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Officers receive lifesaving awards

Sarah Harrington

(1/21) At the January 19th town council meeting Thurmont Chief of Police Gregory Eyeler presented three Lifesaving awards to officers who persevered in a lifesaving act.

The first Lifesaving award was presented to Officer Kyle Minnick. An adult female had overdosed on an unknown substance and had stopped breathing. Upon arrival at the scene Minnick found an uncapped hypodermic needle on the bedside table next to where the female was not breathing. Minnick immediately administered a Naloxin injection - medicine that reverses an opioid overdose Ė whereupon the victimís vitals began to improve. Shortly thereafter the victim opened her eyes and was able to respond to verbal commands.

Officer R. Torres received the second Lifesaving award for his actions in response to a separate drug overdose. Upon arrival at the scene Torres was informed by the femaleís sister that she was dead upstairs. He found the female on her back not breathing with a used needle close by. Torres took action immediately by administered a Naloxin injection. Within a minute of receiving the injection the female regained color and opened her eyes.

Had it not been for these two officers and their quick thinking and decisive actions, both women would have died.

Officer Brian Donovan was the third recipient of the Lifesaving award. Responding to a call for an individual suffering cardiac arrest, Donovan arrived on the site and quickly assessed the individualís vitals. The individual was not breathing. Using his portable automated external defibrillator, Donovan administered two shocks to the individual, as instructed, and two sets of chest compressions. After the second round of shocks and chest compressions the individual began to breathe. The individual was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital where, unfortunately, the individual suffered another cardiac arrest and then passed away.

While the individual did not make it, Chief Eyeler said Donovanís actions were in the highest tradition of the department and saved the individualís life temporarily, which earned him the Lifesaving award.

Mayor Kinnaird congratulated the three officers and thanked them for their efforts. Commissioner Wes Hamrick expressed his gratitude saying, "We are very blessed to have a great department out there."

In addition to the Life Safety awards, Chief Eyeler also promoted Officer David Armstrong to the rank of Corporal. Commenting on the promotion, Commissioner Burns told those assembled: "I have had the pleasure of seeing him in action working crime scenes, working next to my old property on countless occasions. He is always respectful, polite, and above all else professional. He is a true credit to Thurmont and the Thurmont police force."

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