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Fires Damage Thousands Of Homes In Northern California

(10/7) Thousands of Northern California residents have lost their homes to fires, which have already claimed the lives of 36 people. Some of these residents are having difficulty grasping the devastation left behind by these fires. As they return to their properties, they are shocked by what they see, as there are only ash and debris, where their homes once stood. Fire officials say approximately 5,700 businesses and homes have been destroyed.


While thousands of residents are forced out of their homes due to the growing threat of fire, others are forced to evacuate due to thick smoke. The smoke poses safety and health risks for animals and humans. Two North California hospitals were forced to evacuate patients, as the wildfires continue to rapidly spread to new areas. And, to make matters worse, the temperatures are expected to reach around 100 degrees Monday and Tuesday.

If it is advised to evacuate, you should comply and do it immediately. Put on protective clothing prior to exiting your home, because the cinders and embers can burn your skin. Also, try to cover your face with a respirator mask or cloth, because the smoke will make it extremely difficult to breathe.

Never Re-Enter Burned Wild Land Areas

No matter how curious you are to see the devastation left behind by the wildfires, you should never re-enter a burned wild land area. Even though the fire has been extinguished, they can still reignite and begin to spread within the notice. If you are determined to enter the area, you should speak with your local fire department or forestry service first.

Getting Insurance

When it comes down to it, you truly never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. Things might be perfect at this very moment. However, this could change in the next few minutes or in a few hours. With that being said, it is in your best interest to go ahead and take precautions to protect yourself and your money! One of the best ways to protect yourself is by investing in home insurance. This type of insurance is specifically designed to help you out in the event that something happens to your home. This could include a housefire or a falling tree.

If your home is damaged, there is a good chance that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the costs. This could make a major difference in the future. As long as the premium is affordable, you should definitely get covered as soon as possible. Insurance can also cover your outbuildings. That is a good thing for people thinking about building steel metal homes.

Speak With Family Members

You should understand that your friends and family members will do pretty much anything to help you. They’ll be more than happy to give you a helping hand when you find yourself in a desperate situation. With that being said, you should go ahead and speak with them. If your house has been damaged in the fire, there is a pretty good chance that these people will go ahead and provide you with a place to stay. They may also be able to provide you with a little bit of cash. When you need a helping hand, you should look no further than your loved ones!

Don’t Forget Your Pets

You should never forget your precious animals. You’re not the only one that is going to be impacted by the fire. Before fleeing your home, it is absolutely pertinent to go ahead and give your pets shelter. If you have dogs or cats, you should more definitely take them with you. Your animals will be able to provide you with comfort when you’re proceeding through one of the most difficult times of your life!