the managers of the Miney Creek baseball team and the Grayson's specials finally arranged again between those two teams which was pulled off at Zora this week. The Graysons won by a close score 16:6.

The game went nicely until the second inning when the Miney Creek boys were at bat. Some careless fellow sitting on the fence laughed and pretty nearly broke up the game. The Grayson pitcher heard the merry laugh and grew wroth and exceedingly fierce and threw a wild pitch. By the time the catcher ran out up to the barn to get a step ladder to retrieve the ball, the ball was in the creek.

Later, one of the Miney Boys pretty nearly got home, but on the way from third he fell. After one of the Miney Boys failed to catch a high pop fly, the Miney pitcher beaned the batter on his back. The next throw was wild, but the catcher managed to catch it on the second bounce and would have put the runner out at first had the first baseman not been off the field taking a smoke break at the time. The runner was trying for second when the supper bell rang and the empires had to leave. When they came back the game was over. The management of these two teams would like to hear from others who think they can play ball.

Our Flourishing Library

The regular meeting of the executive committee of the Emmitsburg public library was held on Monday evening at the home of Miss Belle Rowe. Reports were received from the different officers of the committee in ways and means of increasing the efficiency of the library were considered in planned. The proceeds of the cake and candy sales amounted to $11.05. The committee returns thanks to all who contributed both as donors and as purchasers. Last month the committee mailed a printed letter to each person who for some reason or another had allowed his or her subscription to run out without renewal. Over 30 of these letters were sent out, but so far, we regret to say, only one renewal has come from the source. It is hoped that many others will renew their subscriptions in the near future. An institution of this kind depends upon the support the people of the community give it.

Sunday's Electrical Storm

On Sunday evening an unusually severe electrical storm for this time of year passed over Emmitsburg. The disturbance was pretty general and the lightning was seen in every direction. The reflections of several fires were plainly seen on the north and onto the southwest. The latter was the shed of Frank Borres of New Midway which was struck by lightning.

March 18

Mr. Breichner's Son Operated On

On Tuesday, Dr. Stone and Dr. Jamison operated on Newman Breichner, son of the proprietor of the Emmitt House. It will be remembered that last summer this lad fell from the balcony of the Emmitt House. The injuries he sustained at that time made his operation necessary. It is thought that there will be no further troubles from the injured bones.

Car For Sale

Having contracted for a larger car I wish to sell my Snyder 1909 two cylinder solid tire runabout, with top Lance horn complete. Practically new, a guarantee for $325.

William Henry Welty

William Henry Welty, of Emmitsburg District, died of typhoid fever Tuesday. Welty was 60 years old. He is survived by his two sons, William and James, and by four brothers and two sisters. He was greatly esteemed by a large circle of friends. After brief funeral service at the home of his son William in Detour, the funeral took place in the Rocky Ridge Church.

High School Festival

The scholars of the Emmitsburg high school will hold a festival at the school building on Saturday afternoon and evening beginning at four o'clock. Chicken and ham sandwiches, cake and ice cream will be served. The proceeds are for the benefit of the Athletic Association. The public is cordially invited to attend to help make this a success.

March 25

Tree Burned In Park

The big oak tree on the fireman's ground was set on fire on Monday evening by some boys. The boys scattered as the flames rose. But names have been named and justice for the tree will soon be served.

Emmitsburg Milk Company

The Emmitsburg Milk Co. has installed a complete cold storage plant. Their milk will be the same pure sweet milk in summer that it has been in winter. Milk can always be procured at Mr. Brown's residence and on short notice will be delivered to any part of the town at any time. Beginning April 1, Patterson's dairy will sell and deliver sterilized milk in bottles and pints and quarts or from the wagon as formally to suit the purchaser. After this date milk will also be on sale at Patterson's meat market at all times.

New Dump Opened

The Emmitsburg railroad, until further notice, has given the use of its dumping grounds at Emmitsburg to the citizens for a dump. Earth, ashes, tin cans and all other refuse not deleterious to health may be dumped their. The agent at the station will direct anyone inquiring where the refuse can be thrown.

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