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Thurmont Phase III of the Sewer Project Advances

Sarah Harrington

(7/21) On June 16, Mayor Kinnaird presented a new ordinance to the board of commissioners for review. The new ordinance will allow the town to proceed with Phase III of its sewer project.

The project began back in 2013. Jim Humerick, the town’s Chief Administrative Officer, explained that the project was started with the intent to decrease and hopefully eliminate inflow and infiltration into the town’s sewer system. Inflow and infiltration occur when the groundwater or rainwater enters the sewer system because of deterioration of the sewer lines. Phase I and II were previously completed.

Phase III of the project will focus on North Church Street and North of the railroad tracks, down to the water waste plant on Moser Road. Work on Phase III of the project began after July 1, with the work on North Church Street being the main priority. The town’s sidewalk project in the North Church Street area was put on hold due to the sewer project in that area. Once the new sewer line has been laid in the North Church Street, construction on the sidewalk will resume.

The new ordinance that was presented for adoption at the June 25 town meeting, is Ordinance 2015-03. The ordinance pertained to the issuing of Thurmont’s Water Quality bond. The bond is for $2,000,600. It will be used to finance, as well as refinance the improvements on the town’s water waste treatment service.

Kinnaird explained to the board of commissioners that the approval of the ordinance would allow them to borrow the funds from the state of Maryland, in order to continue Phase III of the project. The motion to adopt the ordinance was agreed upon at the 25th meeting.

Kinnaird reminded the board that they already have the contact for the project. The ordinance would be allowing them to proceed with borrowing the funds needed from the state of Maryland to continue on with Phase III and complete the project. It was not stated when the project will be completed.

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