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Come and visit the Red Door Boutique!

Danielle Ryan

(6/2016) Looking for a unique local shop to take the girls for a fun `and crafty day? Well look no further because Taneytown has exactly that; welcome to the Red Door Boutique! Opened in November 2015, the Red Door Boutique may not have been here for long, but it has so much to offer.

Emily Graham opened Red Door in Taneytown about a year ago after she and her family decided to make the move to the area for her husbandís job. After considering a couple of surrounding towns, Emily and her family settled in Taneytown because she believed it was a quaint town that had so much potential.

Emily has always had an interest in crafting, and from a young age, she knew she wanted to open a store of some sort one day. She began scrapbooking after her daughter was born, and soon after realized that she wanted to open a craft store. She always loved shopping in boutiques and liked the unique products and merchandise that were offered, and decided that she would bring a boutique to life in Taneytown. Before the opening of Red Door, there was no business like it and the need for a "gift shop" of sorts was clearly needed in the town. Red Door Boutique is still the only business like it in Taneytown, which certainly sets it apart.

Customers come and enjoy the unique products sold, including home dťcor, bath and body products such as lotions and soaps, jewelry, handbags, wedding items as well as some food items such as jams and jellies. Red Door offers a "little bit of everything, but not too much," as many customers have mentioned. Emily takes this as an incredible compliment from those that come to enjoy her store as she also believes in offering a variety of fun merchandise while not going too "over the top."

The customer base is currently catered toward women in their thirties and older, but Emily mentioned the desire to expand the merchandise sold to accommodate the interests of younger girls in their teens or twenties. She believes that she will be able to do that by continuing to offer a variety of crafting and DIY related classes for women of different ages. Currently, scrapbooking and different types of paper crafting classes are being offered both weekends and weekdays, and can be registered for a $10 fee. She mentioned that she is always looking for ideas for new classes as she hopes to continually update and find new and interesting crafts to make. On June 26th, a wreath class will be held, making paper wreaths with a patriotic theme gearing up for your Fourth of July celebration. This would be a perfect decoration to be showcased at your family get-together on the Fourth! She also does special orders for anyone holding an event that may be looking for something particular to decorate their event.

If crafting classes arenít your thing, but you would like to spend an afternoon with your friends enjoying some local craft and food vendors, then Super Saturday may be more your style. Super Saturdays are monthly events being held through September from 10 am Ė 3 pm. The Red Door Boutique holds this event to feature local vendors offering handmade items, fresh produce, antiques, food and crafting demonstrations. The first Super Saturday was held on May 14th, and was a success. If you missed this one, fear not because there are at four more summer dates to come, the next being held on June 11th. Throughout the summer, Emily hopes to continually expand this event to offer more unique quality local items and products, so if you or someone you may know is interested in being a vendor feel free to contact Emily for more information at or visit her website

Additional events and sales that are offered by the Red Door include Golden Girl Days. This sale, held every Thursday, includes 10% off for women ages 55 and older. Ladies, stop on in if you get a chance! An ice cream social was held on May 28th, where a tasting of homemade ice cream partnered with jams and jellies sold within the Boutique was offered to those that attended. Future events like this one may hopefully be offered. The grand intention is to offer some sort of event or class every week, to keep ideas constantly new and changing. So there will be plenty in the future for everyone interested.

The Red Door Boutique may be a new business in the area, but Emily mentioned that many customers come into the store and reminisce about the storeís history. It was once a church, and just four years ago it was a florist, called "Every Blooming Thing." The building has some history behind it and attracts town locals who remember the history itís been through. It is Emilyís dream and intention to bring more to Taneytown; more events, more for people to do, inspire more creative thoughts by designing this store.

If you think this is a womenís only store Ė think again! The Red Door Boutique sells beer soap, beer lotions and a couple other products for men and will be expanding their "manly" section. So stop on in and visit The Red Door Boutique at 16 W. Baltimore Street in Taneytown Thursdays through Sundays!

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