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Forget Bitcoin, here’s the Next Crypto Currency you should look in

(2/27) With the rise and spread of numerous cryptocurrencies across the globe, the most important question that prevails, is whether something is different about each of them? While there exist differentiating factors among each of them, every piece of intellectual property is characterised with unique qualities of their own.

With the usher in of the Blockchain technology in the Indian markets the most popular Bitcoin is soon taking a back seat with the rise of Money Trade Coin. Money Trade Coin is the newest form of cryptocurrency jointly owned by Bitcoin Global FZE UAE, and Money Trade Coin UK.

Founder and President of the Money Trade Coin Group, Dr. Amit Madanlal Lakhanpal speaks volumes of the new and digitized form of storing wealth in a safe and secure manner. In an era where digitized wallets are exploding in the market, Money Trade Coin promise to be the new revolution, which is new, improvised and based on algorithm with ultra secure wallet.

The latest budgets of 2018 have brought to the forefront the urgency to legalise cryptocurrencies in India. Dr. Lakhanpal, author of “The World of Cryptocurrency” emphasizes on importance of Blockchain technology and benefits of cryptocurrrencies over traditional financial transactions, in areas beyond the commercial market but spreading its wings into areas of academics and e-commerce.

Dr. Lakhanpal has been awarded the Rashtriya Ekta Puraskar and Pride of India award in 2015, The Managing Director of the Flintstone Group of Companies, sure knows what he is talking about. With the intention of providing an all-purpose platform, he believes cryptocurrencies can ease out the financial needs required for effective wealth management in the Indian industry, with Money Trade Coin at the lead.