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Murals celebrating Thurmont history unveiled

(8/23) Five murals created by local artist Yemi depicting the history of Thurmont were unveiled August 23 at the Thurmont trolley substation, 125 East Main Street.

The trolley substation is located next to the entrance to the Guardian Hose Company carnival grounds.

The five new murals, created by Kenya-born, Emmitsburg area resident Yemi, join one of the artist’s previous works entitled "Thurmont Rail History" which had been completed in 2013 and depicted the train and trolley history of the area.

The art project was taken-on beginning in 2013 when the Thurmont Lions Club (TLC) approached the Town of Thurmont regarding the possibility of implementing a project that would "beautify the town," Nancy Dutterer, co-chair of TLC Mural Project, told the News-Journal. The trolley substation was then suggested as a location.

Having gained the support of the town, several Lions members, along with co-chairs Dutterer, Joann Miller and Shirley Long, commissioned local artist Yemi to do the mural ‘Thurmont Rail History,’ depicting the train and trolley history of the area.

Following the unveiling of the train and trolley mural, Dutterer and Miller felt that the project "was not complete" and jumped-in and started working on the plans for additional murals to the substation, resulting in the creation of the five additional Yemi murals unveiled in August.

The five new murals which were unveiled August 23 are entitled, "Loy's Station Bridge," "Roddy Road Bridge," "Historic Buildings," "Area Attractions," and "Thurmont Established 1751."

"Truly all of the murals on the substation building are Thurmont's ‘Crowning Jewels,’" Dutterer said. "A beautiful tourist destination is expected to come alive right on East Main Street in Thurmont."

The project co-chair said, "This project…got started when TLC was awarded grant monies by Project Manager Jenifer H. Almond of state Division of Neighborhood Revitalization. Thurmont Main Street Manager, Vicky Grinder wrote the application for grant monies for this project..."

Also, she said, the Thurmont Acacia Masonic Lodge #155 "have been awesome with matching for the first $5,000 raised by the community not including grant monies.

"This project was made also possible by all the support of the Town of Thurmont personnel. And last but not least, the community support with many other generous donors made this TLC Community project a realistic," she said.

Co-chair Miller said, "The town of Thurmont along with area businesses responded in an overwhelming way and the funding for the project was well underway. This truly is a community project reflecting the power of a partnership between two community service groups, private citizens, business and public government to create a legacy for the Town of Thurmont and visitors alike."

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