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Contract awarded for basketball courts

Sarah Harrington

(3/28) A contract was awarded to Thurmont based Playground Specialists to build two new basketball courts, one for Woodland Park and a second for Pleasant Acres Park. The proposal requires the company to install the courts and do the necessary work to finish the surrounding areas including: grading, cutting, and filling needed to accommodate the 45’x50 courts.

There was a mandatory pre-bid meeting held where two potential bidders attended to give the town their estimates for the work. Any contractors who did not attend the pre-bid meeting were not eligible to place a bid on the project. Jim Humerick, Chief Administrative Officer, explained that the town requested the contractors who were interested in placing bids to attend the meeting in order to understand the full scope of the project.

The town received two bids. One bid from Espina Paving Inc. located in Woodbridge, Virginia. went for $54,695.00 for both courts. Another bid from Playground Specialists bid went for $37,875.00.

The bids were presented to the Mayor and Commissioners in early March. Humerick informed the Board of Commissioners that the town was in favor of hiring the Playground Specialists for the job. "They are the lower bidder and we have a good history with Playground Specialists. They have a high quality performance, and they certainly provide their work in a timely manner." Humerick stated. Commissioner Buehrer’s motion to accept the bid placed by the Playground Specialists was carried with a vote of 4 to 1.

The town is also hoping to add sidewalks to the areas surrounding the courts giving residents a safer access. The new courts will be funded, in part, by state grants.

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