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The various ventures of Garrett Thomas

(2/27) Born on the 27th of March 1987, to parents David R. Thomas and Carol N. Thomas, is the sensation Garrett Owen Thomas. A businessman, advertisement expert and entrepreneur in one, he has accomplished many milestones at a young age.

Hailing from the distant city of Oxnard, a distant coast of Southern California this young man started off working as an online technology publicist for Fortune 500 companies, when he to Houston from Arizona, where he formerly worked toward resisting restaurant foreclosures during the economic recession back in 2008.

Managing more than 12 contracts and overseeing thousands of contractual agreements, he progressed into his career by bagging a job as a celebrity publicist for CAA and Def Jam artist Jeremih, in New York. Jermih’s nomination for Billboard’s Best RnB song in the year 2011 opened multiple avenues for Thomas in the entertainment industry.

He moved on to work with numerous other celebs including Kevin Hart, Keshia Cole, Manny Halley and B.o.B, among others. Exposure to the industry led him to establish PressHarvest, in the year 2013, beginning his stint as an entrepreneur. His venture is an exclusive red-carpet event invite application that allowed users to submit themselves for media and talent at movie premieres and product releases. While devoting his time to his clients and his start-up, he took it on himself to share the knowledge he garnered from the industry. With a regular column with the Backstage Magazine, Thomas took initiative to help aspiring individuals to groom and to grow into the likes of the industry, promoting not only himself but others around him. By 2015, Thomas started working with WPP and Kantar Media, an advertising expenditure, reputation management, and data investment firm, furthering his knowledge, skill and repute in an all rounded fashion.

Aspiring to do more, Owens found himself as the creator of Tropic Laundry a machine learning non-profit that tracks, analyses, and enhances waste management systems and InsightCandy, a user dashboard platform geared toward entrepreneurs in the years 2016 and 2017.

The graduate from the University of Arizona has made a sustainable mark as a businessperson, being noticed by many around the globe. His works have been appreciated and are a noteworthy representation of the efforts he has out in from the beginning of time. With Maxim model Tiffany Stanley by his arm, he hopes to grow leaps and bounds in the near future, spreading his wings into the arenas of entrepreneurship.