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How Office Furniture Can Make or Break Your at Home Business

R. Kimberly

(2/18) Working in management for twenty years has taught me many valuable lessons. In the beginning of my career, I learned very quickly what the term “Exempt Manager” means and its direct correlation with the word “salaried”. Lists neurotically became a part of my day, and I found if I didn’t write it down ….it did not exist. I had a collage of sticky notes and calendar date that I kept in a neat leather binder. It became a joke that I carried my junk drawer with me. Although it may have seemed counterproductive, this technique instilled confidence as I always had the answers to the questions who, what, when, where and why.

I worked in a regional department allowing me to travel and take in the view of several offices. I began to notice a trend between the climate of the atmosphere and the productivity of the staff. One location in particular that contributed to my conclusion, tried to decrease the time managers spent in the office. A counter top desk was accompanied by one stool that seemed to be more of a liability than an office chair. The office became a stop and drop overflow storage space complete with a barrage of dangling cords and a sea of paperwork. As I sideways stepped into the office, I noticed how daily tasks and accountabilities became lost. The general surroundings felt chaotic and the management team was not quite prepared for the day.

Comparatively, another office only thirty miles away had an opposite perspective. They felt if the environment was neat and comfortable, this would portray a standard for the team to uphold. A professional desk was set with three contoured office seats. Organized files were displayed aside a cheerful arrangement of Star Gazer Lilies, pink Roses and soft Babys Breath. A Lavender scented oil dispensed an energizing aroma through the space. The management and staff seemed to be smiling more with an orderly routine to their day. With a direct evaluation of fiscal aspects, turnover percentages and overall satisfaction, I had a clear view of the conclusive effects that a workplace setting can have on both efficiency and moral. I have since implemented this theory throughout what is now my at home office. This adaption has brought me the perception of the client, employees and myself.

The Decision was Made

It was daunting to take those last steps off of the corporate express. Starting a business from your home raises many questions. I found myself feeling stressed and doubtful, that is until I went to the office supply store in my town. I walked in seeking the basic agenda of pens to planners when I saw on the other side of the neatly formed aisles, a row of desks with sleek wooden finishes. They were dressed with fresh floral bouquets and picture frames and came complete with organizational drawers and cabinets. I began to envision my business in a new light. I could see my hopes all spun together in my busy little office. I could hear the chiming bells on the door when a client walked in and the sounds of the phone ringing. I knew this is what I needed. As I had learned from my previous experiences, the office should be inviting. Presentation and atmosphere may not be the physical key to success, however it is a large piece of the puzzle.

The Outcome

I decided to purchase the Cherrywood ensemble to go along with my original purchase, which was a pack of pens, a stapler and new planner. It was delivered and set up within three days. The set fit perfectly and was completed with a book shelf and filing cabinet. I hung a large framed portrait of scrolling Ivy and lush Hydrangeas behind the desk. I went to work setting up files, desktop décor and supplies. A few hours later, the last bag and box was emptied. I turned the light out and shut the door. I waited for about three minutes before returning to the room with fresh eyes. The first thing I noticed was the breezy scent of fresh flowers I had arranged. My business cards sat next to the vase with a showcased quality. I finished what I had set out to do. I wanted an office that was neat and organized yet friendly and inviting. I took a deep breath and smiled. My mission was complete. I was open for business with a home office that had my own personal signature. Setting up an office like mine is easy with an affordable yet reliable company like Jason L, too.

In Conclusion…..

As a business consultant and troubleshooter, the days can get quite long. I still travel from business to business and frankly, the same rules apply. As I walk into each establishment needing my services, the first thing I notice is the taste and mood of my surroundings. My findings still run true as the staff and management teams performance seems to correlate directly with the efficiency and set up of the environment. I like to reflect back one of my favorite quotes from Einstein. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. This concept of thinking can be applied to many of lifes and businesses scenarios. It can even be applied to the office furniture we choose. Every small or large facet has a reason of being. When put to good use, positive results become visible. I found it most intriguing how a desk and chair can have such profound effects. The importance they hold is not in the wood they are made of. They hold the key to organization and efficiency while appealing to the senses. The recipe for building a successful team and management has a variety of components. Starting with subtle transitions and efficient processes create a new day in the office that is beneficial to everyone. Needless to say, through all of my experience, I sat down on a fine Saturday afternoon. I pulled out my leather case and began to organize it one small note at a time.