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Winners, losers in Woodsboro
 determined by two votes

Patti S. Borda
News-Post Staff

(5/16) An election happened in Woodsboro on Saturday. And that was news to some residents, some people working at Troutís Market on Monday and some behind the counter at Southern States on Wednesday. Midge Bell at Southern States said she did not know her friend Roger Hub had run -- and lost -- by two votes.

Bell lives outside the town's limits, so she could not vote anyway. In town, perhaps everyone knew to find results posted on the town office's door after the polls closed.

For those who did not get to the office in time to see the list ... the winners were Burgess Gary Smith, unopposed, incumbent Commissioner Bill Rittelmeyer and Ken Kellar.

Less than 4 percent of the townís population voted, and if the candidates voted, they accounted for one-tenth of the votes cast. According to the 2010 Census, 1,141 people live in Woodsboro, and at that time, 833 people were old enough to vote.

Stuart Harvey, Frederick County Board of Elections director, said 764 are registered.

Saturday, 42 people came to the polls, according to the town office.

"We are such a small town," Bell said.

Hub, Kellar and Rittelmeyer were in a three-way race for two commission seats. Just two votes separated winners from losers: Rittelmeyer got 28 votes, Kellar, 24, and Hub, 22.

Apparently, eight voters held back from Smith, but 34 people -- or 81 percent -- voted for him.

The turnout disappointed but did not really surprise Rittelmeyer.

"For a contested election, unfortunately, (it) is not what we would like to see," Rittelmeyer said. "Elections in small towns donít always draw big crowds."

Elections do not stir up the community, Bell said.

"We get worked up if we don't have a Memorial Day parade," she said.

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