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Vintage & Antique Holiday Market

Danielle Ryan

(11/22) RUST co-owners David Underwood and Justin Staudinger are excited to host the first event, in a series of multi-art events in Taneytown. The Vintage and Antique Holiday Market, which was open the last two weekends in November, will be open for a second and third weekend, November 25 – 27 and December 2 – 4. So, if you were unable to make it out for the first two weekends, no need to fret, because you can still make it to the final two weekends.

This event is being held at RUST, on 38 E. Baltimore Street, in Taneytown. The event was originally expected to be held in the new events space located down the street on 107 E. Baltimore Street, but due to last minute permit delays, the space was not quite ready for its debut. RUST co-owners Underwood and Staudinger were faced with the decision to either cancel the event completely, or move the event to another location. Staudinger and Underwood consulted the other two local businesses involved (Koony’s Vintage Picks and The Mill at Keymar) in the event and all concurrently decided the event just couldn’t be cancelled, so it was moved to RUST instead.

The theme of this event is appropriate for the upcoming holiday season, as it features vintage and antique holiday themed home décor and furniture. Staudinger hopes this event will offer a "one stop shop" for unique holiday themed gifts and home décor and will showcase what the area has to offer, and provide a taste of some of the local talents surrounding Taneytown. Seeing as the idea behind the events space ties into the desire to continue promoting Taneytown, especially the vast array of "hidden" people adorned with all sorts of artistic talents, this premiere event is perfect.

As guests walk into RUST they can see several beautiful "exhibits" featuring home décor fit for the Christmas season. The Mill at Keymar has an exhibit featuring a dinner table adorned with holiday decorations including vintage lanterns, dinnerware, fabrics and centerpieces with Christmas greens. Koony’s Vintage Picks has an exhibit featuring vintage pieces of furniture, including a handmade mantle, decorated with holiday decorations. Koony’s also has a display with some of their featured candles and other knick-knack items. Off to the other side of the store, RUST has a display with vintage and antique furniture including tables, shutters, a mantle and various other unique pieces. Lisa Walters, a local artisan better known as CreativeLEI, has several pieces of her lettering work displayed throughout the store. Guests can also enjoy refreshments such as cookies and coffee as they browse the shop picking up unique items for family and friends.

On December 2, as part of this event, there will be a candlelight tour of local businesses in Taneytown. Historically, this candlelight tour took place in Littlestown on the first Friday in December. Last year was the first year that Taneytown decided to hold their own candlelight tour. Residents can take a tour of participating local businesses after dark, shopping and enjoying light refreshments.

So far, Staudinger noted the fantastic response to the event. He mentioned blasting the event out on RUST’s facebook page, and Koony’s and The Mill followed suit, making for great coverage on social media. In the future, Staudinger hopes to have a similar event, which would feature a spring theme. He discussed the possibility of inviting local garden clubs and incorporating flowers and greens into the event in the spirit of new growth characteristic of the spring season. Underwood spoke about an possible event coming up in January which would take place in the Opera House (new events space). This event would feature two artisans: Alyssha Eve Csuk, a photographer, and Virginia Sperry, a sculptor. Both would be showcasing "rust" themed and inspired pieces, as both draw inspiration from the more natural aging of man made materials.

Come on out and support this event in Taneytown. Bring your friends and family and find some unique vintage items for your holiday party.

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