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Think Pink paint night held
 at Main Street Center

Sarah Harrington

(10/25) Thurmont residents came out to paint for a cause on October 23rd.

As part of Thurmontís Think Pink Campaign Catoctin High School art teacher Laura Day hosted a Think Pink Paint Night. The proceeds of the event to the Patty Hurwitz Fund at Frederick Memorial Hospital, the event was held at the newly opened Thurmont Main Street Center located on Water Street in Thurmont. This was the first event to be held at the center.

Pink was the theme of the night, from the pink vintage dress the painters were painting to the clothes they wore. Painters were treated to pink treats including pink cupcakes and Moscato wine from Catoctin Breeze Vineyard. Painters were treated to a free glass of wine as they worked on their paintings.

Many of the painters wore pink to support the cause including local Orthodontist Dr. Mole who sported a pink Mohawk and beard along with his Think Pink Thurmont t-shirt. Many of the painters wore pink, shirts, hats and even feather headbands.

The night kicked off with Day welcoming painters to the event. "We are all out here today for a great cause!" Day was happy with the turnout for first year of the event and is hoping they will get the chance to do it again next year. There were about 15 painters at the event, both men and women, young and old came out to test their art skills.

The painters learned to paint a vintage pink dress which is one of Dayís favorite pieces. At Paint with Laura events painters must take the Paint with Laura pledge before putting paint on their canvases. With their hands on their canvases the painters pledged to have fun and see where the paint took them.

The center was filled with laughter and jokes as the painters worked on their dresses. The paint night began at 6:30pm and continued on until 9:30pm.

This event was just one of the many that the town held during their Think Pink October. That same weekend the town hosted their first Think Pink Run/Walk 5K race at Eyeler Road Park.

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