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Paving projects underway

Danielle Ryan

(6/27) During the June 6 Thurmont town meeting, the Board of Commissioners discussed bid proposals for a paving project set for this summer. The town solicited bids for two paving projects together because the town felt that if bid together, it could potentially be more cost efficient with only one mobilization fee for the projects.

The project entails paving Trolley Trail and Eyler Road Park roadway. In its entirety, the work for this project will include the asphalt overlay of Trolley Trail which is about ¾ of a mile and provide the gravel shoulders on both sides of the trail. The second component of the project entails removing the millings and repaving Eyler Road Park roadway from Eyler Road to the concession stand including the parking lot adjoining the pavilion, and the parking lot adjoining the athletic field.

Five bids were submitted by contractors in the area. The project was bid as a lump sum and also included an estimate for a project alternate, which includes asphalt work from the concession stand past the athletic field to the water tower. If the bid for this alternate were too large, the town would simply choose to do that portion of the project at a later time.

However, Town staff recommended the lowest bid, from Pleasants Paving for a total of $171,040.39. This bid included the alternate portion of the paving project, and still came "under budget." The town already has complete funding for both projects through POS funding that was received and approved several years ago, totaling $201,379. With the exception of the 10% match from the town required as part of this particular fund.

The town noted their work with Pleasants Paving in the past, and has always been satisfied with the work that the company has done. Pleasants Paving is also able to meet the town’s schedule, as they are hoping to get the work done as quickly as possible. The town hopes both jobs will be done simultaneously to ensure the paving is done as quickly as possible. However, if they can’t be done at the same time, Eyler Road will be done first and Trolley Trail will follow.

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