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Thurmont to study electrical system

Sarah Harrington

(10/21) Downes Associates, Thurmont’s electrical engineering firm, has proposed an electrical system study for the town to help the town effectively maintain their electrical company at the highest level they can.

Thurmont is one of only 5 municipalities in the state of Maryland that has their own electric company. Most residents throughout the state receive their electric from large corporations. Thurmont Power customers pay the second cheapest rates in the state of Maryland. Due to the fact that the Thurmont has their own electrical company the town must make sure that it is maintained at the highest level possible to eliminate any lengthy power outages for customers.

According to Town Chief Administrative Officer, Jim Humerick the proposed study will take an in depth analysis of the town’s system. The analysis will provide the company and town with a list of recommended improvements to the system. The study will be able to indicate to the town their best management practices which will ensure that the town is operating as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible.

The proposed study will include components such as, growth projections, overall analysis of the system and the age of the infrastructure; evaluate the existing circuit configurations, and provide a list of Capital Improvement Projects.

At the presentation on the 15th representatives discussed the importance of the study and how valuable the analysis will be to efficient system management.

Downes Associates gave the town’s Electric Department compliments and accolades at the meeting. The company complimented the town on their management of the electric company, as well as their timely responses to system interruptions.

Humerick says that a study like this has not been done on the town’s system in quite some time. The reason the study is being proposed now is because the town is trying to plan for the future and ensure that their system is working efficiently and is capable to support any population growth.

The town and Downes Associates are still working together determine what exactly they want to accomplish with the study. Once that has been determined they will be able to proceed. Humerick was hoping to be able to give the company the notice to proceed within 60 days of the presentation. It is uncertain at this time how long the study will take.

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