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Woodsboro’s disc golf course
 nearly ready for players

Jeremy Hauck
The Gazette

(5/2) Woodsboro Commissioner Joel Rensberger said he’s going to push for a few limited-edition sets of disc golf discs, painted with Woodsboro’s coat of arms, for the opening of the town’s new disc golf course in the 87-acre Woodsboro Regional Park.

The special discs will go to elected officials and ‘‘friends of the town," including people who donated labor to work on the course, Rensberger said.

The park is located west of Md. Route 194 and adjacent to the Copper Oaks subdivision.

Disc golf is a sport in which players throw Frisbees at elevated metal baskets rather than hit golf balls at holes with clubs. The object, according to the Professional Disc Golf Association’s Web site, is to finish each hole in the fewest number of strokes.

The course in Woodsboro will be free to the public. Players will need to bring their own discs.

Baskets for the nine-hole course are in storage and are expected to be installed within a week, Rensberger, the town government’s liaison to the Parks Commission, said.

‘‘[People] can play as soon as they see the baskets up," he said, adding that the tee boxes – two for each basket , pro and amateur – are under construction. ‘‘Soon to follow will be a course layout [and a] rules sign; most people will need to know."

Woodsboro’s course will have scorecards as well, he said.

The planned course’s nearest competition is an 18-hole course at Walkersville’s Heritage Farm Park.

‘‘The mission was to promote usage of that side of the park," Rensberger said.

For more information about the sport, go to

Commissioners approve comprehensive plan

Woodsboro’s plan for how it will develop in 20 years is now official after commissioners approved the 2008 comprehensive plan on Monday.

The plan anticipates the town will expand by at least 63 acres, and grow by 540 residents in the next 20 years.

The final plan is available on the town’s Web site ( Hard copies are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays at town hall.

Woodsboro last updated is comprehensive plan 1973. The new plan calls for the annexation of Orren Stein’s 97-acre farm abutting the town’s northwestern edge. The annexation would become a community park to complement Woodsboro Regional Park. Stein, who has appeared at public meetings to support the town’s annexation of his farm, has not yet submitted a petition for annexation, commissioners said Wednesday.

‘‘His property is a logical annexation for growth," Rensberger said. ‘‘I think we’re hopeful that he’ll approach us."

Woodsboro’s population grew slowly from 1900 until 1990, and then shot up by 399 residents – or 78 percent – between 1990 and 2007. The town of 912 residents is not likely to grow beyond a population of 1,400 residents – mineral mines, steep slopes, forests, floodplains and preserved farms will hem the town in and prevent it from becoming as big as the region’s primary growth area, Walkersville.

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