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 Community Development Block Grants submitted

Danielle Ryan

(6/18) During the May 31st Thurmont Town meeting, CAO Jim Humerick presented two Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects to the Board for approval. A new food bank parking lot and senior center handicap accessible bathroom doors.

CDBG was explained by Humerick as a federally funded program designed to assist County and Municipal Governments with activities that are directed toward the enhancement of neighborhoods, housing opportunities, economic development and improvement of public facilities and services.
The first project includes the demolition of a house currently owned by the Commissioners of Thurmont, and is located at 8 Frederick Road. The Town proposed to remove the existing building in order to construct a parking lot that would be used by the Thurmont Food Bank. At the present time, those using the food bank must park in the Department of Public Works shop area because there is very limited parking available.
The existing house is vacant and has been for years, and was recently inspected. The inspectors found mold throughout the entire house, and after consideration it was decided that repairs and/or renovations would be both costly and time consuming. It is within the best interest of the Town to demolish the building. The estimated cost of both demolition of the house and grading of the parking lot is approximately $40,000. The cost of the project would not include the fees associated with asphalt. The CDBG project manager recommended that the focus initially be on the demolition and the parking lot could come later.
The second project for consideration was the installation of push button automatic handicap accessible doors for the restrooms inside the Senior Center. This installation would be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant and be safer and easier for handicap residents to use. The estimated cost of this project is $4,000.

Commissioner Burns made a motion to authorize the submission of a CDBG grant for the two presented projects. The Board voted unanimously, and the motion was carried.

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