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Planning Your Retirement House

(1/8) Congratulations! Youíve finally done it. Youíve retired, or youíre just about to. In a way, youíve always been working towards this moment. Sure, your job has provided many things over the years--a house, college educations, food, vacations, Christmas presents--but you havenít just been working for those things. Youíve also been working for this: the chance to settle down.

Whether youíre going to volunteer, travel, golf obsessively, or stay home and quilt, youíre actively looking forward to retirement. Youíre ready for this. What you donít want to neglect, though, is making sure your home is ready for it, too.

You might be keeping the same house. You might be downsizing. You might be buying a home in Florida or Australia to finally get away from that winter chill. Either way, your home is a different place now. Itís your retirement nest, and itís important that you get it just right.

When designing your new or new-to-this-season home, youíll want to pay attention to the details. Small things add up. Everything should be about your future ease and comfort. If you have a history of knee problems, or a family history of arthritis, bedrooms should be on the first floor. For the next two decades, youíll be fine, but you want to plan ahead. You want to be comfortable every day that youíre living here, not just the next five years. On that same note, you might want to install a walk-in tub. An American Standard walk-in tub will be your pride and joy once itís no longer safe to use a standard tub. Rather than going through the hassle of having one installed later, it might be best to take care of all your remodels now. That way, you can sit back, breathe easily, and be ready for decades of comfort.

Another small but important thing to consider are your windows. You might want more windows installed, to let in better light. Youíll also want to make sure your blinds block out the light properly, and that theyíre easy to use. Nothing is more frustrating than struggling with badly made blinds! Now, you can buy Australian blinds online and be assured of quality and a hassle free experience.

There are a lot of things to consider in your retirement home. A guest room for your grandchildren? A special room for all your sewing projects? An old fashioned library? The choice is yours as you get your future ready for retirement. A few months of carefully laying the feathers in your nest, and youíll be all set for future years and future winters. Then you can lean back and enjoy your retirement--youíve earned it!