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Thurmont Main Street Center opens

Sarah Harrington

(10/25) Thurmontís new Main Street Center opened its doors on October 10th.

The center held its grand opening from 9am to 4pm on Saturday during Colorfest. The new center is located on Water Street in Thurmont. During the months of October and November the center will be open on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm and Sundays from 12 to 4pm.

Volunteers stepped forward to help in different ways to prepare the new center for its opening. The volunteers distributed Thurmont business information to visitors encouraging them to spend time in Thurmont.

In December the center will extend their hours so that visitors will be able to enjoy the Festival of Trees, and the Gingerbread House displays. People will be able to vote on their favorite tree and gingerbread houses. This will be the second year for the Festival of Trees and the first year for the Gingerbread house displays. The Festival of the trees is for the local businesses to promote their businesses through tree decorations, the gingerbread house displays is open to anyone.

The center was created as a place to attract tourists to the Thurmont area. The new center is a place for local businesses and talents to be featured. The center features art from local artists and photographers such as Rebecca Pearl, Emily Slovika, and Rebecca Lachance. The art on display can be purchased. Local artists are invited to submit their work to the center.

The center will be selling local products such as pottery, and Thurmont t-shirts, and Maryland crab car decals. Visitors can purchase Josh Bollingerís barbeque sauce, Main Street Label apple butter, Christmas ornaments from the Thurmont Lionís Club, and Thurmont Murals wine glasses.

The new center provides visitors with information on the town, state, and county levels. According to Grinder the center will be receiving a television for their wall where a video of the area and what it offers will be playing.

Local businesses have given their information to Grinder, such as pamphlets and business cards, to feature at the center.

Along with promoting local talent and businesses the center offers a look at Thurmontís history, allowing visitors and current residents to learn more about the town and surrounding areas.

Now that the center is opened it will provide residents and visitors with fun and interesting events, including paint nights, paint lessons, and other great activities.

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