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100 Years Ago This Month

February, 1910

February 4

Racing Matine On Snow-Covered Streets

The sporting blood of Emmitsburg was in evidence on Wednesday afternoon when a local horse, driven and owned by Mr. Brooke Boyle, carried off the honors in several impromptu races with horses from Frederick that are considered among the best in the county.

At one o'clock, the streets were crowded with teams and people to see the fun. The race between Mr. Boyle driving "Dick" and the Frederick horse of were the main events but considerable interest was also shown in the other races. Mr. Morris Gillelan's horse, driven by Robert Gillelan, carried off the honors with Mr. Walter's 'Peanut' closely contesting. Messers. Richard Zacharias, Nervine Eyler, Chester Ohler, John Creager, and Albert Adelsberger were also among the top notchers.

The streets were fairly well covered with snow and the sleighs slipped along at a rapid gait. The carnival was greatly enjoyed and while the races were closely and warmly contested, the best of spirits prevailed. It had been a long time since conditions have made such a day's sport possible and the permission given by the Burgess, Mr. Shuff, and the commissioners for all the races, was greatly appreciated by all. We are safe in saying that nowhere on such short notice could so much be done as here in Emmitsburg.

A New Lock Up Badly Needed

It must be admitted that there would be fewer street brawls and public disturbances in Emmitsburg such as we have recently had if the Corporation had a lockup fit for a human being to be put in. The present affair is a glaring disgrace to the town, and it is so constructed, and so situated that serious consequences would follow if during the seasons of severe cold or extreme heat a person were incarcerated in it. It is well known that those who create these disturbances are fully aware of the situation and that they take advantage of it and escape punishment.

It has been suggested - and the idea is one that ought to be acted upon - that a wooden structure be erected for the detention of offenders, inside of which the present iron "coop" could be placed for the incarceration of the more dangerous class of prisoners. As the cost of such a building would be very little and the effect upon lawbreakers more salutary let us hope that before very long the commissioners will adopt the plan proposed. And let us suggest, if there is a deficit in the town treasury, that some suitable public entertainment be given for the purpose.

This is a matter that should interest every citizen and the wife, son or daughter of every citizen who has the good name of this town that heart, and whatever, within reason, is inaugurated for this very practical and necessary object ought to meet with the general and hearty response.

Sleigh Demolished

The snow on Friday and Saturday closed up the pie and several of the roads. A horse driven by Mr. Ed Stansbury ran off Monday night and demolished the sleigh, throwing Mr. Stansbury and a young lady accompanying him into a snowbank. No one was hurt. The horse fell short distance out the Taneytown Road and was caught.

February 11

Coal Oil Goes Down

Yesterday morning, the standard oil tank wagon driven by "Dynamite Dick" upset on the toll gate hill and one of the horses was hurt. "Coal Oil Johnny" or "Dynamite Dick" as the driver is variously styled, collected barrels in town and pumped the 470 gallons of oil from the tank and brought them to town.

Taneytown Horse Wins Second Carmel

The recent snow gave Emmitsburg an opportunity for a second sleighing carnival which was held all Monday afternoon. These contests drew a larger crowd to Emmitsburg than the previous ones and were more closely contested. Several hundred out-of-town people were here and the scene along Main Street was quite animated. Two sleighs got tied up during the races and for some distance the two ran on three runners. "Dick", driven by Mr. Boyle threw a shoe and cut himself during the speeding.

Monthly Q. R. S. Meeting

The February meeting of Q. R. S. was held at the home of Reverend Shulenberger on Tuesday evening. An excellent program was given. A paper on Alaska was prepared and read by Mrs. Henry Stokes. Talks on Washington and Lincoln were heard from various members. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Zimmerman. The subject will be Vianna.

February 18

Fight At Bowling Alley

Several men from Fairfield, under the influence of booze, mixed themselves up pretty promiscuously at Mr. Gelwicks bowling alley on Tuesday. There was no one killed.

Conditions Of The Sidewalks

We have received a letter of complaint about the miserable conditions of some of our pavements on the south side of the street especially. Some of them have not come in contact with a snow shovel since the first snow and they are extremely dangerous for any person walking on them, and if our "City Fathers" have the welfare of our people and visitors at heart they would see that our highways are made passable. To enforce the law at once, or twice, probably would have the desired effect

Another Sleigh Upsets

A sleigh driven by Mr. Harry Bollinger, in which two young ladies were riding, upset on McCarren's Hill on Monday evening. The shafts of the sleigh were broken, but now one was injured.

Fairfield Considers Water Supply

On Tuesday, the water question was submitted to the people of Fairfield to decide by ballot. The proposition is to have the town install a plant which will bring water from mountain springs, and provides that the town shall pay for the plant by a bond issue. The voters decided in favor of the proposition.

For some years the water question has been agitated and there are staunch advocates on both sides. The supporters of the water side point to the fire of last year as a strong argument while those who oppose the proposition claim that the source of the war supply is not adequate for the town needs.

February 25

Hotel Property For Rent

The Emmitt House, in Emmitsburg, is a large three-story brick building, containing 38 rooms, with modern improvements including water, baths and toilets. Large barn, icehouse and necessary outbuildings on the premises. Possession will be given April 1, 1910.

Fifteen Pound Tumor Removed

Yesterday, Dr. Jamison, assisted by Dr. Brawner, removed the tumor, weighing 15 pounds from Annie Dorsey, colored, employed at the Hotel Spangler. The operation was successful.

Isaac Beatty Dies

On Sunday, the last of the Beatty family in Emmitsburg closed his eyes in death. "Uncle" Isaac Beatty, one of the old-time Negroes, at about the age of 84 years, died at the home of Mrs. Ellen Beatty. He was buried on Tuesday in the Presbyterian Cemetery. For years this old man has been a familiar figure in Emmitsburg where his sobriety and integrity made him many friends. His exact age unknown, but as far as can be ascertained he was not so old as many thought him.

Justice And Notaries For Emmitsburg

The governor has reappointed Mess. Henry Stokes and Millard Shuff Justices of the Peace for Emmitsburg. Mr. William Troxell was reappointed Notary Public and Mr. Peter Burkett was also appointed.

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