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Trash collection contract renewed

Sarah Harrington

(4/11) Thurmont has awarded a two-year trash collection contract to the current town trash collector Key Sanitation of Dickerson.

In March the town put out a request for proposal (RFP) to collect both curbside removal and bulk trash. The town received two bids from trash service companies, Key Sanitation and Republic Sanitation of Frederick.

Per the requirements of the RFP, Key Sanitation gave the town the two proposals, a one-year rate for $135,960 and a two-year rate for $138,000/year. Republic Services bid $192,960 for one year of service and $196,819/year for its two-year of service.

The difference between the cost of a one-year contract and a two-year contract reflects the expected increase in trash volume over the two years and the corresponding increase in disposal fees paid to the county landfill.

Jim Humerick, Chief Administrative Officer, explained at the March 29th town meeting that the town recommended accepting the bid from Key Sanitation. Humerick explained the town recommended this option for several reasons, those being, the company’s bid was the lower of the two, they are the town’s current vendor and lastly the town is happy with the service they have provided so far. Humerick commented that the company has proved their service within the town’s specified timeframe and show experience and efficiency relating to the scope of work.

Currently the company is charging the town for one year is $135,960, the company kept their new bid at their current charge. Last spring the town chose to extend its then existing two year contract with Key Sanitation for a third year. The new contract, like the old one, will be for two years with an optional one-year extension.

Commissioner Burns commented that he thought the company has been great to work with and the relationship between the company and the town has been great. Burns supported the recommendation to continue their work with the company. Commissioner Hamrick complimented the company on how professional they are, saying he has seen them pick up trash blowing from the curb on a windy day.

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