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3 Cultural Issues America
 Unfortunately Faces Today

(8/1) Even before the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, there were a number of cultural issues facing America. Many of these issues have slowly developed over several decades, in which people have gained more access to public communication than ever.

With people being able to more openly and strongly voice their opinions, the budding cultural issues have become almost impossible to hide from and ignore.

Below is just a small taste of a few of these issues that America has been dealing with.

1. Racism Gone Wild

The protests at Evergreen State College were just another reminder of how sensitive the racism issue is in America today.

"Micro-aggression" is a new term used to describe cases where someone says something, usually not malicious or offensive, and another person chooses to take offense for whatever reason. Some say that was the case at Evergreen State, though others would gladly disagree.

Outside of the college scene, racism has really blown up within the justice system. Look at how many different stories you see daily regarding race and officers making arrests.

Wherever you stand on the matter, racism has become an extremely sensitive topic and is one of the top cultural issues facing America.

2. Not Wanting to Feel

Another big issue is the very real addiction many people have after taking prescription narcotic pain medications. These medications include drugs such as codeine, fentanyl, and hydrocodone, to name a few.

Doctors in recent years and years past have been handing this stuff out almost like candy. Yes, pain relief is an important part in making patients feel comfortable and cope with post-surgery discomfort, but the drugs prescribed are causing long-term addiction effects that rival not taking them at all.

Prescription drugs to help deal with narcotic addiction have seen a spike in popularity, especially recently. At what point do you start looking at the real issue of needing to take drugs to get off of other drugs?

Itís not just the doctors at fault, either. People have grown up to simply not want to feel any pain, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Thereís a problem with needing to distract and numb instead of deal with and feel.

3. Ignoring Science

Global warming has been an issue for quite some time now, well before the most recent election of President Donald Trump. That said, his rise to power and the decisions he made in the first few months of office have certainly helped bring this issue to the forefront.

But itís not just global warming. People, for whatever reason, have been choosing to ignore science and fall back on their own beliefs and ideals.

The science for global warming is there. Itís happening and there are actions we can take to help the cause.

Fossil fuels are another related case of science ignorance. They are a dying source of energy. And they probably need to just be left that way. Theyíve been proven to harm the environment and other more reliable fuel sources are evolving to take their place.

Having your own beliefs is one thing, but flat-out ignoring proven science is another, and itís just one more of the cultural issues in the spotlight of America today.


The three issues you just read about are a mere fraction of those America faces. Wherever you stand, no one would argue that these are problems that must be addressed in a fragile, yet sensible manner.