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Woodsboro Town Commissioner
 Dennis Kline resigns

Jeremy Hauck
The Gazette

(1/4) Woodsboro Town Commissioner Dennis Kline informed the board of commissioners and Woodsboro Burgess Donald Trimmer Dec. 12 of his resignation, which took effect New Year’s Eve.

Bill Rittelmeyer, a regular attendee of the council’s meetings, will serve out the remainder of Kline’s four-year term, Trimmer said. The term ends in 2008.

Trimmer said he wasn’t surprised by Kline’s resignation.

‘‘I knew he was building a home [in West Virginia]."

Kline, a Woodsboro native and lifelong resident, was a member of Woodsboro’s town council for 18 years.

‘‘Sure, I’ll miss it," he said. ‘‘We didn’t always agree, but that was a good thing."

Kline said he and his wife decided to move out of Frederick County so that she could work on her art while they live in the country.

‘‘[Frederick County] used to be a very agricultural area, and now it’s become so popular that it’s not what I like," Kline said.

Rittelmeyer will be sworn in at a council meeting Tuesday.

‘‘He has shown a lot of interest in supporting the town officials," Trimmer said.

The job pays $2,250 per year.

Although Rittelmeyer, 49, acknowledged that he has no direct experience in politics or government, he said the chance to join the board of commissioners was one he has been hoping would come his way.

‘‘I’ve attended the majority of the meetings over the past 12 years," he said. ‘‘I’ve always had some interest in politics."

Trimmer said he and the commissioners voted for Rittelmeyer over one other candidate to fill the position.

The board of commissioners includes Kline, Ken Morgan, Gary Smith and Scott Brakebill.

Rittelmeyer knew he was a strong candidate to step in for Kline. He just didn’t know when.

‘‘They approached me a while back," he said. He said a letter informing him of his selection arrived Dec. 23.

Rittelmeyer, who by day works as an information resources supervisor for the Marriott hotel chain, said he wants to protect Woodsboro from vandals and improve the town’s roads. He doesn’t expect to be confronted with many challenges in Woodsboro during his term.

Rittelmeyer has lived in Woodsboro for 13 years.

He is married, with a son attending Walkersville High School and a daughter in college.

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