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State approves grant funds to improve Woodsboro park

Jeremy Hauck
The Gazette

(1/4) The Woodsboro Parks Commission plans to use a recently approved grant to spruce up Woodsboro Community Park, said Commissioner Ken Morgan.

According to a Dec. 20 press release from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Board of Public Works approved $43,410 in Program Open Space funds for the park.

The money will be used to add a concession stand for summer baseball games, Morgan said, as well as to bird-proof the picnic pavilions.

‘‘I get a lot of comments on how nice the park is,” he said. ‘‘Many people say it’s one of the nicest in the county, for a small town.”

The press release also said the grant would be used to resurface the park’s tennis and basketball courts and 3,000 feet of park paths, and to replace two merry-go-rounds and install concrete pads under bleachers.

Morgan said the town would hire contractors to finish the projects.

‘‘Hopefully I’ll have all of them done by the end of the summer,” he said, adding that the town’s two employees are not qualified for such work.

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