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100 Years Ago This Month

June 1909

June 4

Attend The Strawberry Festival

The committee in charge of the ice cream and strawberry festival to be held this evening and tomorrow evening on the Emmitt House lawn has formed itself into an auxiliary organization to the executive committee of the Old Home Week Celebration. Individually and collectively, this committee is doing all in its power to make the week in July a pleasant and a successful one. It only remains for the people generally to lend their cooperation to this commendable project. It should be remembered that the entire proceeds from this festival are to be devoted to defray part of the expenses to this big undertaking, and when this is said a very large and liberal patronage is sure to show.

A Much-Needed Improvement

Work has begun on the old Frederick Road in order to better its condition. The section of the road between the tollgate and Motters will be repaired. The work is under the charge of Mr. L. M. Zimmerman.

Electrical Indicator At Hotel Slagle

Mr. Keilholtz Hoke has installed a completely unknown cedar system at the Hotel Slagle. All the rooms are connected to the office by push buttons, indicators, and bells, creating, in short, a complete electrical connection between the office and each room in the hotel.

June 11

The First Circus

The John H. Spark's Show will exhibit in Emmitsburg on June 21. It is said that $40,000 has been expended in increased equipment and that every effort has been used, regardless of cost, to make the show satisfying to his pride and advanced ideas.

The management claims that the people of Emmitsburg will be surprised and delighted at the amount of keen enjoyment to be held in witnessing the performance given by the splendid array of talent with the Spark's Show. The costumes are reported to be elegant and costly, the music especially fine, and nothing is in it that could not add to the pleasure and enjoyment of the patrons.

The New Bank Opens Saturday

The Emmitsburg Savings Bank will open for business tomorrow, Saturday. All persons who have subscribed for stock may secure their certificates by applying to the cashier. Every Saturday the bank will be open from seven to nine in the evening.

Strawberry Is As Big As Apples

The Chronicle is indebted to Mr. And Mrs. J. C. Fox for a box of strawberries--undoubtedly the largest berries ever brought to this office. By actual measurements, it takes only 18 of these berries to make a quart.

Saturday Night Disturbances

Every Saturday afternoon and night, certain men (not Emmitsburgians) make a business of becoming intoxicated and staying in that condition as long as their money holds out and inflict themselves on this law-abiding community. They not only disgust decent people by their actions, but they fill the air with profane and filthy language, making it thoroughly unpleasant, to say the least, for women and children to be on the streets. If characters of this kind have no respect for themselves or their families, they should be compelled to respect the laws of this community. No community anywhere has a better constable than the one now on duty in Emmitsburg, nor does any body of man have a greater desire to uphold the decency and good order than the Burgess and Commissioners of this town. So, as it is practically impossible for one constable to be witness to every infraction of the law and as the Burgess cannot issue a warrant without having sufficient evidence furnished him, there is a certain responsibility which rests upon the people. They can notify the constable of any case coming to their attention; or, in lieu of this, they can inform the Burgess of what they have seen. Arrests or warrants for arrest are bound to follow and if substantial fines are imposed, the Saturday night disturbances will quickly cease. If the people of Emmitsburg are interested in maintaining a good reputation of their town, then they will cooperate with the local authorities in their endeavor to carry out the law.

June 18

Improvements Preparatory To Old Home Week

In preparation for the Old Home Week celebration in July, a great many improvements are being made in and around Emmitsburg. This week, Mr. Joseph E. Hoke is having the entire exterior of his business establishment painted. Mr. John Jackson has just finished a concrete pavement in front of Mr. Theodore Bollinger's property on W. Main St., and in a few days Mr. Albert Patterson will have a concrete pavement laid in front of his residence which adjoins that of Mr. Bollinger. In a few days, Mr. Shoemaker will have a concrete pavement in front of his house and shop. Mr. Frank Rowe has had concrete steps put in front of his dwelling and store. Also, very soon, work will commence on the concrete work in front of the Adelsberger's store, their house, and the house of Mr. McGreevey. Finally, Mr. Clarence Rider has painted his dwelling on Gettysburg Street.

Children Meet With Accidents

Mr. Henry Troxell met with a peculiar accident last Friday. He was watching a carpenter at work making a key in front of his home. The man had fastened his broad ax piece of wood so as to avoid any accident to the child who was inquisitive by nature. The little fellow stumbled and when he fell his hand slipped under the blade and was so cut between the fingers. Dr. Stone dressed the wound.

The same day, Alice Orendorff, a daughter of Mr. Joseph Orendorff, fell out of a window. She fell about 9 feet but fortunately suffered no serious injury. It was reported she leaned against a window screen that gave way which caused her to fall.

The young son of Mr. Shingledecker fell from a hog pen and cut a gash in his leg about four inches long. Dr. Jamison dressed the wound. The accident happened yesterday.

June 25

Harvest Begins

Several farmers in this vicinity have begun to harvest their crops. Lots of grass has been cut and a great amount of hay is being made. There are prospects for large wheat crops. The heads are large and well filled. The grain is rapidly ripening so that it is thought it can be cut about the first of July.

Improvements to the Lutheran Church

The extensive improvements to the Lutheran Church will be finished in a few days. The frescoing has already been finished. The interior of the church presents a fine appearance. Hardwood floors will be laid and when the work is finished, it will be one of the prettiest churches in town.

High School Is Not To Close

Professor White denied the rumor of the discontinuance of the Emmitsburg High School. There will be no change except with regard to the principal. Mr. Palmer, who has served the school in this capacity so faithfully and efficiently for 12 years, is retiring. He is now a candidate for the office of Register of Wills with everything being favorable to his election. Mr. Palmer has been most faithful to every trust put in him. His work as teacher has been of a high order in the success attained by the scholars he has prepared for college - many of whom have distinguished themselves academically. He has always taken keen interest in his students through the thoroughness of his instruction.

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