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Thurmont to enforce temporary
 parking restrictions

Sarah Harrington

(8/22) The Thurmont Police Department has drafted a proposal to eliminate long-standing parking issues within the town limits. Chief Gregory Eyler presented this proposal to the Board of Commissioners at the August 11th town meeting. Eyler described the issue as "controversial" and stated that he wanted to make the Board and town residents aware of the issues and what is being done to resolve them.

The first problematic area, according to Eyler, is North Church Street. The current sidewalk renewal project has resulted in the street being narrowed by two feet to allow for a safety zone for workers. A significant loss of parking spaces has been a result of the placement of construction equipment. In addition, emergency vehicles are unable to maneuver their way around the construction, especially with the added obstacle of larger trucks driving through the area. For the duration of the sidewalk project, Eyler has proposed the prohibition of parking in the area.

Eyler is also proposing parking changes during Colorfest in October. With the busy yard sales and festivities of Colorfest attracting visitors from towns near and far, parking is always difficult during this annual event. A few of these roads, such as Apples Church Road and Eyler Road, become blocked completely from the parking as a result of these yard sales.

To alleviate the problem this year, Eyler proposed that the town posts "No Parking" signs on the right side of Apples Church Road, from Carroll Street to Eyler Road, from Friday, October 9th to Sunday, October 11th. The department will be assigning an officer to patrol that area on Friday, and there will be an officer patrolling North Carroll Street from Apples Church Road to Woodside Avenue as well.

As in previous years, parking on one side of Moser Road will be closed and an officer will be on duty in that area to enforce the parking restrictions. Eyler says any vehicle parked in these areas will not be towed but will be asked to move.

Eyler is aware there will be some controversy over the new regulations but says this is a "public safety issue" that needs to be addressed. The Town Council agreed that these restrictions need to be enforced. The department plans to send all of the town residents formal notices of the new restrictions via e-mail. The restrictions will also be available to view on the town’s website ( and on Channel 99.

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