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Will Vapes Be Taxed the Same as Cigarettes?

(9/25) Recent attempts have been made to get vape products taxed at the same rate as cigarettes by the US government. This would cause prices to increase dramatically, and would likely lead some people to not choose vaping as a way to quit smoking.

You're likely aware of how different vaping products are from cigarettes, and this difference makes it unclear why they would ever be taxed the same. These measures could make it harder to get your vaping products online at a decent prices.

Why Are Vapes Lumped Together with Cigarettes?

Vaping is such a new development in our society, and is linked so closely with cigarettes since many have turned to vaping as a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking. But there are more differences than similarities, one emits smoke while the other emits water vapor. Aside from the nicotine, the differences are plentiful including a long and torrid history for cigarettes and a brief and rather innocuous history for vaping.

Bills Presented in the Senate

Currently there are bills being presented to the United States Senate that are hoping to get vapes taxed at the same rate as cigarettes. Cigarettes are taxed the way they are as a deterrent because of the well-known dangers of cigarette smoking. Make them more expensive and fewer people will buy them, the logic goes.

But why try to discourage people from using vape products? They've been proven to be healthier than cigarette smoking as well as less expensive, and should be encouraged as a way to stop smoking the same way smoking cessation products and prescription drugs are.

The Bigger Picture

Step back and look at the larger picture and you can see that these bills are being pushed by established industries they are competing for smoking cessation dollars. If you are selling a prescription smoking cessation drug you don't want people to buy vape products instead of your drug.

Many times it's all about the money, and things become clearer when you follow the money train and see where it goes. Sometimes the connections are very loose and not obvious, while other times it is a blatant attempt to stop a product because it means fewer sales of your product.

What Can Be Done?

Fortunately, the days of taxation without representation are over, and we have representatives that are supposed to be voting in our best interest. But these days lobbyists will use their money, power, and influence to get senators and other public officials to vote their way.

We can make our voice heard by writing to our congressmen and senators in our state and let them know that it's not right to lump cigarettes and vaping products together. Let them know that people deserve a healthier alternative to quit smoking that is also enjoyable and not a prescription drug.

The time to act is now, if things go on the way they've been heading it will be harder to overturn these measures once they are written into law.