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Alcohol use questioned on town owned properties

Sarah Harrington

(12/1) The Thurmont board of commissioners has decided to consider making changes to the town code regarding alcohol consumption in town owned properties.

This decision comes after a discussion on the issue at the November 3rd town meeting. The issue was brought to the board’s attention after alcohol was served at the Think Pink Paint night in October which was held at the new Main Street Center on Water Street. At the event guests were able to enjoy wine. The center plans to serve wine again at the upcoming gallery walk.

The town’s current policy is that alcohol should not be consumed on town owned properties. These include the town parks, town owned and leased properties.

At the town meeting on the 3rd the board discussed allowing the consumption of alcohol at town properties such as the Main Street Center and the Senior Center.

According to Mayor Kinnaird the original town policy states "that alcohol not be served in any parks in Thurmont, and by extension to town owned properties." This includes several buildings in the area.

Mayor Kinnaird requested that the topic be discussed at the meeting in October. He felt uncomfortable with alcohol being served at the Paint Night event before there was a formal discussion held by the board. Kinnaird concerns were focused on liability issues arising. It was discovered that the Main Street Organization had let their liability policy lapse. The organization was able to get that taken care of and is now insured for liability on the property. With the liability policy the organization is responsible for anything that happens on the property.

The town attorney provided the board with a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to serving alcohol in town owned locations. In the list of do’s and don’ts the attorney made it clear that if it is an event where participants are required to pay a ticket fee or make a donation the regulations are different. According to the attorney the organization would need a liquor license if they intended to charge participants for the alcohol. Since the Paint with Laura event did not charge for the wine that did not put them in that category.

The board discussed the issue and contemplated the idea of having alcohol consumption allowed in certain areas on a case-by-case basis. The cases will have to be reviewed and approved by the board of commissioners.

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