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100 Years Ago This Month

April, 1910

April 1

Position Of Haley's Comet

At present, Haley's Comet is west of the sun and must be looked for in the southeast nearly 3 hours before sunrise. It rises only half an hour earlier than the sun on April 1, but is drawing so rapidly out from the sun that by April 30 it will rise nearly 3 hours before sunrise. At this time, it will doubtless be a bright and striking little object, easy to be visible to the naked eye. Throughout all this month and during the first weeks of May, the Comet is very rapidly approaching us; it will not, however, attain its greatest brightness until it re-enters the evening sun on May 19.

No doubt quite a few Emmitsburgians recall the appearance of Haley's comment 1835. Mr. Nathaniel Rowe well remembers seeing it at that time. He was then a boy of 14 years of age. He describes it as being very brilliant and large, traveling very rapidly and is having a tale of great length. It illuminated the heavens to considerable extent on a dark night.

Mr. Rowe also solved the much talked of "Shower of Meteors" visible in 1833. The meteors apear to fall like rain, in such numbers that they lit up the sky very brilliantly. These falling meteors were visible from three o'clock in the morning to a short time before sunrise.

April 8

Death Of George Gelwicks

On Sunday, Mr. George Gelwicks died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Scott McNair, after several days illness caused by drinking corrosive sublimate by mistake. He was 65 years of age.

Mr. Gelwicks was helping his son-in-law move when the fatal mistake was made. This was on Monday. His suffering was severe and on Sunday at about noon he died.

He was a veteran of the Civil War having served in Cole's Calvary and a member of Arthur Post 43 G.A.R. The funeral services were held at his store's home and at the Lutheran Church. Mr. Gelwicks is survived by a widow, two daughters, Mrs. Scott McNair and Mrs. Herbert Ashbaugh, and one son, Harry Gelwicks.

Professor Palmer's Serious Accident

Last week Emmitsburg High School Professor Lloyd Palmer met with a very serious accident. He was driving in his orchard near Lewistown when a sudden movement of the horse threw him from the stick wagon. He fell on his head and for some time was unconscious. His condition was extremely serious for some time but we are glad to say that he is now out of danger.

Liquor Licenses Raised

The bill passed by the Legislature concerning the sale of intoxicating liquors within the corporate limits of Emmitsburg provides that any person who may wish to sell spirituous or fermented liquors or lager beer within the corporate limits shall pay to the clerk of the circuit court for license, after complying with the existing laws, the sum of $25 for the first year, $50 the second year and $75 the third year and each year thereafter, in addition to the price now fixed. This extra sum reverts to the Burgess and Commissioners. This act shall take effect from and after May 1, 1910

Notice Of Registration

By virtue of section 110 of the Public Local Laws of Maryland, as amended by the acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, passed at the January session of 1910, the Burgess of Emmitsburg hereby gives notice that the Registrar created by said section to register the voters of said town, will sit at the Fireman's Hall on Tuesday, April 19 and on Tuesday, April 26 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to register those entitled to vote in the election to be held in said town on the first Monday of May.

Only male citizens of Emmitsburg above the age of 21 years, who have resided in Emmitsburg for 12 months are eligible to vote.

A Moving Party

On April 1, Mr. Mahlon Stoneseifer moved from near Keysville to his farm about a mile and a half east of Emmitsburg, which he purchased from Mr. Samuel Waybright. The moving was largely attended, they had been about 125 friends and neighbors, who were all entertained a dinner at Mr. Stoneseifer's new home. The day was much enjoyed by all who were present.

April 15

Cigar Apprentices Wanted

Two bright, intelligent and willing young men wanted as apprentices in local cigar factory. Trade thoroughly taught. Steady work when apprenticeship is finished. Apply to H. J. Orendorff, Emmitsburg.

Streets Not Public Playground

There is an ordinance directed against the playing of all on the streets of Emmitsburg which should be enforced. Many just complaints had been made against the habit of the younger boys who were playing on their way to and from school. In one instance, a child was badly hurt by being struck on the mouth by a baseball.

Help Wanted

Girl for general housekeeping. New up to date house. Most of washing done outside. Person having experience and desiring a good home and permanent place is preferred. Wages from $2-$3 a week depending on ability.

April 22

Town Elections

Clean, nonpartisan ticket to carry out provisions of new charter nominated in Businessmen's Association and approved by that organization. The coming town election on May 2, will be the most important election held in Emmitsburg for years as it will usher in a new form of local government.

Instead, other Burgess and six Commissioners elected for one year as heretofore, there will be a Burgess, elected annually, and three Commissioners whose terms will be for one, two, and three years respectively, so that annually, after May 2 when the full board is to be elected, a Burgess and one Commissioner to serve for three years will be chosen.

This arrangement, as has been stated before, will afford an opportunity for carrying out a definite and substantial plan for town improvement, uninterrupted, as the governing body of the corporation will be practically continuous - not completely overturned each 12 months as formerly.

This broadening of the governing powers of the town was the outcome of the progressive spirit of the citizens of Emmitsburg and was brought about by the Business Men's Association. It was that body, having in view a greater and better town, that formulated the new charter and had it passed by the Legislature, it was this association, solely mindful of the welfare of all the citizens and with the single desire of the giving and administration that would be nonpolitical, non-factional and the same time conservatively progressive, if that term may be used that nominated and endorsed the following ticket; Samuel Rowe for Burgess, Millard Shuff for Commissioner for one year, E. Zimmerman for Commissioner for two years, and Dr. Foreman for Commissioner for three years.

The time has come when every vestige of factionalism, every semblance of partisanship, every suggestion of an alliance with this or that interest and every appearance of subserviency to one man or to one clique should be done away with for once and for all

The coming election is not a political one. It is a community election, having for its and an aim the improvement, the advancement and in every sense the betterment of Emmitsburg and her entire population, and in this light only should it be regarded.

It is the duty of all male citizens of Emmitsburg to register and vote.

Horse Escapes Injury

A horse belonging to Mr. Anthony Wivell, on Tuesday, became entangled in the strap which tied it to the hitching post in front of the I. S. Annan store, and was thrown. Several men got it loose from the buggy before he had done either itself or the vehicle any damage.

Dramatic Club Again At Work

After three years retirement from public appearance, in which time it might be said that there are many demands for their reappearance, the public will be glad to learn that the Emmitsburg Dramatic Club is hard at work rehearsing a comedy which will be given in early May. "Mr. Bob" on which the club is working, gives the members of this popular organization, abundant opportunity to exhibit their ability, and citizens of this town have a rare treat in store for them next month.

April 29

Mumma's Ford Bridge Approved

The appeal of a number of residents of this district living near Mumma's Fording on the Monocacy has had its desired effect on the County Commissioners. On Monday, the Senate since in good number, appeared before the Commissioners and asked that steps be taken towards the erection of a bridge across the Monocacy at that point.

42 Want Liquor Licenses

A period of anxiety to liquor dealers expired April 20 when the time lapsed for filing objections in court to applicants for licenses. 42 applications were registered to sell liquor in Emmitsburg. Under the law, objections may be filed to issuing a license unless the law is strictly complied with. Last year, the Anti-Saloon League filed objections in 16 cases, all of which were sustained by the court. The attorney for the league made a close examination of the new applicants and in all found the letter of the law complied with.

Neighbors Kindness Appreciated

Mr. Robert Wetzel, who through the kindness of Mr. And Mrs. Rose Eyler and neighbors and townspeople, has received a wooden leg. He very much appreciated the gift and desires to express his thanks to all who contributed towards his purchase.

Circus Animals Escape

Owing to an accident, the circus performances conducted by Mr. Harry Bollinger had been discontinued for the present. The animals that escaped have all been recovered. The red-headed cat and Holstein groundhog and the Persian monkey were all caught in Huckle's Field. These animals are priceless in value.

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