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100 Years Ago This Month

October 1909

October 1

Local Cases In Court

The case of John Wilhide versus George Wilhide was taken up before a jury on Monday. The case is a suit on a note executed by Niles Wilhide, for $1200 in 1904, on which John Wilhide, George Wilhide, his sons were sureties. Upon the death of their father, the note was paid by John Wilhide, who is bringing the suit for the defendant's portion of the note.

The jury, after being out a short while, returned with a verdict for the plaintiff for $322 and 87 cents.

Samuel Bercaw, indicted for the larceny of sugar and flour from Joseph Hoke, valued at $3.15, about June 30, entered a plea of guilty. As he had already served 90 days in jail awaiting trial, and that he had a large family depending upon him, the court suspended sentence, but warned him that if there were any suspicion of his committing a like offense, he would be brought before the court and sentenced.

The case of Samuel Woodyard, colored, indicted for carrying concealed weapons, was tried before a jury, which rendered a verdict of guilty. To the indictment against Woodyard on the charge of larceny; a plea of guilty was entered. He was sentenced to the House of correction for three years.

Q. R. S. Entertained

On Tuesday evening, Mrs. Harry Beam delightfully entertained the Q. R. S. at her home near town. The beginning of the season's meetings of this organization was most propitious. A large number of the members attended the meeting evinced much interest in the program. The paper was read by Reverend Mr. Glock and Reverend Mr. Rheingold welcomed the members. The music at this meeting was unusually fine. Miss Bean sang to the great pleasure of her listeners and members of the organization also took part in the musical features. The next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. J. H. Stokes.

October 8

Banking Firm Of Annan, Horner & Co. Celebrates Anniversary

The banking firm Annan & Horner entered its 28th year last Friday. To be more exact, the birthday of this institution was on Saturday the second. In 1882, when the firm was established, the first of October came on Sunday, although it takes its beginning of each new year October 1, though the true date of its inception was October 2, 1882.

In those days, 27 years ago, the bank was housed in the basement of the residents then occupied by the late J. C. Annan, and since his death by the family of the late Dr. R. L. Annan. The present president of the bank, Mr. I. S. Annan, has been its head ever since its beginning. Major O. A Horner was the first cashier.

In 1889, the beautiful home of the bank was built and since that date it has occupied its present quarters. The business of this institution has steadily increased and today, fully justified by the large business the firm does, they have increased the rate of interest on special and savings deposits to 4%, a rate unusually large on such accounts.


Owing to change in plans, Miss Richie postponed organizing evening class in dancing last evening, until Thursday of next week, October 12, at eight o'clock at the Opera House. All those interested in same are cordially invited to be present.

Hitching Post Damaged

The hitching post in front of the residence of Dr. Eichelberger was broken off close to the ground on Tuesday morning. A heavy team ran into it.

October 15

St. Joseph's Depot Burnt

Surely after the evening train had gone out it was discovered that the roof of the depot at St. Joseph's Academy was on fire. The Vigilant Hose Co. was telephoned for a response immediately. The work of the firemen and workmen at the Academy saved the building from total destruction. As it was, the roof was burned at the partition wall on the top floor and was destroyed, but the firemen were able to save the floor and bottom story, although they were somewhat damaged. The fire was fully under control in an hour after the firemen arrived. Owing to the distance from the water plug, there was an inadequate supply of water. The loss is estimated about $600. There was no insurance.

Disorder On Public Streets

On Tuesday night, several men more or less the worse off for the amount of booze they have imbibed destroyed one of the streetlights in front of the home of Mr. Kerrigan on E. Main St. On Wednesday morning, Edward Glacken got paralyzed and went to sleep on the pavement in front of the post office. He was carted in the afternoon to the lockup. In the evening his father, on the payment of $2.50, had him released.

Double Wedding Abandoned

What was to have been a double wedding of Mr. John White and Miss Rose Lingg and Mr. John Lingg and Miss Baker, on account of legal difficulties, was abandoned on Saturday. The fact that Mr. Lingg was not of legal age and was an orphan without Guardian made it impossible for the clerk of the court to issue his license. Mr. Lingg and Miss Baker have therefore postponed the happy day.

October 22

Elias Lutheran Church Celebrates Pastor's Anniversary

Last Sunday was the 17th anniversary of the pastorate of Reverend Reinewald at Elias Lutheran Church. A very large congregation was present on that occasion, many remaining after the service to congratulate one another on their good fortune in having had Reverend Reinewald with them for so long a time, and to show him their appreciation of his faithful and kindly ministrations during that period.

To say that Dr. Reinewald is regarded as one of Emmitsburg's best citizens is but imperfectly stating a well-known fact. During his long residence his influence as a man as well as a minister, has been for that which is good, and his example and inspiration to all who would live up to the perfect measure of high toned, high-minded citizenship. The community as a whole, irrespective of religious affiliation, congratulates itself in having him in its midst; congratulations to the pastor of the Lutheran Church on the splendid work he has done, and further expressions of the wishes that he may remain in Emmitsburg for many years to come.

Please Return

The person who took by mistake the Salvation Army contribution box from I. S. Annan's store, please return it at once.

October 29

Musical At Mr. Joseph Ohler's

The home of Mr. Joseph Ohler was crowded on Monday night by neighbors and friends who came there to hear a musical given by Mrs. Kemper and Mr. Joseph Rose. Mrs. Kemper presided at the organ and Mr. Rose played the violin. On the programme were such old-time favorites as 'Golden Slippers,' 'Marlbrook,' 'Nellie Gray' and others. Mr. Rose showed rare skill in handling of his instrument, and the musical was most enjoyable.

Terrible Heavenly Visitation

Down from the mountains rich with lower comes the tale of a midnight roar that put a stop to the sonorous snore, of the sleepers roused to sleep no more for fear of the light of the meteor that swept the lofty oak trees o'er and buried itself in the earth it tore an incandescent mass of ore, heaven never again to soar, lost, alas, forevermore. All this happened back of the Blue Mountain House Bar all the night of October 21.

Horse Had To Be Killed

Mr. Charles Brawner lost a fine driving horse last Wednesday as the result of an accident received the evening before, when the animal, pitched in front of the property of Mr. William Walter, took fright at an infernal approaching automobile and broke loose and ran away. As the runaway team approached the residence of Mr. John Roddy, it fell and was later discovered that it had broken a leg. Our sympathies to Mr. Brawner on the loss of his favorite and faithful horse.

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