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Taneytown ramps up self-promotion

Danielle Ryan

(7/22) A social media campaign called "Why TTOWN" started by Taneytown locals, hopes to add a boost to the small community of Taneytown. The concept of "Why TTOWN" began with two local business owners, Emily Graham, the owner of the Red Door Boutique, and David Underwood, co-owner of RUST. Both Graham and Underwood wanted to start a free social media campaign to show all the wonderful aspects that Taneytown has to offer.

The purpose of the campaign is to be positive and is meant to showcase what Taneytown has to offer. All the businesses, religious organizations, civic organizations, individual residents, and business owners within Taneytown have much to offer other communities.

Katt Grove was brought in as a member of the project after she had expressed her love for the town and how she had wanted to do something to help promote and showcase it as much as possible. "This is truly a place where friends become family and a gem of a town," stated Grove. She wants everyone to see what Taneytown has to offer, and ultimately, for the Community to thrive. She believes that this is the first step towards the future growth that will happen in Taneytown. So Grove was brought on as a member of the team to handle the social media outlets and help boost promotions.

So far, the campaigning has included the installation and utilization of several social media domains such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope. There has been one Facebook live post, which was held at The Red Door Boutique's Super Saturday earlier in July, and more are sure to follow. Grandma Gem's Family Restaurant, a local business, has also been featured thus far. One of the goals of the campaign is to feature every business in town one by one, and eventually feature individuals within the community, such as local residents or business owners.

Grove mentioned that the first featured individual would be Cheyenne Stonesifer, a Taneytown Resident who will be competing in the Miss MD USA Pageant this fall, and has a very amazing life story. Taneytown businesses such as Lori Sewell of Sewell’s Christmas Tree Farm, and County Councilman Joe Vigliotti, have also become involved with the project and are avid supporters. Everyone seems to be jumping on board with the project, which is a great thing to see in a small town.

The team has also been working together with other businesses in the community, to get back to the small town "everybody helps everybody and everybody wins" feeling. "This is what Small Towns should be about, and this is what Taneytown is, it's time it was shown."

Members of the "Why TTOWN" team will be present at the upcoming Family Fun Days and will have a booth set up with an interactive display and information of different businesses in Taneytown. Grove hopes that the "Why TTOWN" team will be present at every upcoming event in Taneytown, showcasing the town and what is has to offer.

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